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Tubb Precision High Performance Remington 700 Bolt - RH Short Action STD Bolt Face

Tubb Precision High Performance Remington 700 Bolt - RH Short Action STD Bolt Face

Tubb Precision High Performance Remington 700 Bolt - RH Short Action STD Bolt Face

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Tubb Precision High Performance Remington 700 Bolt - RH Short Action - Standard Bolt Face

A proprietary custom design, this replacement Remington 700 bolt solves original design problems by providing 10+ performance enhancements. The Remington 700 has long been one of the most popular actions for high precision tactical, target, and hunting rifles. For years now, serious riflemen have demanded more from the original bolt design, and have paid dearly for these modifications. Superior Shooting Systems Inc. has rolled all the very best Remington 700 bolt modifications into a precision-manufactured part, plus we added enhancements that haven't been available on any other aftermarket model.

Impact Guns offers complete gunsmithing to match this bolt to your rifle. Contact us for details.

This new bolt cures every problem worked around in the original design, plus it provides greatly enhanced performance. The Tubb Precision High Performance Remington 700 Bolts with Standard bolt faces come with a Tubb 2000 Extractor. 

Performance Enhancements: 
1 - Bolt is blueprinted (straight and trued) and made .010" oversize for better fit - 
2 - One piece bolt handle for worry-free durability - 
3 - Tactical Style Bolt Knob. Comes with a Tactical Teardrop type knob -- Smooth Teardrop and Round knob styles are available (call for availability) - 
4 - SpeedLock Systems Alloy Composite Firing Pin with .062 hardened steel tip (approximately 1/3 faster lock-time and extreme durability) - 
5 - Chrome Silicon alloy firing pin spring (never needs replacing). CS Springs are heat-treated, stainless steel, and stress-relieved -- same material used in Indy racing car valve springs - 
6 - Lightened Cocking Piece -- further decreases lock-time - 
7 - Aluminum Bolt Shroud for lighter weight - 
8 - Spiral Fluted Bolt Body for lighter weight and enhanced appearance - 
9 - .699-inch Diameter Bolt Body eliminates the need for bushing the bolt (front and rear) for a snug mating to the action. Snug bolt = better groups! 
10 - Tubb 2000 or A-Style Extractor (made from S-7 Tool Steel) with ground plunger pin and Chrome Silicon alloy plunger spring - 
11 - .110-inch Ejector Plunger Diameter (normal is .135). and CS ejector spring. This will help minimize brass flow into the ejector hole, and with a smaller ejector plunger hole there is less chance of brass shavings binding the plunger - 
12 - Smaller .065-inch Diameter Firing Pin Hole -- gone are the days of pierced primers (a normal Remington 700 bolt's firing pin hole is normally .078). Additionally, increased striker energy is imparted onto the primer for more reliable ignition. 100-Percent Chrome Silicon springs are used throughout this bolt. These springs never need replacement and will maintain optimum performance over the life of the rifle - 

These bolts come with an eye-catching engraved "T" on the back of the cocking piece to identify them as being David Tubb Precision products.

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