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H&K 416 22LR Carbine, 20RD Mag, Umarex

H&K 416 22LR Carbine, 20RD Mag, Umarex

Umarex 416

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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Great Rifle, May 08, 2012
Great .22LR - shoots very accurate. never had any issues. Feels really good and solid, unlike a lot of other .22LR AR's out there. I would highly recommend this rifle!
By Gerard from Aliso Viejo, CA
This gun is an amazing 22lr!, January 22, 2012
Bought as a college graduation present for myself and added an Eotech, Gripod vertical grip, and a VTac sling. I was worried that perhaps I was foolish in spending this much for a .22lr rifle. Tactial styled modifications to or stock tactical versions from Ruger and Remington cost the same(minus my addons) or more than this rifle. Thousands of rounds later, I have zero buyers remorse. Very well made rifle! Friends mocked me for not saving money with the purchase of a Ruger 10/22. All who have fired the weapon are very impressed and there is no more harassment from my friends(most are now jealous). :) Do not be concerned with Umarex as a distributor. Some people warn of such. It is nonsense. They do not manufacture this weapon. It is manufactured by Walther. The build is high quality and shoots very accurately. One inch groups are common at 100yds with the Eotech holographic(makes rabbit and squirrel hunting a blast). Closer ranges produce dime size holes. Have not used with magnification so I cannot state its full potential in terms of accuracy. I prefer CCI Minimags with this rifle, they shoot more consistent groups. Bulk ammo cycles just fine but the groups spread a bit and are nearly an inch lower versus the Minimags. The 20 round magazine is so easy to load it is silly and feeds every single time. Cleaning the bore requires a boresnake and the action is not very easy to clean due to its design. However, I will gladly deal with the extra effort in exchange for the reliability and accuracy of the weapon. The picatinny quad rails are not plastic but are milled. I doubt that its any different than its big brothers in 5.56 and 7.62. The Grippod and Eotech fit secure and properly. If you have the money to spend on a nicer .22lr rifle, buy this one. No regrets from me!
By kurtl from Utah
Precision 22LR., August 14, 2011
This gun is just awesome. The quality of fit and finish are second to none. Shooting federal ammo I had no jams at any shooting rate, fast or slow. The grouping at 75 yards was very tight for a 22LR. I would give this a perfect 5 but I didn't like the fake bolt retain level and the non functioning forward assist. Besides those items this gun is top level.
By Savaged1 from Roy, UT
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