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Springfield XDM Compact 9mm, 3.8" Barrel, Black W/XDM Gear, 19rd Mag

Springfield XDM Compact 9mm, 3.8" Barrel, Black W/XDM Gear, 19rd Mag

Springfield XDM Compact 9mm, 3.8" Barrel, Black W/XDM Gear, 19rd Mag

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ITEM #: 706397887865
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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Outstanding., May 11, 2014
Very nice gun from the minute you put your hands on it and open the box. MOST accurate and best feeling 9mm out there. It is such a beautiful design. Open carry or concealed.
By Wcj0989 from Alabama
Great Gun, good value, August 22, 2012
I owned a Glock 17, and I really prefer this gun. Shoots great, comes with most everything anyone would need in a self defense pistol. Holster, many different grips, and a match grade barrel. recoil is very manageable, I did purchase a Pearce Grip Extent ion
By Mark from Illinois
Awesome handgun!, June 14, 2012
I bought this gun last march and I love it! I've fired maybe 500 rounds through it so far and it has functioned flawlessly. It is just beautiful. The grip is impressively comfortable and the sights are great. I also can't believe how easy it is to disassemble. Springfield knew what they were doing when they made this gun. I like having the option of switching between magazine sizes. The 13-round magazine makes it concealable and the 19-round magazine allows you to have serious fun and firepower when you want it. The magazines are pretty stiff to load, but the included speed-loader makes it very easy. I chose 9mm because it's cheap and I definitely go through it with this pistol. The case it comes with is great too. It shoots very smoothly. You will be happy with this gun!
By RiflemanQ from Ogden, UT
a must have, April 25, 2011
very accurate, reliable, concealable super pistol. i carry mine daily.
By PineSwampHermit from Central PA
a must get for any XD fan, April 25, 2011
this pistol is an amazingly accurate, concealable, light recoiling, reliable machine that eats any ammo!!!!!! i carry mine daily.
By PineSwampHermit from all around
Low cost, high value handgun for a variety of uses, December 29, 2010
This is my first concealed carry weapon (CCW) that I decided to invest in after 3 months of research. I’ve shot other XD’s and XDM’s very well in the past and decided it’s time to get one for CCW. You should also know that I was debating whether to buy one of these or a Glock in 9mm (i.e. G19 or G26), both of which I’ve practiced with and shot well in the past. I had been waiting to buy one of these for awhile, and nabbed one of the first ones available last month. So, this review is based entirely on first impressions. Note: I carry it strong-side IWB in a Crossbreed SuperTuck leather/kydex holster with the flush magazine (non-extended). First, let’s talk about size and weight. This gun was clearly created to be carried concealed, with a shortened grip to help eliminate printing of the butt of the gun. It measures only 4.6” in height, making it very short compared to other comparable models. I have average sized hands, and my pinky finger rests just in front of the magazine bump at the bottom. The barrel is 3.8”, which is reasonable for CCW (except perhaps when carrying in a shoulder holster, where barrel length becomes more important). I consider the width a moot point, because there’s very little difference between other models. That said, it may be a little thinner than comparable models such as the 9mm Glock line. Weight-wise, it’s a few ounces heavier than its competitors, but with a good holster, I think this also becomes a moot point. With my SuperTuck holster, I hardly notice it’s even there. On the other hand, if you’re already carrying a lot of gear on your belt, you may want to take the extra ounces into consideration – every ounce counts! One of the reasons I chose this gun over other similar models is because of the 13+1 capacity (with option of 19+1 with the extended magazine). This is 3 more rounds than a Glock 26, and it’s .4” shorter than the Glock 19. I like the extra capacity, and especially the option of 19 rounds with a magazine extension (comes stock). If I wanted to, I could carry the gun IWB with 13+1 rounds, and have a 19 round magazine on my weak side – giving me a total of 33 rounds at my disposal. The XDM-9 Compact is basically a powerhouse that can be deeply concealed. As far as accuracy goes, this gun comes standard with a match grade barrel – meaning it’s more than accurate for defensive purposes. Some may argue that a match grade barrel has tighter tolerances and won’t digest certain ammunition, but I haven’t had any trouble shooting Winchester, Remington, and Federal ammo as of yet. In terms of practical accuracy, this gun is more than accurate for its purpose, and I have no trouble lining up a sight picture and putting rounds on target. My experience with them has confirmed that Springfield makes some really nice sights, which is one of the reasons I love the XD and XDM line. The gun also fits very snugly in my hands. This is a personal thing, but it has a very good feel, as do most of the XD line of pistols. I can access all of the controls with no trouble. There are 3 inter-changeable back straps to customize the size of the grip to your hand. The trigger is smooth and easy to manage when target shooting. Also of note, the magazine extension does not pinch my fingers while firing. Given that this is a hybrid of other XD and XDM pistols, there are already a lot of accessories available for this model. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a good holster, alternate grips, different sights, or lights/lasers to mount on the rail. Every XDM also comes stock with a bunch of goodies, too. Mine came with a really nice gun case, all the factory paperwork, two magazines, 3 magazine extensions, a dual mag holster, a speed loader, 3 inter-changeable back straps, a cleaning brush, and a gun lock. You get a lot of gear at a low price. Another one of the benefits of this gun is that it’s extremely easy to field strip and clean. If you do a lot of shooting, you’ll appreciate the ease at which it’s taken apart and put back together. Cleaning is quick and painless. Another nice feature is that you don’t need to pull the trigger to field strip it. Obviously, everyone should practice safe gun handling, and this shouldn’t really be a big deal, but it’s a nice feature nonetheless – especially for a first-time buyer or someone who is unfamiliar with firearms. This leads us to durability and reliability. Like I said, I’ve only been shooting this for the past month. In that time, I haven’t had one malfunction or seen any signs of problems. Springfield Armory has a reputation for creating reliable and durable firearms that are fit for daily service or weekend matches. You can’t go wrong with most modern firearms from the major well-known companies, and Springfield Armory is no different. You’ll get a high quality product that is both durable and reliable. I haven’t put this through any extreme tests, but I would expect this gun to perform just as well as any other modern polymer pistol. In summary, these are the top reasons why I ultimately decided to go with the XDM-9 Compact. 1) Good feel while operating the firearm – grip, trigger, sight pictures, etc. 2) Short grip makes it good for CCW – shorter than G19 3) Higher capacity than G26, with option of 19 round magazine for backup ammunition or range shooting 4) 9mm caliber is widely available and inexpensive for practice shooting – meaning I’ll be able to practice more than if I had bought a gun chambered in .40 S&W or .45 ACP. 5) Low cost, high value gun that is extremely versatile for a wide variety of uses. Springfield Armory has taken some of the best features from many of the world’s best handguns and combined them to create an outstanding firearm at a more-than-reasonable cost. This is an extremely versatile gun, and I think it raises the bar for future handguns. If you want a superb gun that won’t break the bank and will provide a ton of value, then you need to buy an XDM-9 Compact.
By John from New Hampshire
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