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Taurus 738 TCP, 380 Compact Pistol/3.3", Black SS, Pink Frame, Extended Mag

Taurus 738 TCP, 380 Compact Pistol/3.3", Black SS, Pink Frame, Extended Mag

Taurus 738 TCP, 380 Compact Pistol/3.3", Black SS, Pink Frame, Extended Mag

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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Great to get the Mrs. to pack heat, October 08, 2011
Got one for my wife to convince her that I wanted her to be able to defend herself and our children, and not just buy another toy for myself. She likes it so much, we now have two (a black one for me) for when my 24/7 is just too bulky. Light recoil, surprisingly accurate but LOUD!!!! Do not fire steel cased ammo as it tends to jam. Fires hollow points, poly tipped, and FMJ ammo with no problem.
By Jason from Lynchburg, VA
THis is THE .380 to go for!, December 16, 2010
After the NRA article on concealed carry guns, I just had to have one of these .380's. I am sure you know the feeling. I had been carrying a Kahr CW-9 which is still great gun but a bit larger. I do not know how people carry FNP-45 or Taurus 800 series guns as carry guns as they are huge...perhaps they are not telling us the truth. OK, tried all the guns in the NRA article except the Rohrbaugh (and as it is costly and a 1911 clone and not safe double action would not have considered it anyway) and of all the guns, including the Kahr 380 which I was predisposed to, the Taurus had the best balance, size, weight and trigger pull...and I emphasize the last as some of these little guns have 11 pound triggers such as the Kel-Tec. When I found the Taurus cost 10.00 dollars more than the Kel-Tec, the decision was made. I was able to buy ONE 50 round box of junk ammo with the gun and the seach began for ammo. Ultimately I got a supply of Aguila, PMC and Winchester ball in, and ran a few hundred rounds through the gun as recommended. It fired and fed every time wihtout hesitation and is now the gun I carry when I do choose to carry. One of the two mags that came with the gun would not hold slide open due to the metal tab embedded in the follower being embedded too far. I called Taurus for a follower and they sent me a free replacement mag instead!. I used a soldering iron to heat the tab and pull it out of the thermosetting follower, then ground the slot with a fine abrasive wheel in a Dremel tool, then set the tab back in place with JB WELD and let it harden overnight, later trimming the epoxy with needle file and the magazine works fine I have three magazines for the price of the gun. If you are concerned about your spouse shooting the gun, it is easily racked and does not recoil much at all. But it is LOUD.
By Rob from North Carolina
The purpose of pink frames IMO, November 29, 2010
I was sort of confused as to why it seems to be the thing for women to get a pink gun. I had it in my head that the pink frame was like a style point for them, but I figured out a more real reason. If you want your lady or sister to carry a gun, and they're neutral or maybe a little hesitant to the idea, putting a black or bitone gun in their hands is probably going to scare them off. It seems too mean and carries a lot of stigma with it. I think the pink frame makes it seem a little less scary to females who aren't quite sure they have the guts to carry one, but decide to give into your begging. I doubt this is good, but I think from a psychological standpoint the pink frames are more acceptable to women who would rather have a useless vial of pepperspray (which is likely to blow back in their own face). I'm glad this Taurus comes with a pink frame, because it's going to be one step closer to my lady's purse than any all black "intimidating/scary" Keltec PF9 or Ruger LCP. We all want our ladies to be able to protect themselves with the best gear and the best training and the best attitude, but you have to start somewhere. What is a pink .380 auto in the purse today might be a black .357 magnum tomorrow. Gotta start somewhere, and if it's gotta be pink to start, then get the pink until they're comfortable with more.
By Shooter Bro from Seattle
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