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Colt AR15 M4, 22 LR, 'OPS' w/Tactical Rail & Comp, 30 Rnd Mag

Colt AR15 M4, 22 LR, 'OPS' w/Tactical Rail & Comp, 30 Rnd Mag

Colt AR15 M4, 22 LR,

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Reviewed by 5 customer  
colt AR15 m-4, December 16, 2013
Equipped mine with a true glow holographic sight and at 50 yards dialed it in to a 2 inch round bullseye with little effort. Max of 20 shells. Shot another 100 just for fun going squirrel hunting with it in the tall oaks tomorrow. My true test of a rim fire. Easy to clean and solid. Wish it was just a little longer but I can adapt or may just change stocks. Fair price. Now I need to get a decent hard case to transport it in. Highly recommended by a hunter and collector.
By James crosier from Greenville N.C.
Gold Standard, February 15, 2013
I have the Colt M4 Ops .22LR with RIS. It just feels right. If you grew up on a CAR 15 like some of us old warriors, this is a cheap alternative to bring back the feel of the Vietnam years. My current LE 6920 is so similar to this little .22 version that it's almost the same weight and feel. Just alot cheaper. Highly recommend this platform; especially with the RIS. I prefer the 20 round clips to the longer 30's. Not quite as cumbersome when throwing it up to your shoulder. Easy to strip and clean. Colt is the gold standard; nothing compares in terms of investment and performance.
By Mekong68 from Idaho
Perfect, November 28, 2012
one of the greatest .22 rifles i have ever shot, and not to mention the beautiful M4 design makes this weapon eye candy........especially with all the attachments that can be put on it.
By Tec from WA
Skeptics apocalypse, October 22, 2012
There's not much to say that has not been told already. Anyway just pick the right ammo ( CCI Stinger )and find out by yourself.
By Cristian from Italy
GREAT 22 cal., October 02, 2012
i bougt one of these GREAT rifles . this is a fun gun to practice with not only bevause they are EXTREAMELY ACCURATE (I have only shot at 75 yards) but cheap to shoot (compare the price of 22'2 to 223 ammo). IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET FOR A GREAT 22 AND WANT TRIGGER TIME ON A AR THAN LOOK NO FARTHER
By The Shooter from n.huntington,PA
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