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Springfield XDM 45ACP, 4.5", Black, 13RD

Springfield XDM 45ACP, 4.5", Black, 13RD

Springfield XDM 45ACP, 4.5", Black, 13RD

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Reviewed by 1 customer  
45 ACP Winner, December 17, 2010
I love this pistol, and I predict it to be a best seller. There is no better gun on the price range, you will have to come with $500 or more to find a competitor (why would you do that). I got three extra magazines and a double pouch magazine holder from Springfield Armory as a Rebate ( I got it a day before I was able to take my gun home with me), the rebate process was that quick. This gun have two safety features I love, one is in the trigger and the other one is in the hand holder, called “grip safety (you have to be holding the gun with your hand for the safety to be depressed), I am all about safety and these safety features are awesome, by the way I have only seen the grip safety in the XD pistol. The gun also have a loaded chamber indicator and an ambidextrous magazine release. This gun is very easy and simple to clean. Also there is a minimal recoil while shooting. … I finally went to the gun show last weekend, and hold on my hand a few of the pistols I found appealing to my taste, and I am happy to say that there is no other gun close to this one. I was very disappointed with the Glock (another brand I was considering before buying my XDM) look, that is an ugly pistol. … The XDM 45 is a winner, go get it and tell me later how much you love it. …Notes: It is being a while since I wanted to buy a pistol, … and recently, I was able to put my hands on my girlfriend beretta bodyguard pistol and S & W 22LR revolver. And that broke my indecision about when to buy a handgun, it was now. So I started to educated myself on pistols and asked everybody around me. My buddies at the gym were the most helpful, I really liked and appreciate their opinions. I then of course backed up what I learned from them with a search on the internet. … I was recommended to go to the gun show and hold the pistol in my hand and go from there. … But I was to excited to wait, so I ordered my XDM .45 here at (best price on the internet). … My only unpleasant experience with this gun was the nonsense waiting another 3 days at the local dealer to get my gun after being waiting for about 10 days to have it delivered, after I ordered it. (it actually turned to be 8 days wait because the local dealer opens only 3 days a week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it was delivered on Monday, I went to get it on Tuesday when the dealer was opened and had to come back next Tuesday to get it). I searched again the internet and could not find anything that will support the extra 3 days hold, the closest I found was the Florida Statue 790.0655 (1)(a) “There shall be a mandatory 3-day waiting period, which shall be 3 days, excluding weekends and legal holidays, between the purchase and the delivery at retail of any handgun. “Purchase” means the transfer of money of other valuable consideration to the retailer. “Retailer” means and includes every person engaged in the business of making sales at retail or for distribution, or use, or consumption, or storage to be used or consumed in this state. … FS 790.033 says about the same, I was still unclear, so I called the police and the agriculture department and after a few phone calls, nobody had a knowledgeable answer, and I had to wait the 8 days. …( I have now my Concealed weapon permit so I will not have to wait again). … But after that, I am so in love with my XDM 45. I had put about 450 rounds, and I am getting better. The first time I hit the target only 9 times out of 5 magazines (65 rounds). The second time at the practice range, I took my girlfriend with me and I noticed an improvement on my shooting. I brought a bigger target and I noticed that the majority of my shoots were southwest from the aiming point. I thought something was wrong with the gun, until my girlfriend proved me wrong by hitting the target constantly. … I guess I have to learn (practice) how to pull the trigger. … About Ammo: I have tried Remington (FMJ and JHP), Winchester FMJ and TulAmmo (Russian) I can not say anything yet about accuracy, I have to do the test and compare. However, I can tell you right now not to get the TulAmmo because the shells do not slide properly in the magazines, and I had to put one Remington and one TulAmmo in the magazine to be able to use all the 50 Russian ammos. … At the range I also notice while using shooting with the S & W revolver that I am a better shooter with the revolver than with my XDM 45, it is a trigger thing, I need to train my finger  … I hope you’ll like this gun as much as I do, and please do not forget the most important thing while handling, carrying a firearm: SAFETY.
By Luis from Florida
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