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Walther Pk380 .380 ACP Black 8 Round, 1 Mag

Walther Pk380 .380 ACP Black 8 Round, 1 Mag

Walther PK380 .380 ACP, 3.6" Barrel, Black Finish, 8 + 1 Capacity

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Reviewed by 12 customer  
My Carry Gun, July 31, 2016
I have owned my Pk380 for about two years. I usually make it to the range every other week. Regardless of what else I take the PK380 always goes along. I've fired well over 700 rounds with just a few failures. The gun seems to like PMC and aquila best. I carry it in a left side shoulder holster. Along with two extra magazines. I can carry it all day long shopping with my wife. I have small hands that have suffered some weakness due to arthritis. The PK380 is much easier to rack than my 9mm Ruger and that's a big plus for me.
By Maynard Anderson from Athens, Illinois
Poor design, July 22, 2016
This gun is junk. Which idiot designed a gun that needs a special key to break it down? You will be totally screwed in an emergency. Who wants a 380 anyway when you can get plenty of small guns now in 9, 40 and 45 like the XDS 45.
By Mike from WV
Great for the price, October 12, 2015
My Wife and I both have this pistol for our CC. Pro's: Light, very comfortable nice looking pistol, easy shooting pistol being a 380, sights are ok. I've put about 500-700 rounds through it and no failures at all. Con's: Some are under a safety recall and good luck trying to get a hold of Walther (3 attempts and still nothing), only holds 8 rounds and extra mags are kind of expensive at roughly 35.00ea., no aftermarket sights made (that I've seen) and again only 8 rounds. All in all I think it's a quality gun from a quality company and especially for the price! This is a perfect pistol for those with larger hands who only want a 380.
By nickname from PA
Warranty work after 250 rounds, March 04, 2015
I really loved this gun when I bought it. Looks great, comfortable grip, easily concealed. First 250 rounds were flawless. Then it failed to extract. Ran some more rounds through it and failed to extract again. Broke down the gun, cleaned and oiled it down. First shot jammed. Sent it in for service. They replaced the extractor pin. Have not shot it since the repair and am really bummed I even had to send it in. May have been the ammo. Lawman worked great. Winchesters were used when the jams began.
By Silver Stangster from Austin
Cant beat this gun, July 14, 2013
I recently purchased a PK380 for ccw, the model with laser sights and straight out of the box it has been one of the best shooting pistols ive ever owned or shot. It is extremely accurate. 1st 300 rounds i put through it, inhad zero failures of any kimd with this weapon. Its ergonomic grips and fit are the best on the market. Ive always been a glock guy but this Walther is right up there with any of my Glocks. You cannot get a better gun for conceal carry, especially for the price. There is nothing i dont love about it!!
By C. Brewster from West Monroe, La.
Nice Gun, Fair Price, March 25, 2013
Hard to beat for a cheaper priced pistol. This pistol has been flawless right out of the box. After 350 rounds of mixed ammo it has yet to FTE or FTF. Feels good in a mid sized hand. Trigger is a touch heavy for me as I'm use to the Glock 17,19,22,21 with the 3.5 lb.connector and springs. I picked up a couple of extra mags for $35 ea. pretty easy to find right now too. I think this is a good buy in a cheaper pistol. Feels Good, Shoots Good, and a fair price to boot.
By work2shoot from Mayodan NC.
My First Gun, October 13, 2012
This is my first handgun to own. I have shot about 500+ rounds with it. Performs well no jams. It fits my hand perfectly. I'm left handed and it's easy to operate. The only reason I didn't give it a five rating is the key that is needed to disassemble it. I'm sure it will break sometime down the road. The other reason is the spring. It was so hard getting it back in. I watched 3 different YouTube videos on it. After multiple times of trying to get a grip on it I was finally able to get it back in. It did go flying across the room once. Other than that I really love the gun and would recommend it for everyone. I am going to call Walther to see if I can purchase an extra key.
By Grandma58young from Lubbock, TX
No problems at all, August 22, 2012
I have had my pk forever. I bought when they first came out. I have probably put 2000 rounds through it. It has never let me down. I have had just about every type of pistol and as far as reliability and comfort to carry this weapon is by far the best I have had. As a matter of fact I will be buying another soon. I cant say enough about this pistol. I shoot gold dot ammo in it which is the same ammo I shoot in my service weapon. 380 may be a little small but the ammo will stop just about anyone.
By James from Charlotte N.C.
Horrible weapon, June 21, 2012
I did not purchase this gun at impact, everything ive bought from impact has been exceptional, if you buy anything buy from these guys!!! bought my pk380 back in febuary, initially my wife and i put around 800 rounds through it but the more we fired it the more it jammed up untill it was failing to eject at all and failing to load the majority of the time, so i called S&W to have it repaired, i got the sidearm back today with a little sheet of paper that says "REPAIRED: REPLACE FIRING PIN REPAIRED: REPLACE SPRING". needless to say im a bit excited called the wife and let her know we were going shooting tonight. drove out to our usually shooting spot, laid out 10 targets, loaded all 3 magazines and with a big old grin started to blast in the general direction of my targets (im a piss poor shot with the pk380 its not the weapon its me) after 5 shots and 3 landing on target i pull the triger again, nothing, safe it look at it and its jammed, figured its a fluke cleared the weapon put the next 3 down, grabed the next magazine got 3 off before a failure to eject, cleared it, 2 more and another failure...
By forgotenpast from riverton
Good but not great, December 17, 2010
I'm 6'4" 210 with large hands and this fit my hand best out of the other choices I had been considering for concealed carry (Kahr, Ruger SR9c, Glock subcompacts). It had to go back to the factory immediately as many of the first round of these did, due to faulty extractor's or just a bad design causing a lot of failure to extracts. Got it back in 5 weeks from S&W, shot about 100 rounds thorugh it with now issues. It seemed to shoot low, but that's probably just me and I need to get used to the balistics of 380 vs. 9mm at 25-30 ft.
By Z3Z from Ohio
Good for Conceal and Carry, November 23, 2010
Bought this for my conceal and carry gun, went with this over the bersa thunder.380. It is slim and comforatable to carry. I bought mine in a set and it came with 2 mags. The quality is good the grip fits my whole hand, the grip is comfotable and the pistol is just the right size. I dont care for the key that is needed to field strip the pistol but I dont think it is an issue. I have put about 200 rounds through it and it is accurate and has not jammed. I think the best thing is that you can easily conceal and carry this gun comfortably. I have had larger psitols and they usually stayed in the car or were to uncomfortable to carry all day, this gun goes with me everywhere and all day long.
By Josh from Utah
Walther PK380, November 15, 2010
I bought this as my first handgun, so I'll just put down my own experiences. Pros: Has fired every time so far. Easy field stripping. Clear hammer for easy decock. Safety is clear as day. But if I'm being picky, I wish it had a red dot. Rounded edges make it comfortable. The back curve prevents slider bite. Holds enough bullets to make me feel safe. Adjustable sights are great. Say, "I have a Walther" to someone who does or doesn't know guns and you've got yourself a conversation. The size is perfect for me. It's just large enough to be intimidating, but not so large as to be bulky or ridiculous. Cons: The version I have has a plastic handle. Not too stylish or durable, but does help with weight. Mine only came with one magazine, which might be a drag to others who expect to get two at purchase. It may also have just been the one I purchased. The "key" is cheap cheap cheap plastic. A slightly big deal as you will need it to field strip the gun. If anything about this gun will break, it's going to be this key. And I have no doubt it will break within the lifetime of the gun. These are just my thoughts on the gun. I am sure someone else will give a more in depth review a little later on.
By Alex from Abilene, TX
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