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Taurus PT111 Millenium Pro G2, 9MM Black, 12 Rnd Mag

Taurus PT111 Millenium Pro G2, 9MM Black, 12 Rnd Mag

MANUFACTURER NO: 1-111031G2-12
Taurus PT111 Millenium Pro G2, 9MM Black, 12 Rnd Mag

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ITEM #: 725327610601
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Reviewed by 13 customer  
Bought one for range practice after good reviews. This Taurus is actually a good firearm. Grip size is perfect for me and it cycles as well as more expensive 9 mm handguns I own. I am totally sold on this particular Taurus. A well made and reliable handgun!
By njmacy from Missouri
A BEST KEPT SECRET, January 15, 2016
I am an old guy. Primary hobby has been shooting handguns for well over 50 years. Had a successful career in Law Enforcement. Was a FBI trained Firearms Instructor. When my grandson bought a Taurus PT140 G2, I almost choked. I held my tongue as we went out to a private range to break it in. We fired 250 rounds through it without a hitch. It was plenty accurate for its size and purpose. I was more than impressed by the end of the day. I did some research and found that a 9mm was available, the PT111 G2. I like larger calibers than 9mm but was leaning toward getting one. I felt that 9mm would be about perfect for this size gun. Within a week I found my PT111 G2 and started putting it through the wringer. With 500 rounds through it I was convinced it was a keeper! My wife liked it so much, I bought her one. Now, with well over 1000 rounds through those two pistols without a single problem, I am convinced of their reliability and accuracy. Like I said, I am not a novice. I own and reload for lots of handguns and carry one most of the time. I know nothing about other Taurus handguns but believe that the PT111 G2 will make an ideal carry gun and at a price that is hard to believe.
By Bill from Alabama
Super Value, November 10, 2015
The title says it all. I really don't know how you can beat this G2. The price is so low on it now I may actually go buy another. ... Incredible value for the price. The G2 is very, very comfortable in my hand and a pleasure to shoot. I think I have about 500 rounds run through it now and not one problem. I also love the way it breaks down. This gun seems pretty slim for a 12+1 capacity, you'd never guess it holds that many rounds. I honestly can't think of anything negative about it. I'm just overjoyed that a 'bargain' pistol like this performs so well. For a $200 handgun you would expect no so great results but, with the Taurus G2 Millennium you get way more than you paid for! And, it comes with 2 magazines. I see the Taurus Slim sometimes only comes with 1 and it's always priced higher. Buy a G2, it's perfect for carry, a back up gun, or home defense.
By David from OH
Excellent Firearm, November 02, 2015
By Eturbo924 from NH
Taurus PT111 Millenium Pro G2 thumbs up, August 26, 2015
This is a great gun at any price. I have fired 500 rds of all types of ammo. Not any problems at all. Get you one. You will love it.
By Outlaw from Midwest
Purchased by family member - pleasantly surprised., June 06, 2015
My brother wanted a polymer framed double stacked 9mm pistol for concealed carry. He's a serious Glock-hater (I just like them, hate is a strong word). He asked my recommendation on a good gun ~$300. Without much hesitation, I quickly recommended the Walther PPX. After poring through reviews, he agreed that it sounded like the gun he wanted. Since his birthday was coming up, I wrote him a check for $400 to buy whatever he wanted. When he came home with a Taurus, I almost jumped out of my skin! I've never kept up with Taurus firearms except to read about someone's QC/CS issues. The last Taurus that I had handled was actually about 9 years ago - a J-Frame style 5 shot revolver. Being a S&W wheelgun guy, I remember thinking to myself "What a hunk of junk. The fit and finish made it feel like a replica gun. The trigger pull was long, hard, and so gritty that I was certain that the owner had managed to lodge a piece of gravel into the mechanism. I swore to myself that day that I would never even consider purchasing a Taurus. Anyway, to make a long story short, I inspected the gun and was actually thoroughly impressed with the fit and finish. The trigger pull, while long, felt to be about 3 lbs. It was ridiculously light. "There's no way that can ignite a primer unless Taurus learned how to enchant their weapons", I thought to myself. I field stripped it and everything looked good - no noticeable machining marks and no corners were apparently cut (not finishing internal components, excessive MIM and polymer internals... Then I took it to the range. WOW! I was immediately impressed upon firing the first 13 American Eagle 124gr FMJs. They all shot pretty much to POA, recoil was light, the grip and angle were almost perfect, and the trigger pull didn't hinder my ability to blast the middle out of a target at 25 feet rapid fire. I thought - OK, I must have just gotten lucky. We ended up going through 600 rounds of various ammo that day - everything from HST, Gold Dot, Lawman, American Eagle, Geco, to Libery Civil Defense - without a single hiccup or cleaning inbetween. I was impressed to say the least. The gun shot perfectly out of the box and continued to do so with absolutely no issues. I have to admit that I'm still highly biased against Taurus, but this gun is fantastic. Unless there are long-term reliability issues, I couldn't believe the amount of win that he had picked up for so little cash... I honestly contemplated buying one for myself. My strong Taurus hatred tempered my desire, but to this day I still question my decision. Every time we go to the range, I dig out his PT111 G2 and have a blast. He's reported ZERO malfunctions in a little over 1000 rounds and besides a few wear marks in the finish, it still functions like it did the day we took it out for our range test. I started reading reviews online and it looks like Taurus finally got one right: An in-house designed semi-auto that's solid, reliable, accurate, fun and comfortable to shoot, and actually very nice looking (if that matters to you - to me, not so much). If it were made by HK and priced three times higher, they wouldn't be able to keep them in stock. Unfortunately the Taurus name has been tarnished and most won't even give this masterpiece a try. Which is a shame, because I firmly believe that it's the best of its class. If you can get over the fact that Taurus did this one on their own, I think that you'll be very happy with your purchase. It is the only Taurus that I would even consider buying. Way to go Taurus - keep this up and maybe one day your trouble-fraught past will be forgotten. Outstanding.
By Dan Blanton from Fort Worth, TX
A Joy to shoot, January 11, 2015
Received this gun from Impact through a local dealer and I can't say enough good about it. I took it home and cleaned it thoroughly which resulted in removal of a brown coating on a white cloth (not sure what that was). Since then I have put over 500 rounds through it with 1 FTF from FMJ Remington rounds, where cheaper rounds have gone flawlessly. With the double action trigger, another pull and the FTF fired. I tend to shoot low and to the left so I needed to adjust the sights - a BIG plus on this weapon for me, and since have been getting consistent 2 1/2 inch groups, hand-held at 7 yards. Put it in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 and have worn it at around the 11, 2 and 4 o'clock positions so see which felt the best, with all being comfortable. Anyone who has shot it falls in love with it. I would highly recommend this gun for concealed carry.
By Irchard from Missouri
Awesome, January 09, 2015
Didn't need it but the new model caught my interest. I already had a PT111 Millennium and a PT145 Pro as compact Taurus autos but tried this too. Oh wow, what a fantastic gun! Not a single problem of any sort in at least 500 rounds. Mostly FMJ's but at least 50 HP's to make sure it was carry ready. Today it's my EDC. A lot of people hate Taurus pistols but I now own six (semi-autos) and every one is a winner. This Millennium G2 is no exception. Light weight, thin for a double stack, 12+1 capacity. What's not to love? As inexpensive as these gun are it's amazing they are so nice. I had actually been thinking of picking up the M&P Shield but after handling the Millennium G2, it was a no brainer, at least for me. The price, grip feel, and capacity made it an easy choice which to buy. Glad I got it. Now I'm in the market for another but in 40S&W with the stainless slide. Take down of this pistol is the same as Glock, simple and quick. Buy one today.
By Dave from OH
Alot of gun for the price., November 02, 2014
I purchased the G2 for conceal/carry and have been impressed so far with this weapon. I LOVE the feel of this gun in hand over any other I've felt, for me a perfect fit. I've fired cheap and quality ammo with no problems.The only problem I had with it was user error. When cleaning I over oiled it which caused a FTF. I took an airblower to it and haven't had any problems since. This is the only reason for me giving it 4 stars.
By JT from St. Paul, MN
PT111 Millennium Generation 2....., July 11, 2014
Perfect size and shape. Handles well. Only problem is the overly aggressive raised grip. Too much and rough for the palm of your hand. Problem solved with Hogue Handall Jr. grip sleeve.
By JimInCincy from Cincinnati, Ohio
Durable, awesome fit in hand, priced well-, December 14, 2013
I bought this in the 9mm right after it came out and have been well please with its durability, its fit and finish and the price I picked it up for. I have read review after review over the last number of months about others who have pick this gun up and 98% of the reviews i have read would give it a 5 star/buyanotherinfuture/recommend to a friend, etc. Again I am please with the gun. the recoil is just right/easy to manage ( bigger caliber will obviously be a different story). I love its fit and finish. enjoyable feel in my hand and fires confidently with a crisp trigger pull. I have put a couple hundred rounds through it of different types of ammo(cheaper and higher grade) and it has eaten through them all with no issues. Also you cant go wrong with the Taurus lifetime warranty on the gun. the gun could be sold time after time and it doesn't lose it warranty. The few negative reviews out there have pointed out they are not pleased with a few minuscule things they personally don't like. for instance there was mention of the sights quality, the thumb safety location and the racking ledge looking like it was wearing. None of these things mentioned have been issues i have encountered. ultimately if a problem occurs, Taurus will fix it or replace it. This is a quality gun that is worth more than its selling price. yes, Id buy another. yes id recommend it. In the end each individual has their own opinions. If your interested go to a locate store, see if they have it in stock and hold it in your hand for you self. 5 star from me-
By Matt H. from Meridian Idaho
Awesome small gun, November 25, 2013
got it today from Impact, come with 2 mags, brought a extra in case. Fire more than 200 round without clean first. gun very accurate after 20 rounds break down from 25 yards. excellent size for conceal.once get use the trigger safety, gun runs awesome. Easy to clean. No complaint at all. Give it 5 stars
By cheuk from Saint Cloud, Florida
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