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Taurus MILLENNIUM PRO 145, 45 ACP, Polymer, Blue, 10 Rnd

Taurus MILLENNIUM PRO 145, 45 ACP, Polymer, Blue, 10 Rnd

Taurus MILLENNIUM PRO 145, 45 ACP, Polymer, Blue, 10 Rnd

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ITEM #: 725327311331
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Reviewed by 16 customer  
Great pistol,, February 06, 2016
I have had this pt145 for several yrs now and it has never failed me it is very easy to foot with low felt recoil and reliability it has digested all the different ammo I load it with and I like it- another big plus is the 10+1capacity of the big45acp meaning less reloads and more peace of mind if tshtf add a spare mag and yo should be plenty prepared for that bad situation that might find you my very petite girlfriend also likes shooting it and begs for more ammo when we do , it's been reliable gives soft felt recoil for its weight and size has plenty of capacity and gives me peace of mind and confidence when I Cary it along - not made for longer distances as any pistol this short a bbl the only short bold pistol I've found giving good accuracy out to 25yrds or so is my kimber ultra carry whose full sized brother I trust to deliver out to 50yrds
By Gunny 4545 from Taos,nm.
Excellent, January 09, 2015
Bought this pistol in 2010 and did use it as my carry gun for almost two years. I did rotate it with a few others in that time. I can honestly say that in all the years I've had this I have never experienced ANY type of failure with it. Eats every brand HP I feed it as well as FMJ rounds. 10+1 of 45 auto out of a compact is unreal. Nice single action trigger and nice grip. recoil is decent as well. Can't really ask for more out of it as it's been worth its weight in gold. Only thing I'd change is I'd like to have the stainless slide but, oh well. Too bad Taurus discontinued these guns. Maybe the Millennium G2 will come out in 45 soon. Let's hope.
By Dave from OH
Great gun, October 16, 2013
I've owned the original version (non-pro) of this gun for about 7 years. I have shot hundreds of rounds through it without a single problem. At 7-10 yards this gun is incredibly accurate. It does have quite a kick since it is a light gun chambered for a .45 round. I would not recommend it for a small person. The sights are fantastic. The front sight is large and easy to acquire quickly and place on target. It does have a long trigger pull, but I like this on a double action only revolver. The grip is better than most compact, 10 round, .45s. I love this gun!
By Jorge Garrido from Wellington, FL
PT 145 Rules, August 14, 2013
I have owned this pistol for more than 5 years and have had no problems with it I give it 5** great price and easy to conceal.
By Mike from Lexington NC
Taurus Pro145 Millinium, June 15, 2013
I have been happy with 9s and 380s. I haven't been happy with my Glock 27 40. In fact I am going to sell it at the next gun show. I have a LWS barrel and love shooting 9s through it, so I got the 26. I wasn't going to spend GLOCK money on a 45 so I picked up a little Taurus 145. I absolutely love it...and it hits right where I aim. Leave big holes In fact I love this gun so much I am going to get another 45. Right not I am between a springfield XDS or a Tarus gen 2, 247. I think the reviewer didn't clean the grease off the 247 before takng it out. Clean it before going to the range and it should have no problems.
By Rick from Galveston, Texas
Great GUn, February 15, 2013 perfect. easy to clean, accurate, and small enough to carry but has a big gun feel... MAKE SURE YOU HOLD TIGHT CAUSE YOU WILL JAM IT LETTING IT BLOW BACK IN YOUR HAND!
By Noah from Gadsden AL
Nice Bang For The Buck, January 20, 2013
I purchased this guy because I wanted to step up from a 380. I was surprised, Very accurate, easy to maintain and is worth the price. Only bad thing is using a full mag, Will jam unless only filling 6 rds. But with this guy, only need 6 and a spare clip
By Grey339 from Tampa Fl
Worthless Piece of Junk, April 24, 2012
I have owned a PT145 for a year. The first time I tried to fire it, the third round failed to feed. I have sent this pistol back to the factory six times for repair of the same failure to feed problem. Each time I received the pistol back from repair, I experienced the same failure to feed. This problem occurs with any of my 6 magazines and four name brands of ammunition. After a year, the buyer has to pay to return pistol to the factory for repair. I'm going broke sending it back. Now, after the sixth trip to the factory for repair, I'm stuck with a pistol that may or may not fire if I were to need it. Any want a PT145 - CHEAP???
By James from Texas
Diamond in the Rough, April 07, 2012
I am a big 45 caliber fan and wanted to add a small profile 45 to my arsenal but did not want to dump another grand on a "name brand" gun. Did a lot of research on the PT 145 Pro prior to buying and became confused buy the divergent array of reviews, apparently you either love this gun or hate it, not too much in the middle. Since the price of admission was so low I figured what the heck. Once I got the gun home it was suggested that I clean the gun prior to shooting, I normally do not clean a new gun until I have cycled 1000 rounds or get to the point of failure to feed due to gunk that builds up firing cheap 45 ammo. Range report: brought a box of Speer Lawman and PMC both in 230 ball for my initial testing, placed the target at 10 yards and fired away. I observed the gun was low left but tightly grouped in a 3.5 inch circle, adjusted the windage on the rear sight and honed in on the center of the target but still shooting low? I realized I was holding the front sight below the bull like I do when target shooting and found if you cover the bull with the front sight the gun began to shoot dead on. I had read a great deal about issues with the magazine and FTF issues when loaded to capacity, in fact I did have two FTF's, over 100 rounds, which is not bad but is not acceptable for a full time carry gun in my opinion. So initially I was ticked off that the gun in fact had an issue related to its performance, I was wrong. I tracked this issue down to two things, first, since I was pulling low left, an indication I was squeezing the grip with lower three fingers of my right hand I regripped moving the axis of my hand up on the gun and blocking the fingers with my left hand and shazamm..three 2 inch groups of 5 shots each! Second, since this is a lower priced firearm with a ridiculously tight spring and tolerances the gun had to be broken in. After another 100 rounds she started to loosen up and I fired 6 clips fully loaded and one in the chamber with no issues. Another issue is limp wristing, of which I experienced off hand shooting left handed, not the horse but the rider. Summary: I plan to fire another 800 rounds though the gun prior to placing it on my hip, SOP for me and I am sure in time the gun will improve as it wears in, all in all for the money you get a highly accurate small framed 45 that has a capacity of 11 rounds, that is well made (for the money) a lifetime warranty and yet another choice for those who are on a budget, this would be a perfect backup or truck gun. I plan on doing some polishing on the internals, I will update as to the success of that foray. But for the money the Taurus Millennium Pro 145 is truly a diamond in the rough.
By Sea Dog from Tampa Florida
I have owned my PT-145 for going on three years now, and I have to say that I am impressed by its performance. With more than 1,200 rounds of hardball and hollowpoints through it, the pistol has yet to have a jam, stovepipe, failure to extract or hiccup in any way. It has been 100 percent reliable! The PT-145 is one of my EDC backup pieces, residing on my ankle as a backup to my larger Taurus 24/7 OSS, which I carry IWB. I do not understand the bad press Taurus gets, because I have owned several of their pistols over the years and every one has been accurate, reliable and cost efficient. I plan to purchase more Taurus handguns in the future.
By Fridley from Seattle, WA
Taurus Millennium Pro 145, 45 ACP, November 12, 2011
This gun packs a big punch for the money. Really accurate, and easy to clean. It goes great with my OSS 45 and other Taurus's that I have.
By Sarge T. from North Carolina
Confidence in the Dark, December 16, 2010
A Taurus 45acp Millennum pro fits your hand even though you might be a big guy,But to me -most important- in the dark you can know if there is a loaded chamber,on the right side of slide there is a slight triangle shaped (painted red for day time)piece of metal that in the dark all you have to do is run your index finger over that area just under the ejection port and you have confidence without a doubt if the chamber is loaded. In a tight suitation that kind of info is invaluable.Besides that they shoot very WELL.
By James D Parker from Jax Florida
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