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Taurus 1911 Government, 9MM, Blue, Novak Sights, 9 Rnd Mag

Taurus 1911 Government, 9MM, Blue, Novak Sights, 9 Rnd Mag

Taurus 1911 Government, 9MM, Blue, Novak Sights, 9 Rnd Mag

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Reviewed by 3 customer  
Taurus 1911 9mm, March 11, 2017
Just Picked up a used Taurus 1911 9mm because I have a lot of 9mm rounds and reload often I also have the Taurus 1911 45 and love both guns the 45 shoots great tight groups and came with a Crimson Trace Laser Grip which is Awesome the 9 shoots well to I did add a Match Bushing which tightened it up even more these are getting hard to find found mine online lots of features on these you find on way more expensive 1911s these are a step above Taurus normal workmanship
By rick from Nebraska
Taurus 1911 9mm, model 11911019, December 09, 2012
I'm thrilled with the Taurus 1911 9mm model 11911019. It feels solid in hand and broke down for the initial cleaning pretty much like a typical 1911. I only have a couple thousand rounds through it, but had absolutely no issues. The pattern was tighter than expected without any adjustments to the sights. My only regret is that I probably should have bought two of these Taurus 9mm as I'd imagine these will go like hotcakes as folks realize the great value these are. I finally bought the second Taurus 1911 9mm a few weeks later and it handles and shoots just like the first one. I was right about the value - These don't seem to stay on the store shelves very long.
By full_flaps2002 from Sunman, IN
9mm taurus review, February 13, 2012
I wanted a 9mm 1911 for IDPA matches, I chose 9mm due to it being a lot cheaper to shoot. Initially I was between the taurus 1911 and the STI spartan 9mm. I chose the taurus because I have the 1911 in .45 and it shoots great. When I got the 9mm version and went to the range I was greatly depressed. The gun shot about 10" left and 8" low at 15'. Since then I placed an order through Novak and put on their adjustable rear sight and a dawson precision front sight. Now the gun shoots great, It can shoot a 18" square steel at 55 yards, with no problem. I had to change the recoil spring to a wolff reduced power spring for it to cycle properly. I should have bought the STI.
By Nate from Hickory, NC
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