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Taurus 1911 45 ACP, Blue

Taurus 1911 45 ACP, Blue

MANUFACTURER NO: 1-191101 1911B
Taurus 1911 45 ACP, Blue

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ITEM #: 725327601029
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Reviewed by 12 customer  
best bang for the $$$$, August 14, 2012
1173 rounds with 1 FTE; no FTF (my fault limp wrist) have yet to clean it.. I have run a mop down the bore but that is all. I will say however the finish is kind of thin. all this with a life time warranty. Ps: "a dirty gun is a happy gun"
By diver2006 from ft.bragg nc
Love my Taurus 1911, July 25, 2012
I absolutely love my Taurus 1911. I bought it used at a pawn shop over 2 years ago and haven't regretted it. The only things I've changed on this pistol are the grips, and I changed the sights to night sights. This pistol feed anything I put in it; hollow points, hydrashock, FMJ. Never had a misfire or stoppage of any kind. I'm a retired army SOF medic, so I've fired just about every caliber handgun and rifle out there. I carry concealed, a Glock 30 compact .45, but if I was to open carry, it would be this pistol. My Glock shoots flawlessly and I enjoy shooting it, but this Taurus is just plain awesome. I wish they'd make a compact version, like the Kimber. I'd most definitely carry it.
By Armydoc115 from Atlanta, GA
Nice Pistol, June 11, 2012
I purchased my Taurus PT-1911AR about two years ago. I have carried it almost every single day and have shot many round through it. I am a happy customer. I did not care for the factory grips on my pistol. I replaced them with some VZ grips. The rail is shaped different from most 1911 rails and it takes some time to find a holster. However, it shoots great. It has shot every load I have fed into it. It is accurate. I have never had any problems with it. Thumbs up on this pistol.
By Bo from Wyoming
I put this gun through it all., April 11, 2012
I own the Pt 1911 HD model and far from delicate with it, from dropping the gun too completely taking it apart. I've changed the parts around & returned them. Once I made my own caliber conversion and tried a 16-inch barrel, this is the gun to grow with and rely on for home protection. Any 5-inch is ruff to carry, not recommended. The gun remains safe and highly reliable. It does however have smooth finish that must be kept clean or your slide will be hard to grip.
By Lefty (kidding) from Arizona
WOW !, February 24, 2012
this is the smoothest , most accurate , best firing 1911 45 acp. that i have ever shot. i am a retired us army sniper and i just recived ,and put 240 rounds through it without a hitch. i strongly recommend this weapon for the collecter, hobby shotter , pro shooter, hunting, home protection, looks , what ever. you cant go wrong with this beauty. infact i'm going to buy another just like it because i love it so much. thanks for reading.
By blakrooster from huber heights, ohio
Decent 1911 for price, December 02, 2011
I have owned this 1911 for 2 years and I am impressed by how well its built.It handles well and is accurate enough for general shooting purposes.Its only real downside is that it doesn't seem to cycle hollow points well.For what ever reason it may be. It does just fine with fmj rounds though.I also noticed after shooting 100 or so rounds it needs cleaned or it will be proned to jam(a typical problem of dirty semi autos).At any rate it is a great 1911 to start with.
By Matt from Utah
Excellent 1911 for the price!, November 17, 2011
I bought a pt1911 for my wife to shoot in 9mm, since she didn't care for the recoil that my Springfield 1911 gave her. The Taurus pt1911 has been 100% reliable without a single ftf from the beginning. One feature that everyone has overlooked is that this 1911 is one of only a few at this price to be built on a forged frame. Most are cast framed guns because that is the cheaper method of manufacturing a frame. Forged frames are inherantly stronger. To find a full featured 1911 built on a forged frame at this price is a true surprise.
By ET from Savannah, Ga.
Good Starter 1911, May 10, 2011
I purchased this gun with the full intent on open carrying majority of the week. Once I obtained the firearm I quickly changed my mind. I had forgotten how heavy all steel 1911s are. That being said I do however open carry this gun every once in a while due mainly because of its .45ACP round "The Man Stopper". With the all steel construction it does help tame the large .45ACP round and allows you to quickly obtain your target for fast accurate follow up shots. As for the fit and finish on this Pistol it's no Ed Brown, Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Night Hawk, etc. But for the price the PT1911 is a definite bargain, considering everything you get on the stock firearm. If you're looking for an inexpensive 1911 then Taurus is a good way to go.
By Ace88 from Pueblo, CO
I bet my life on it every day., December 18, 2010
This was my first purchace of a 1911 style pistol. I did not want to spend a huge amount of money, but, I did want something I could bet my life on. The features that come on this pistol are amazing. If you ordered a pistol from other factory brands with the ambidexterous safety, front strap and rear main spring checkering, Richard Heine straight 8 sights, etc., you would surley spend hundreds more. I have heard stories of .45 autos being finicky with some hollow point loads, but to expect better results after break in. This one is no different. I put about 100 rounds of hardball thru this beauty of a pistol at a gun range,then tried some standard hollow points with good results. The only failure to feed came very early on. The first time I tried CorBon 200gr hollow point loads, I had a failure to feed when inserting a full magazine and attempting to chamber a round. I polished the feed ramp, and the lips of my Meggar magazine that came with the pistol and bought two Chip McCormick Shooting Star magazines for back up loads. (I planned on carrying this for personal defense). After another couple of boxes of hard ball (200 rounds or so total) I tried again with other hollow point loads and found the failure to feed had seemed to go away. I attribute this to the polishing of the feed ramp, and leaving the magazines loaded, since I felt the spring pressure on the 8 round magazine(s) was a bit high. Now I carry it with confidence every day. Yes, I bet my life on it.
By F Hedrick Jr. from Delaware
A quality 1911 at a great price, December 16, 2010
I have the Taurus PT1911, .45 ACP in the “Duo-Tone” finish (stainless slide on blued frame). When I started shopping for my first 1911, I was not looking to spend a premium. Pistols like high-end Springfield, Kimbers, Colts, etc. were out of my budget, not to mention custom shops like Les Baer, Ed Brown, etc. As far as less expensive 1911’s, I didn’t care for how bare-bones the Springfield Mil-Spec & GI’ models are, and I was not impressed by the perceived quality of the many 1911’s available that are manufactured in the Philippines (Rock Island Arms, High Standard, etc.). Enter the Taurus PT1911. It’s loaded with many nice features that are absent on “GI” model 1911’s. Quality seems much better than other “inexpensive” 1911. My dad has a Kimber Custom II, and my perception is, there isn’t too much difference in quality, fit & finish. I don’t claim to have a degree in metallurgy or anything like that, but I can tell when there is a definite gap in quality between two items, and I’m just not seeing much difference between our two pistols. So far I have run several hundred rounds (all 230 grain Remington UMC) through my PT1911, with zero malfunctions. I’m very pleased with accuracy. I’ve never fancied myself as a very good shot with a pistol, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised firing my PT1911. It’s actually given me quite a bit of confidence when it comes to handling a pistol. Nice! If I had to complain about anything, it would be the stock magazines. They don’t seem to be as nice as other brands. Going to back to the comparison to my dad’s Kimber, the mags from his Custom II seemed to fit better. Overall, I’m very pleased with the purchase of my Taurus. I’ve wanted a 1911 for a very long time, and I think I’ve made a good choice. Only reason I’m giving it 4 stars, not 5, is that I don’t think any gun is “perfect”. The PT1911 is a very feature-laden, quality pistol, with a very attractive price tag.
By KAS from Oregon Coast
Great Gun, November 16, 2010
I am a Police Tactical officer and I had grown up shooting a Colt 1911 and went into the service, also early on shooting the Colt 1911, I love the simplicity. I bought the Taurus and was amazed at the accurecy and the balance..mine has a rail and even with the mK3 light it was easy to handle and I have won many a contest with it. I did have to adjust the sight out of the box, but I could not be happier with the cost and durability, I have put 1,000s of rounds thru it. Love it.
By Bri#35 from Medicine Lodge KS
A New Take on the 1911, November 12, 2010
A great working 1911 that includes many features that you would expect in a much more expensive. It is very dependable my first experience was a range pistol that had two lifetimes of rounds through it and looked like it had never cleaned. This pistol never jammed misfed or stovepiped, I was so impressed that I ordered one on the spot! This little pistol is the first 1911 that I was not tempted to tweak even just a little. A great gun for the price.
By Uncle Stumpy from Central Iowa
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