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Steyr AUG SA A3 USA 223 Black 16" Rifle With Picatinny Rail

Steyr AUG SA A3 USA 223 Black 16" Rifle With Picatinny Rail

Steyr AUG SA A3 USA 223 Black 16" Rifle With Picatinny Rail

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ITEM #: 094922214751
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Reviewed by 5 customer  
Great Gun, February 10, 2015
This gun is extremely accurate and a lot of fun to shoot. I have not had any problems with it. I put in a Trigger Tamer to lighten the trigger a bit. The trigger break is very crisp and clean. The gun has some weight to it. The Aug feels heavy, but well balanced. The weight helps a lot with the accuracy and recoil, but if you are holding it up and shooting while standing, you will get tired after awhile. I would recommend the Aug a3 to anyone looking for a quality 5.56/.223 rifle. I think the cost is on par with other quality 5.56/.223 rifles.
By tljuly3 from 20151
No disappointment here, November 11, 2014
What a great rifle. Compact, well balanced, reliable, accurate, and great to look at. There are copies but none I've seen are reliable. The design was way ahead of its time.
By Greaburns from Iowa
excellent gun, December 28, 2011
SinceI was a kid I had always wanted an Aug.When they became available I had to have one.I paida few bucks extra and got the real deal.People compare guns all the time and thats ridiculous.Dont decide between two,just decide which one you are buying first.They are too much fun.
By Mike from Battle Creek Mi.
top notch, May 21, 2011
Price hurts the star rating. Other than that it is a phenomenal weapon. The other reviewer stated that there are other similar platforms and the msar is comparable. The FN2000 does not count. Plus Fn discontinued the FN2000. Micro had some issues, before they had their machining repo'd. So that left Steyr all alone, until their U.S receiver maker Sabre defense got shut down by the gov and Steyr got back the machines. Hence the price jump. Steyr just "leaked" out that they are closing a deal with another U.S manufacturer
By BR from Fl
Too much buck for the bang IMO, November 25, 2010
Undoubtedly this is a fine weapon. It really pioneered bullpup rifles, but I don't think that qualifies it to be a $2k rifle. Correct me if I'm wrong, and it's totally possible, but I think there are better prices for similar platforms available. In direct competition (ripoff) of the Steyr AUG is the MSAR STG E4, which I think does a few things better, such at ultra modular and removable barrel, ambi support etc... (I don't want to go too far because I'm not sure what features they incorporated or ripped off), but the price tag is lower, and the performance is the same.
By Shooter Bro from Seattle
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