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HK- Heckler and Koch H&K MP5 A5 22LR 16.1 25RD

HK- Heckler and Koch H&K MP5 A5 22LR 16.1 25RD

HK- Heckler and Koch H&K MP5 A5 22LR 16.1 25RD

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ITEM #: 723364201080
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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Awesome, September 10, 2014
Ordered on 8/16/14 received 9/6/14. Right out of the box and very impressed. This little .22 has some heft to it. I won't call it overweight but very nice. Well built. Its my understanding it is a H&K built by Walther and imported by Umarex. Other sources say its built by Umarex. Serial numbers say it was built in Germany. Unless Umarex has a place in Germany, I will say its built by Walther. Quality is very,very good. Took it to my favorite back yard range I have access to and proceeded to dial in the sights for 25yrds. After 5 rds had it dialed in good enough for me. Finished the rest of the mag,all shots were in my 3 inch diameter target. Next mag all 25rds in the 3 inch circle. No strays. Oh, I was standing shooting freestyle. No bench rest. Next I installed the scope mount and a red dot. Again, 5 shots and had it dialed in. Rapid fire and all shots in a 3 inch circle.Awesome. Out of the 100 rds I only had 4 FTF(failure to fire) I just figured it was the cheap ammo I was using Bulk ammo Remington 22 thunderbolt. 40grains @1255 fps. I am very very happy with this purchase. Just need to find some variety of ammo to see if there is much of a change. Owners manual suggest you don't tear it down any further then they describe. I suggest you do. Learn the gun, parts, and operation. You will be happy you did.
By Ray from S.W. Florida
mp5 a5, May 28, 2012
i love this gun its exact and bad ass looks Make me a proud owner. i love that i can shoot it all day for cheap
By mike swift from el paso
Never owned a 22lr, August 03, 2011
You must understand that this is a small caliber rifle. On top of that, you get a quiet and accurate weapon. I love it
By BK from Houston
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