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Taurus Model 738 TCP, 380 Compact Pistol/3.3" SS, Extended Mag

Taurus Model 738 TCP, 380 Compact Pistol/3.3" SS, Extended Mag

Taurus Model 738 TCP, 380 Compact Pistol/3.3" SS, Extended Mag

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Reviewed by 7 customer  
.380 taurus not a great gun for me, June 20, 2014
I am not happy with this Taurus. I have tried this gun several times at the range and have problems with the feed and with it jamming every time. I have changed ammo and used different brands with the same results. The gun range owners told me that I need to be more aggressive with my pull, has anyone ever heard of that?
By 12-12 from Fla
Very nice pocket carry, January 24, 2013
I have owned one of these for 2 years now and it is a regular carry for me when small is a requirement. I recall it jamming once at about round 80 the first time I took it out and I have not had a problem since. Worn in a DeSantis pocket holster it has almost no print and it is so light I hardly know it is there. It will also put a round right where you are pointing it and I helped that out by putting a little Jig paint on the nibs that pass for sights for a decent sight picture. The only negatives that I can think of are that the trigger must be pulled all the way to the rear for it to fire which takes some getting used to, and feeding does not favor flatter nosed ammo as it is a very jumpy path to the chamber. That being said I trust it with my life almost everyday and really could not be happier with it.
By GR from Houston, TX
Good gun, February 19, 2012
When I first bought the gun it was for a second chance ccw. But living in tx it's so hot with its nifty little holster I find myself carrying it more often, with imprinting laws and all it's hard to carry my sig p220. I had issues with the trigger reset at first so I sent it back to Taurus. Since I got it back it's been 100 percent. One thing I did notice when clambering the first round you have to pull fast and release. But fixed this issue by using my dremmel and polished the feed ramp. For the price you can't beat it if you want perfection buy a sig but your cost will double.
By Gunchowder from Spi tx
Perfect after a trip to Miami, December 17, 2010
I too was set on buying the LCP, but the TCP felt better in my hand. Initially she had problems with trigger reset, along with a few FTFs and FTEs. As mentioned she also ejected shells straight back at my head. I was told to send her to Miami and let the Taurus Gunsmiths fix her. They had it back to me in 2 weeks. Since then, There has not been one issue. She eats any ammo I have fed her. Now the casing fly high and right just like my Sig and Glock. This gun is with me everyday where I can legally carry. I recommend this gun 100%.
By Deepair3 from Triad, NC
Im very un happy with Taurus TPC, December 16, 2010
I bought this Taurus TPC 380auto a few month ago & put it through about 200+ round of ammo in 4 defferent ocations. the 1st 50rds were good, only 1 FTE. but the 4th & last time was totaly bad, 15 out of 50rds were FTE, FTF or bouble feed. when I looked at missfired ammo's prime, the indentation on primer where striker pin hit were all shallow. some how the striker pin didnt hit primer deep enough to fire. it's possible the ammo were not good. I used 200rds of lellier & bellot FMJ & a few rds of speer gold dot & hornady critical defence. I spent hours cleaning the bore but ever get clean. I wanted support my local gun shop, I bought this gun in my town in Florida. I actually paid too much $335( includ paper work & tax.)tommorow I'll give an another try before I send it to Taurus for repare. I must add that if this gun shoots, it is very accurate inside 15yrd. I dont want to say that I'll never buy Taurus again.
By lonewolf09 from florida
Great Little Pocket Pistol, November 16, 2010
I bought a Taurus TCP from Impact Guns in September on Ogden. I had pretty much settled on a Ruger LCP when I entered the store. The Taurus won out over the Ruger due to it's MUCH better sights, MUCH smoother trigger, and the $40 savings helped too! These pocket pistols are definitely not as smooth as full sized service pistols. But, they serve their niche and purpose very well. I now carry a gun with me at all times, where before it was rarely due to size and inconvenience. The TCP has it's drawbacks: The ejected shells come straight back and tend to bop me in the head at times. Annoying! It took several tries and boxes of defensive ammo to find the one that worked perfectly in my pistol. The brand and type may be different with each individual pistol. The availability of equipment, magazines, holsters, etc. is a problem. I was dissapointed to find out that the extended magazine talked about does not exist yet. Hopefully the equipment problems will improve over time. I found a neat little pocket holster on custom made for the TCP. It fits and rides just like a wallet in the hip pocket of jeans. Slacks normally don't have deep enough pockets. I carry it in the nifty pouch when I'm more dressed up than normal. The belt pouch is provided with the TCP. I have shot several hundred rounds through this little gem and feel confident out to about 15 yards with combat accuracy. These pistols are not for holding off a horde of zombies. But, they should give you a "fighting chance" and some time to get the heck out of Dodge in most circumstances. If you are like me, in that this is the only size pistol that you would carry consistently, knowing it's limitations, then I would highly recommend the Taurus TCP and Impact Guns.
By Corey King from Centerville, UT
Phantom 8 rd mag, November 15, 2010
This is based on one session at the range -I need to clean and lubricate it and give it another try before identifying any real versus break-in problems. The gun shoots well and the DAO trigger is not a problem (although it's not my preference). Hopefully, the few failures to feed will stop. The one annoying aspect that I haven't heard of from anyone else is that the ejected brass comes straight back and bounces off of my head! Finally, no one including Taurus employees have ever seen an 8 rd magazine for a 738, but old marketing text never gets corrected.
By Mark Wazoo from Seattle
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