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Taurus 605 PROTECTOR 357 Mag, 2" Barrel, Polymer Frame, 5 Round

Taurus 605 PROTECTOR 357 Mag, 2" Barrel, Polymer Frame, 5 Round

Taurus 605 PROTECTOR 357 Mag, 2" Barrel, Polymer Frame, 5 Round

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ITEM #: 725327609681
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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Great, but know what you're getting, May 19, 2015
So... a .357 magnum on a lightweight poly frame. What could possibly go wrong? It's actually an awesome gun, but physics dictates that it WILL kick like a mule with .357 magnum ammunition in it. However, if that recoil is a problem, bear in mind that as a .357 magnum, it can also handle .38 special just fine. The handle is a small fit to my fairly large hand, and it comes with a shorter one you can swap with for easier concealment. It is built with concealment firmly in mind - its profile is pretty smooth, not much sticking out to snag on things. The hammer is shrouded, but still leaving an exposed hammer spur, giving an option for single-action shooting. Some hate this, but I like having that option available. The biggest drawback is how heavy the trigger pull is. Before you buy one, I strongly suggest getting a feel for the trigger action and deciding from there if it's something you can deal with. For concealment purposes, lacking other external safeties, some may consider this heavy trigger pull a good thing, so as to prevent accidental discharge. On a side note, I used this gun to qualify for my concealed carry on revolvers. Others also borrowed it for their revolver qualification that day, and the instructors even tried it out, curious about the idea of a polymer .357. At one point, there was a malfunction - the cylinder spun freely when it was locked into the body of the gun. It should be noted that I bought the gun (gently?) used. I took it back to the store, they took it into the back for about 15 minutes, and gave it back to me, working just like new. Apparently, a spring gave out. Probably wear and tear and luck of the draw, but something to keep in mind. As I mentioned though, apparently easy and minor repair.
By raven from NM
Beautiful, January 15, 2015
I bought this for concealed carry around the house. I opted for the 357 model so I could have the flexibility to use 38 special ammo. This little devil is light, light enough to put in the waistband of gym shorts which I typically wear on my days off. That being said, with it being so light it kicks like a mule with standard 357 ammo. I'd recommend it to anyone. If you're sensitive to recoil, just run 38 special ammo.
By Ethan from Central Florida
Great protection, October 22, 2014
Nice revolver for the price, very accurate, lightweight, but being polymer, the stronger .357 load tends to losen cylinder arm screw,not really a problem with prefire inspection. Carry it everyday, so light almost forget its on the small of my back!!
By Russ from TN
Love it, October 02, 2013
AWSOME for ccl and very reliable.
By Red from Ms
Great Buy, September 08, 2013
.357/.38 Absolute great buy. This revolver is polymer which makes it light and very durable. The 605 Poly Protector fits like a damn glove. It's also highly accurate and extremely dependable. Taurus has really stepped it up. If your looking for a good CCW or just a knockaround revolver, this is a good choice. Great product for a great price. This was my first gun purchase and it will ALWAYS be apart of my collection. PERIOD.
By Lucky Revolver from Pensacola, FL
The weapon feels good in your hand and shoots very well. It's light weight and small size make it perfect for concealed carry. The .357 mag, payload make it an excellent man stopper. The best of both worlds,light weight plus excellent stopping power.
By Jokido from Richmond, Virginia
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