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Walther PPK 380ACP 3.3" Barrel, SS Finish, 6 Rd Mag

Walther PPK 380ACP 3.3" Barrel, SS Finish, 6 Rd Mag

Walther PPK 380ACP 3.3" Barrel, SS Finish, 6 Rd Mag

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ITEM #: 723364460012
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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Stellar performer, November 03, 2015
I bought mine in 1985. Retired it in 2009 but with the new ammo coming around I'm thinking of bringing it out of mothballs. Very accurate out to 50', in thousands of rounds you could count on one hand how many non ammo malfunctions I've had and with Underwood Extreme Penetrator ammo it almost goes in too far. Did I mention it's light and ultra cool looking? And it's easy to conceal.
By mikkee from texas
No, No, No, don't!, January 29, 2014
It's been less than a year and the handgun has had to go back 3 times for repairs. The gun physically broke, yes broke as in metal parts flying or breaking off. I'm not using reloads or +p. I now have it put away, I haven't even tried it since the last repair (and now I can't field strip it so something is still wrong). I tried to sell or trade it a gun show here In Miami but nobody wanted it, they had a very poor opinion of it. Now I'm stuck with a with what I believe to be a costly piece of junk. While Walther did the repairs they are not very consumer friendly. They even asked if I wanted to abandon the firearm! No, I wanted it replaced with something else since I don't consider this gun to be safe. I've reviewed this gun here before but it was never posted. Unless you want this for a collection I would say No, No, No, don't!
By alagomar from Miami
Perfect Concealment Carry, July 31, 2011
Flawless design and dependability, good sights, extremely accurate (per fixed barrel, 380 APC). I have even shot it in competition. Double action (and loaded round indicator) can be safety carried with round under the hammer. Stainless, so it's always the Queen of "Show and Tell". The weight makes recoil a non-issue as the new alloy frame 380's draw complaints from some novice shooters. When one can't conceal a 1911, it's the ticket.
By Plainsman from Alabama
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