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Stoeger Cougar 8000F 9mm W/ 2 15 Round Mags

Stoeger Cougar 8000F 9mm W/ 2 15 Round Mags

Stoeger Cougar 8000F 9mm W/ 2 15 Round Mags

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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Tank of a handgun, August 21, 2016
So if your thinking about buying a self defense handgun and your short on cash here's your gun right here. The cougar is a unique gun in a number of features one of them is the unique to this gun rotating breech locking system. The barrel stays in one relative fixed position only moving backwards then as its pushed back it turns 20 degrees to facilitate ejection of the spent round the lock block has a tooth in it and the barrel is grooved this is the key to the accuracy. It allows the gun to feed without much of a ramp so hollow points can't hang up going in ( tbe first time I shot mine I ran XTPs in it right after I bought it and oiled it for the first time. ) the mags are not blue/ black coated I think they use the vapor coated ones but they are natural metal ( I bought 2 extras) the gun is a conventional riflled barrel but it's short ( around 3.6 inches) it offers full size capacity with a compact barrel and makes for a realitively easy to carry gun ( it will fit in some sig sauer P229 holsters mostly G&G types) they are a beretta at a budget price. The decocker is a bit tricky to learn its a decocker/ safety when you engage it it disconnects the hammer and will not function till you flip it to fire this requires you to push up to reconnect the trigger . It does allow you to chamber a round with the safety on I think it's a fine weapon for its job ( if you want parts like sights or stainless guide rods anything for it beretta parts will fit ) the 8000 was designed for police already familier with the 92FS this is why it's a similar manual of use
By Matt from Pittsburgh pa
Stoeger cougar 8000, April 02, 2015
I've had my cougar 9 months. She's eaten FMJ, HP'S, And TC's...from 115 to 147 grain. Love this pistol! I've retired my Sig P225, choosing the 15 + 1 round Cougar as my EDC. Very easy to field strip, It's a Beretta made in Turkey as the parts are interchangeable. Great pistol, great price!
By Recoatlift from West "by God" Va.
Stoeger Couger 8000, May 14, 2012
Its a classic pistol..i've bought last week and this is my first pistol which i bought in my life
By kkjn from Pakistan
Reasonable in home protection and plinker, March 21, 2012
Fired just over 200 rds both indoor and out doors. It seems to fire a bit low at 15yds. For my large hand it fits well and I like the decocking. My triger release point is a bit high at just over 6lbs which may cause the lower strike point. It's made solid like Beretta its home company the action and recoil is very smooth with the rotating barrel. For under $400,00 it will be hard to beat.
By John J from Arizona
Don't underestimate this bargain!, July 17, 2011
Fit and finish equals the parent company Beretta pistols. Mine gobbles up various ammo like there is no tomorrow. Accuracy is comparable to similar pistols. HFull-size Cougar has a somewhat bulky grip and points slightly low, but the new compact version fits in my small hand and points much better, so I bought one. I like it as much or better than the many Beretta, SIG, S&W, Taurus and CZ double-action pistols I have owned the past 40 years.
By Curt from NW Oregon
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