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Springfield Armory XDM Standard 40 S&W 4.5" 16+1 Poly Grip Black

Springfield Armory XDM Standard 40 S&W 4.5" 16+1 Poly Grip Black

Springfield Armory XDM Standard 40 S&W 4.5" 16+1 Poly Grip Black

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Reviewed by 20 customer  
Great Gun for Anyone, December 26, 2015
This firearm is great! I have been waiting to write a review and have put several hundred rounds through it. It has not failed me yet. I take it to the range every month and still love shooting it. If you are on the fence about this gun then do a little more research if you like. It is a polymer grip so there is a little more kick than solid metal but I wouldn't trade this reliable piece of equipment for anything
By Cameron from Virginia
thanks impact guns GREAT GREAT price, March 03, 2015
this gun is sweet as hell!!!thanks impact guns cheaper on here then anywhere else I've looked. I purchased my first one in 2009 shot 20,000 rounds threw it no problems of any kind. well worth the money and some
By curryturd from columbia ky
Most accurate .40 I own, January 31, 2015
I purchased this hand gun from the Impact Guns Salt Lake Store and it is the most accurate hand gun I own other than a Glock model 37. I know most guns are going to be as accurate as I am, but the trigger on this gun makes target practice a pleasure. I also conceal carry this gun. It will take anything I feed it. Very happy with the purchase. Price was right even for a "croaker." Made in Croatia.
By Mike Kellermeyer from West Jordan UT
absolutely amazing!!!!!!, June 11, 2013
In love best polymer pistol I've ever had and if you have small hands like me you'll love it I couldnt decide from the gen 4 40 the 930 HK or this xdm and when I put the xdm in my hand I knew right then and there it was mine Go Croatian highly recommended thanks
By blake from fincastle va
This was my first gun purchase and I LOVE IT, February 16, 2013
Im an amateur when it comes to firearms, but I had shot a few with a friends family at their range. Where I live gun violence is sky rocketting so I decided I wanted a home and self defense handgun. I couldnt tell you how many articles I read on handguns but I limited my research to what was in my price range and purchased the XDM 40, took it to the range, and right out of the box with no shooting training I was on target! I instantly fell in love with the gun and took my CCW with it and now all I can think about is what new add-ons to get!
By LoveAllFearNone from Oklahoma
Wow, October 29, 2012
All i can saw is wow. personally im a revolver fan due to the fact that a lot of guns will jam with crappy ammo n whatnot, but this gun just blows my mind. it turned my whole decision around, i am truly a XDM-40 fan. the rifling in the barrel is perfect, it was a little dirty coming out of the box, but a quick cleaning and BAM. has less kick then my .357 and over all is much better quality then my magnum. i am 100% a fan of this gun.. if your thinking of buying this gun, DO IT
By George from Colorado
New owner, June 25, 2012
I would give it a five but I've only had it a few days. My decision was based on multiple XD and XDM owners recommendation and a day at the range with a rental that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months. In spite of the uncleaned condition of the rental it shot much better than I do... or than I normally do. This well used, unclean handgun with who knows how many rounds fired through it actually improved my accuracy in spite of the condition. I knew I was on to something and decided right then I had to have one. Unfortunately with finances they way they are the addition of the XDM40(4.5) required the trade in of my Isreali Arms 'Baby Eagle II'. I'll miss that Uzi but I think not for long.
By STGCSSW from Fort Myers, Florida
love this gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, September 17, 2011
had a glock and would traid for the xdm any day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By davey from north boonies utah
XDM 9mm compact, April 28, 2011
what a great gun!!!!!! I purchased it and shot it for the first time today and all I can say is butter!! What a well balanced gun and for a compact it is surprisingly accurate. Buy one if your thinking about it!!!!!!!!!
By Brown Bear from SLC, UT
If you want to shoot the .40S&W this is THE gun, February 16, 2011
Not to sound like a broken record, everyone else in the reviews seems to have similar opinions of this firearm, but I said I was going to review the pistol I won from Impact Guns and here it is. Out of the box the first thing I noticed was that the gun was filthy. It was in new condition but there was powder fouling in the barrel, around the fire components, and along several other areas as well as dust and such in the weapon. I'm guessing that this could be attributed to the one round they fire out of the weapon right before they box it. Although, I'm not sure what round they used because it was dirtier than a Wolf surplus round. This, however, gave me the perfect excuse to practice my field stripping, which I quickly discovered requires no effort what-so-ever. It's the easiest strip I have ever encountered. No barely pulling the slide back to catch the release or barrel bushings. Just lock it back, rotate the lever, and release. Couldn't be any simpler. The areas inside the weapon are also large enough that cleaning was quick and easy. All the controls, though stiff (to be expected on a new firearm), are all easily reached and manipulated. My one issue with the controls was the magazine release. They advertise that you can release the mag without adjusting your firing grip. Well, I can reach it, just barely, but there is no way to apply enough force at that stretch of the thumb to actually work it. I have medium-sized hands, so maybe someone with larger hands could work it. Finally, getting out to shoot the weapon I put 30 rounds (wish I could have shot more) of Winchester 180gr FMJ ammo through it. It being new, I was expecting a few failures to feed or stove-piped cases but had no issues what-so-ever. The weapon was very controllable with a two handed grip, and the couple of shots I let off one-handed were easy and effortless, if a little slower. I was shooting it at 20 yards at a few discarded cans (we forgot the targets at home) and accuracy, as I could see, was good. The grip texture is rough but doesn't chew the hands as much as I thought it would. I actually always hated the .40 S&W round and never liked any weapon that shot it, but I really like this pistol. I’d definitely recommend it over any other handgun shooting this cartridge and want to thank Impact Guns for giving me the chance to own it.
By Erro from New Mexico
Best on and Off Range, December 17, 2010
First off, I want to say I have not been a huge fan of the polymer pistol. Being a SF Marine for 23 years carrying Colts, Berettas, and Sigs I haven't had much utility for polymer weapons. I’ve shot Glocks while training Iraqi Security Forces but didn't really care for them for all the negligent discharges attributed to their of lack of trigger safety and/or user training (carry method, finger off trigger, attentive when reholstering). The XDM's add the grip (backstrap) safety reminiscent of the 1911's which, if not depressed, the weapon cannot be fired or the slide moved rearwards. Other XDM improvements are a win. "Mega Lock" grip texture, larger magazine capacities (19 rds 9mm, 16 rds .40 SW, 13 rds 45ACP!), improved slide serrations, match grade barrel, minimal reset trigger, Melonite® finish (black weapons), extended magazine release, accessory rail, simplified fieldstrip, and all under 31 ounces for 45ACP. These improvements along with the interchangeable backstraps make the XDM more reliable, safer, and more comfortable to shoot for many users. The picatinny rail allows for the addition wide variety of accessories ranging from lasers, lights, even to mini-bayonets. "Down the pipe" is where it matters and the XDM's performs! The fully supported match grade barrel, tactile striker indicator, and loaded chamber indicator allows operators to check weapons status without removing your eyes off the target and in low light. In the hands of several operators the XDM’s had sub 3” groupings at the 25 meter station and completed the USMC Pistol Qualifactions Course with range high scores in both 45ACP and 9MM. This weapon performs so well, I started out with the XDM 45ACP, and now own all three calibers.
By Devil Doc Don from Washington
LOVE THIS GUN!, December 16, 2010
Every experience I've had so far with the SA xdm series has been incredible. I LOVE THESE GUNS! I hope more people get a chance to play with these excellent firearms.
By acam84 from Utah
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