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Taurus Pocket Pistol, 22LR, 2.3" Tip Up Barrel Polymer Frame, Blue 8rd Mag

Taurus Pocket Pistol, 22LR, 2.3" Tip Up Barrel Polymer Frame, Blue 8rd Mag

Taurus Pocket Pistol, 22LR, 2.3" Tip Up Barrel Polymer Frame, Blue 8rd Mag

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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Nice Small Gun, July 29, 2017
I now have three concealed carry weapons A Taurus 357 five shot, a Smith and Wesson 380 Bodyguard and now the Taurus PLY 22. Use Stinger ammo in it and while the bullet is small and fly's in the face of what is recommended for self defense it is very effective the fun to my surprise is accurate, at the distance that it was designed for same as the Bodyguard these are for close up encounters, so I p[ick the weapon for were I am going at the time and the level of threat in the area I do better in accuracy with the 22 than the 380.
By RJF from West Palm Beach
Great Little Gun, November 16, 2016
I know what you're thinking. This here's a .22 LR, the most anemic handgun cartridge in the world. So I'm just going to have to shoot you 9 times in the head. Dirty Harry jokes aside, if you carry a pistol for self-defense, it's all about how well you can shoot it and how convenient and unobtrusive it is to carry. And to all those people who think a .22 is not an effective round, there are plenty of Mob hit men and intelligence operatives who would disagree with you. Shot placement is everything, and it's especially easy to improve your shot placement if you can shoot a lot, without it costing you an arm and a leg, and without getting carpal tunnel for your trouble. This little pistol is light, reliable, accurate, and easy to carry. It works for me.
By Simon from Greensboro, NC
PLY 22 as First Choice for Daily Pocket Carry, October 21, 2013
The PLY has replaced daily pocket carry for me, my wife and daughter. Our Glocks, Ruger and S and W compacts ride with us and guard the house but we have all come to prefer the PLY for reliable, user friendly carry. Wife, Cindy, has a nice .380 Taurus now used mostly to guard the cats while watching T.V. We each have some variety of NAA mini just because they are fun and cheap to shoot and fit where not much else will. Even so, the flip top PLY in .22 with nine rounds and an easy to operate safety remains the favorite for each of us. Our similar Berettas in .22 and .32 are clunky by comparison and less fun to go to range with. Several of my old Army buddies have followed suit with the PLY in .22 for themselves and for their significant others.
By Shotgun18 from Florida Gulf Coast
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