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Taurus 24/7 G2 Series, 9mm, 4.2", Blue, 17 Rnd

Taurus 24/7 G2 Series, 9mm, 4.2", Blue, 17 Rnd

Taurus 24/7 G2 Series, 9mm, 4.2", Blue, 17 Rnd

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ITEM #: 725327608158
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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Great gun.., February 10, 2014
My very first handgun ever...really never had any problems with the gun...just the magazine does rattle abit bit doesn't interference with the firing...but still a great gun...
By wedo from austin, texas
Love it, July 08, 2013
Taurus has a bad name, ask anyone that works at a gun shop and they'll tell you all about it. I shopped around for quite awhile before 'pulling the trigger.' Me and my wife both shoot it, so the fully ambidextrious features were a big selling point (safety/decocker/mag release/slide catch). Take down was a breeze, maybe i got lucky but the slide 'slides' right off without a hitch. Safety was another big concern with 2 kids in the house. the Taurus Security System is a great feature that really eases my mind. I know, a gun is only as safe as its owner, but why not have one more step to fire from storage? the magazine does rattle (rocks forward and backward slightly) while in the gun, but it isn't really noticeable and this isn't really a ccw anyway. Still, If you need to be silent like a ninja, you might steer clear. the whole thing feels solid and well designed. I'm not a great shot, and the local range is 25 yards only. still, we put most of the shots in an 8 inch area. The sights aren't the best, but after about 100 rounds we we're used to them for sure. I've heard some people having FTF and misfires right out of the box. Mine shot cheap ammo perfectly. If it does misfire, it has a Second Strike feature that allows you to pull the trigger again to strike the primer a second time. I didn't have to use it, but I'm glad it's there if I need it. The trigger is great, double action for the first shot (longer, intentional pull) and single action for all of the following shots (about half the trigger pull) unless you decock. It's a little stiff and grainy, but I like knowing where I am in the pulling process and it seemed easy to get to the bang while maintaining aim during a controlled pull. the trigger is not so tight that it's uncomfortable to 'slap' it. I think it's tight enough but I could see how glock owners don't like it. If you get it for a good price it will be worth every penny I'd say. Are there better guns? yep.. but you'd be hard pressed to find a gun with more useful features and a more thought out design for this price. Plus, it's so sexy.. Take a chance on Taurus, it's payed off for me and the wife, and a lifetime transferrable warranty is a huge plus.
By KsShooter from Kansas
excellent gun, March 12, 2013
This is one amazing weapon. It solidly built, it is accurate and it holds 17 rounds. It is reliableand easy to shoot. I have shoot wihchester 9mm 124 grain hp rounds to basic fed and after 450 rounds I have yet to have a misfire, misfeed or failure to eject. I don't know who are these nut jobs who try to downplay a perfectly solid weapon and why? anyway...its best to try it yourself. No single gun is made for everyone and they tend to vary in how they feel in your hand... but quality, accuracy and reliabiity are not the problems that you will have with this gun
By sam from FL
Less than expected, December 27, 2012
Was wanting to get a 9mm, probably should have kept looking. The adjustable sights are horrible complete plastic junk. The whit paint on the front sight came off after the first time it was shot and cleaned. The 17rd mags are spacious but rattle if you carry anything but 147gr bullets. The magazine release is very stiff and it is plastic not talking about just the button. Accuracy out of the box was good with 147gr flatnose fmj but anything lighter was extremely low on the paper. The safety decocker is a good touch but is very easy to take off safe. Totally disappointed!
By Rob from Oklahoma
Taurus 24/7 G2 Review, May 03, 2012
Ordered a 24/7 9MM for my wife one week and we were out at the range shooting it the next. We fired 150 rounds through it without a single issue. Mags were a bit hard to load, but that is expected from a new firearm. We did find it shot a little low at 25 yards, but a sight adjustment will fix that problem. Having fired several types of 9mm (Ber 92 FS, Glock)we found the 24/7 to be more comfortable and an easier shoot. The only issue we had was take down - again a new weapon - was a little stiff. A great feature is the integrated locking system - but this could also cause issue down the road if the user is not careful and mind the warnings in the manual.
By Wes from Tampa
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