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Springfield XDM 40SW 3.8" Compact Black

Springfield XDM 40SW 3.8" Compact Black

Springfield XDM 40SW 3.8" Compact Black

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ITEM #: 706397887872
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Reviewed by 13 customer  
Compact concealable practical, December 29, 2016
I have owned this Springfield XDM 40SW 3.8 pistol for 3 years now. Excellent performance with no failures to feed any ammo i have used in the pistol. Carry cocked and loaded with confidence because of the combination grip safety and trigger safety combination. Easy to Conceal carry all day with no issues and stays bed side at night. High capacity 40SW accurate and smooth operation. I previously had a Beretta 92 9mm for many years and I like this pistol and the 40sw rounds much better.
By Joe from NC
excellent compact, March 08, 2015
I went from a G27 to the Springfield XDM 40 after sorting a few times I feel in love with it. The size is perfect the extra that come with it. 3.8" is perfect fit concealed carry yes it's a little think but with the extended mags it's like shooting a full size. I've put over 1k rounds since I bought it about 3 weeks ago and have had no issues. Then I cleaned it. I love the trigger pull nice and smooth and was looking for the perfect everyday carry. I've had a lot of guns from all makes but mainly carried a glock for years until I got the XDM. I won't be switching back.
By mark from florida
What's Not To Like?, February 04, 2014
It's a high capacity full-size when needed or a compact pocket rocket with a quick magazine change. It has looks to kill (no pun intended) and most importantly, it functions flawlessly every time I have ever pulled the trigger. The trigger feels great too. No complaints.
By BDC from KY
Best CC gun on the planet!, January 12, 2014
I have owned many pistols in my life: Glocks, Rugers, Sigs, S&Ws - you name it. My first Springfield pistol was the original XD 40; that gun made me realize just how good a gun could be. It was flawless, and arguably the best shooting gun I have ever owned. I recently bought the new XDM 40 3.8 compact and I am happy to report that Springfield somehow managed to improve on perfection! You don't hold this pistol, it just becomes a natural extension of your hand. It's the most accurate out of the box gun ever! The accessories are a nice bonus too. I only wish it came with 2 of the 16rd mags instead of 1, but that's no big deal. I highly recommend this pistol to ANYONE!
By Allan from Florida
XDm 40 3.8", January 06, 2014
I bought this gun after researching the guns of this size. I shot a Glock 23 but really didn't like the grip (too thick). I loved the way the XDm felt in my hands. I thought about a PPQ but couldn't get one. I had remorse about that until I shot the .40. I also shoot a Ruger P90 which is a tank and not for CC. Other than the weight I absolutely love the XDm. Accurate is saying enough....AWESOME is about right.
By Joe from Central Pa
XDM is perfect!, May 11, 2013
I really wanted a Glock 23, but after shooting the XDM, I knew this gun was for me. The Glock was really hard on my hand and not comfortable to shoot. Recoil tore up my hand and muzzle flip was more pronounced. But, I could shoot the XDM 40 with ease. It's recoil is very manageable, the gun is VERY accurate (for me), and a breeze to clean. In the 4 mos I've owned it, after firing around 500+ rounds thru the gun, I have not had a single FTF, FTE or any issues whatsoever. I am now an XDM fan-boy! I have several 9mm handguns, and the difference in recoil with the XDM - 40cal is not even noticeable for me.
By Chris from South Florida
springfield xdm 40 3.8, July 20, 2012
an extremely nice weapon for someone who has not had a lot of experience with a gun of this caliber. I would recommend this to anyone.
By J.C. from northern MN
Amazing Handgun!, December 07, 2011
I bought this handgun in .45 and I absolutely love it! I use it as my every day concealed carry, it's very lightweight, although a little thick but my Galco Kingtuk IWB holster takes care of that issue no problem and makes it a very comfortable concealed carry piece! VERY EASY to take apart and clean especially when you switch from a 1911 like I did. So far no malfunctions of any kind and it is a dream to shoot, very smooth and comfortable. And the X-tension grip is awesome for range days and adds a very welcome extra 4 rounds! I love this gun and would recommend it to anyone!
By Cody from Kearns, UT
Great gun, November 14, 2011
I purchased this gun the first chance I got once it was announced. This gun is amazing. I recently shot with a guy that has a Glock 23 and we both admitted that this gun outperformed it. It kicked less, and has a much better feel to it. The trigger pull is much better also.
By JG from Utah
Superb, November 03, 2011
Great Handgun
By Alex O Casado from Mountain Home ID
Great carry weapon, October 20, 2011
I purchased this handgun as my everyday carry. While it is a little on the large side, I still find this to be a great gun. I love all of the features, it's accuracy, and it's feel. I don't leave home without it!
By Alowicious from Brighton, MI
REALLY, September 16, 2011
By Pepe from New Jersey
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