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Taurus Millenium Pro 40SW Blue 10 Rd Mags

Taurus Millenium Pro 40SW Blue 10 Rd Mags

Taurus Millenium Pro 40SW Blue 10 Rd Mags

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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Not as happy as I thought I'd be, October 02, 2013
I purchased this gun for a great price and learned my lesson. Concealability- excellent. Recoil- excellent. Fit- great. No jams or misfires. However, it shot low and left out of the box. I thought it was my fault, but sent it back under warranty, just to be sure. The bench test came back and the factory group was low and left. They didn't fix it because it wasn't necessarily defective- fine. Strange though, because my Springfields are right on every time. My FN Herstal is within 3" on center every time. My Ruger P-95 is on center. Maybe I bought the one Taurus that was low and left. But, I probably won't buy another Taurus. In fairness, everybody else I know that has a Taurus likes it.
By Brando from Ogden, UT
Great gun, March 03, 2013
I have put about 300 rds no problems but those have a bit of recoil
By Erick from Houston
Great CCW Primary and Back-up, December 16, 2010
I purchased my Taurus when I was hired as a Federal Agent. Even though my agency didn't formally allow us to carry a back-up, my training agent convinced me that it was a good idea. This gun fires better than my issue sidearm did. I am now retired (early due to disability) and carry this as my primary. It is a solid performer, (over 50,000 rounds fired) accurate and very concealable. I would recommend this to anyone who wants quality and affordability in one package.
By 1811 Retired @ 35 from North Carolina
Taurus Millenium Pro 40, December 01, 2010
This is the least expensive and yet the very best handgun I have. I carry it every day. Have put at least 2000 rds through it and never had a mis-fire, jam, stove pipe, etc. I am tempted to buy another because of the price, reliability and it's ability to shoot straight every time. I have large hands and it fits me fine.
By Tim from Tucson
Great Gun, November 27, 2010
This gun is a great gun to shoot. It fits comfortably into small to medium sized hands and is a good size for concealed carry. After 150 rounds it shoots just as good as it did out of the box.
By Bobby from utah
my baby, my love, October 16, 2010
It's my concealed hand gun. shoot perfect without problem. After trying few guns before this little baby, I get in love with it.
By samcam from San Antonio, Tx
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