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TAPCO SKS Stock System Blade Bayonet Cut Black

TAPCO SKS Stock System Blade Bayonet Cut Black

TAPCO SKS Stock System Blade Bayonet Cut Black

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Reviewed by 2 customer  
A No Go for optics, April 16, 2017
I am providing a brief description of issues I encountered with Yugo SKS Stock and hand guard. Bottom line is that there are lateral movements of the gas tube on both insertion ends, resulting in an unpredictable shooting pattern if scoped. This design flaw could be remedied by making a couple metal anchors in the stock and then bolt/clamp the hand guard. That would give the stability needed for the scope. I took the scope off and the troubles continue when using iron sights due to a narrow groove in Piccatiny rail affecting the alignment of front-rear sight; the eye wonders in between two horizontal edges (original sights and that of the top edge of the Piccatiny rail). I then removed Piccatiny rail off the guard and suddenly I have my regular accuracy/precision back.
By Vlad from Birmingham, AL
GREAT stock but will NOT make your SKS into an AK, April 22, 2013
I recently put a TAPCO Intrafuse blade bayonet cut stock on a Russian SKS. What it is: * *Very* comfortable * Great looking * Counts as 3 parts toward 922r compliance What it is not: * Will NOT make your SKS into an AK47 * Is not a simple "drop in" kit--at least on a Russian SKS I do not consider the "Not" items to be negatives at all--I just want to set a realistic expectation for anyone considering this stock. My main desires in putting this stock on my Russian SKS were to have an adjustable stock, update the "look" of the rifle, and be able to use a detachable magazine that holds more than the 10 rounds the stock magazine holds. Mission accomplished and I am very happy with the result. Here is what you need to know before purchasing. Since there are a variety of SKS variants, TAPCO wisely chose to make one stock that can, with a little effort, be properly fitted to most, if not all, of the SKS rifles out there. Bottom line is this is not a drop in part and you will very likely need to do some grinding and filing. Included are the stock, pistol grip, gas tube cover, and the hardware needed to mount them. Because I wanted to preserve the original furniture on the gun, I also bought a gas tube because I did not want to separate the original wood cover from the gas tube. I want to be able to restore the gun to its original configuration. The gas tube is a bit pricey and you need to make sure you order the correct one--there is a Yugo model and a non-Yugo. Installing the stock and pistol grip is straightforward. Takes a bit of muscle but no big deal. After installing them, there is no issue with using the original gas tube and gas tube cover. They drop right in. It starts getting inconvenient when fitting the new gas tube, though. If you use the gas tube cover that comes with the stock, you must remove the original. If, like me, you use a new TAPCO gas tube, you will likely need to do some filing and grinding. On the Russian SKS, you first need to grind down the cover surfaces that mate to the lower stock. That's pretty easy. Then you need to carefully file the face, sides, and bottom of the part of the gas tube that mates with the piston extension housing. That takes a while because you must remove only a little metal at a time and then check the fit. After that, at least on my Russian, I had to grind the bottom of the rear half of the tube itself, because as it came from the factory, it rode to high on the barrel to allow the tube to lock in place. All considered, it took at least 3 hours of filing and grinding to make it fit properly. Having done it once, I could do it in about half that time now. After fitting the new gas tube I was disappointed to find that the original piston would not slide freely in the new gas tube. I was able to make it work ok (got great, but ok) with some silicon spray and forcing it back and forth a bunch of times. "Ok" is *not* good enough with firearms, though, so I ordered a new piston from ebay. The seller's name is copperhead29 and he gives a very accurate description, specifically mentioning the issues with the TAPCO tube. I ordered the TAPCO tube piston and it fits beautifully. The 20 rd detachable TAPCO magazine fits and looks great BUT you must have the bolt in the rear, open position to either install or remove the magazine. You CANNOT change mags with the bolt forward. If you are familiar with your SKS, this is not an issue because you know how to manually pull the bolt hold open latch upward to lock the bolt back. Don't get visions of the detachable mag working like an AK mag, though, because it does not. If the TAPCO mag worked like that, I would say this setup is way beyond excellent. It's damn good as is, but know what you are getting and be sure that is acceptable. Bottom line: I cannot give a truly accurate opinion because I have not fired the SKS since changing the stock, but I love the way it looks and feels. I have zero buyer's remorse and based on the assumption that it still operates properly with the new gas tube and piston, I would almost call this a "must have". The only reason I don't rate it as a must have is that there are plenty of SKS owners with a strong appreciation for the aesthetics and charm of the rifle as originally made, and would consider this stock to be an attempt to make the gun into something it is not. I respect that view and that is why I kept all the original furniture unmodified. For those wanting a really comfortable stock with an updated look, I think this is a nice option. BTW, there *are* other SKS stocks out there, including at least on bullpup stock, so don't think this is the only choice. IMO, it's a nice one, though.
By walt from Texas
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