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Stoney Point MonoPod Staff w/V-Yoke

Stoney Point MonoPod Staff w/V-Yoke

Stoney Point MonoPod Staff w/V-Yoke

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The popular-sized Explorer stows in a 25" length, yet provides up to 62" height. Lower tube is constructed from high-strength, tempered 7000 alloy aluminum for extra strength. For shooting, use while kneeling, sitting on the ground or stool, or standing. Weighs 10 oz.
• Lightweight, tempered aluminum tubes are satin black anodized to provide corrosion-resistant benefits to the inside and outside of the tubes. Hard-tempered 6000 alloy aluminum is used on 5/8" and larger diameter tubes, while the 1/2" and smaller diameter tubes employ tempered 7000 alloy for extra strength.
• Stoney Point's patented Posi-Lock™ pole-adjustment and locking system is the most reliable, compact, durable, trouble-free, easy-to-operate, and strongest locking system available anywhere. Accidental "tube pull-out" - common to many competitive products - is prevented by our sleeve-stop design. No metal-to-metal contact either; tubes telescope smoothly on durable plastic bushings for silent, trouble-free operation.
• A threaded stud with locking take-up wheel is located under the furnished staff-head. This standard 1/4-20 thread accepts all types of cameras, spotting scopes, range-finders, binoculars, limb saw, and more.
• PoleCat's cushion-foam handgrip is oversized and comfortable for all-day use. Closed-cell construction does not absorb water.
• The detachable nylon wrist strap is woven - with gold accent color - into a tubular design to prevent raw edges from biting your wrist.
• Carbide all-terrain tip is wear-resistant on rock and penetrates into the soil or ice for extra security when the terrain turns rough.
• PoleCat rubber tips are standard on all models – not an extra-cost option as with others. A paw-print at the bottom provides grip on hard surfaces or trails.
• V-Yoke is rubber over-molded to provide a slip-resistant grip on firearms, cameras, or spotting scopes. Won't scratch firearm finish.
• Taller yet shorter? Compare! PoleCat telescoping staffs are taller than competitors - high enough for shooting or photography; yet PoleCat staffs telescope to a smaller, more compact size than others with a similar number of pole sections.
• Materials are kept to close tolerance, and attention is given to detail and operation.
This Item Is No Longer Available.
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