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Springfield XDM 9mm, 4.5", Trijicon Night Sights, Black

Springfield XDM 9mm, 4.5", Trijicon Night Sights, Black

Springfield XDM 9mm, 4.5", Trijicon Night Sights, Black

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ITEM #: 706397885380
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Reviewed by 2 customer  
Springfield XDM, Trijicon Night sights, December 19, 2010
I purchased this gun about 8 months ago. I have shot approximately a 1000 rounds through this gun. I have at this point only shot manufactures rounds. The gun has worked flawlessly. I did not experience any jams. The gun cycles very smoothly. It is very accurate. It is quick to bring back on target in rapid fire succession. I really like the sites from draw position, I can draw from the holster and draws to target very quickly, with sites lining up without much effort. The ergonomics of the gun for my style of shooting is one of the best I have shot. I like the adjustable back straps, I experimented for an hour or so with all the straps to come up with the one that seemed to work the best for me. They straps are very easy to get on and off. The trijicon sites are great at night, we did some shooting at night and it was easy to acquire the target. In the daylight I am not as impressed with the sites they are not as bright as I would like compared to a white dot or the white dot rear site with orange front site set up I like to use. The other slight problem I found was loading the high capacity magazine, it was hard to load the last couple of rounds for the full capacity. Most of the time I do not load the magazine to full capacity just to avoid this problem. It happens in both of my magazines so I do not think it is the magazines that are the problem. The problem may be with the ammunition I use. I usually end up leaving one or two rounds from the full capacity. One of the safety components to this gun is the back strap safety. I did not think I would like this, but after using the gun I have not had any problems when coming from a draw position to firing at the target under moving conditions. The grip on this gun is really good, I like the configuration they have designed and find it very easy to hang on to and use. I have not used it under field conditions that are wet or humid but I suspect the grip will still be very good. The trigger is very good also. It is a little heaver pull than I am use to but most of my guns I have had the trigger pull worked over. This trigger has a good pull and breaks cleanly, with consistency. I still may have the trigger worked but out of the box it is pretty good. I have shot several different brands of handguns and this is one of my favorites. Prior to purchasing the gun I had tried several guns and this gun stood out over the others I had shot. This gun is a little large for conceal carry but I use it anyway as I like the feel of this gun. For cleaning, this gun is easy to break down and put back together.
By Brian from Utah
Springfield Made Another Winner!, December 17, 2010
I have a Springfield XD sub-compact in caliber .40 S&W and I just recently bought this XDM 9mm and it is of an absolutely stellar design. It is a great improvement over the XD series, which was already an awesome series to begin with. Perhaps the greatest qualities about this firearm, the Springfield XDM 9mm, are the tremendous accuracy and reliability of the weapon. Out of about six hundred rounds fired thus far there have been no jams, double feeds, stoppages, or any sort of miss-feeds or failures to fire. The pistol is so incredibly accurate you almost have to try to try to miss. I was able to put 19 rounds into the head of a standard B-27 target at about 20 feet without much effort. At 40-50 feet it consistently provides accuracy and precision. The range I shoot at isn't that long so I'll have to wait a while to see how it handles at 100 feet and beyond. Given what I've learned about this pistol from shooting it thus far, I fully expect that it will more than deliver at 100 feet, probably even 150 feet. Springfield's XDM 9mm with the Trijicon night sights is an absolute winner, a pistol you simply cannot go wrong with.
By Tony from Ohio
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