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Springfield XDM 40SW 3.8" Compact Black

Springfield XDM 40SW 3.8" Compact Black

Springfield XDM 40SW 3.8" Compact Black

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XDM Compact .40 Smith and Wesson 3.8 Inch Match Barrel Black Finish 16 Rounds With XDM Gear

Contour frame. Deeper, longer and more slide serrations. Angle and depth of each contour in the grip has been calculated for maximized control vertically, horizontally and torsionally. Match grade barrel. Minimal reset trigger. Operation of the magazine release is easily accomplished by virtually any size hand without twisting or adjusting from the shooting grip. Triple-position Picatinney rail.

Ships paddle holster, magazine loader, double magazine pouch, two additional interchangeable backstraps, two additional XDM Gear Mag X-Tensions, multi-use carrying case and cable lock.


Moving beyond comfort and fit, Springfield Armory explores new territory in tactile response. With the introduction of The (M) Factor, Springfield's reputation in ergonomics, intuitive operation, and handling is taken to a whole new level.

XDm Features


Traditional black oxide finishes are a few millionths of an inch thick and offer no corrosion resistance. 

The rugged Melonite finish on the XD(M)is a salt bath nitriding process that leaves a thick, corrosion-resistant, hard surface.

(M)atch Grade Barrel

Rivaling aerospace manufacturing, the XD(M) match-grade barrel takes precision manufacturing to a whole new level never available within the firearms industry

XDm Features

XDm Features

(M)inimal Reset Trigger

The new XD(M) trigger has the shortest travel than any currently available polymer pistol along with a similarly short reset which keeps you on target with greater ease for faster, more accurate follow-up shots.



The same spirit of innovation that fueled the success of the XD is now captured in the all new XD(M) line of polymer pistols. From subtle influences to industry firsts, the XD(M) series pushes the boundaries on what a polymer pistol should be.

XDm Features

(M)inimal Error Disassembly

Innovation doesn't always happen by adding to a product. Sometimes, it's what you simplify. By removing the need to pull the trigger during disassembly, we've made the process easier and faster.

(M)aximum Reach Mag Release

The modified contour of the new XD(M)grip is most evident near the magazine release. Operation of the magazine release is easily accomplished by virtually any size hand without twisting or adjusting from the shooting grip.

XDm Features

XDm Features

(M)ega Capacity Magazine

The new XD(M) Compact 9MM magazine holds an incredible 13 rounds in a flush fitting magazine and 19 rounds with the XD(M) GEAR Mag 
X-Tension (USPAT .7191556). The XD(M)is the largest capacity production polymer pistol in both the 
.40 caliber and 9MM, accommodating 16 + 1 and 19 + 1 rounds, respectively.



Usually, handgun customization is an after-market decision. With the XD(M), you get more personalized choices for a custom fit right out of the case.

XDm Features

(M)ould-Tru Backstraps

With our interchangeable backstraps, we've added another level of comfort. Personalize your grip by choosing one of three backstraps for a more custom fit.

(M)ulti-Adjust Rail System

A triple-position Picatinny rail readily accepts lights, lasers or other accessories. More importantly, it allows them to be adjusted to the shooter's hand position. 

XDm Features

XDm Features

(M)ulti-Use Carrying Case

Your total XD(M) experience starts the day you open your case. In fact, it starts with your case. This rugged case is as durable as the XD(M) it houses and can be re-tasked to protect any number of items from a laptop to multiple XD(M) pistols.

(M)agazine X-Tensions

With interchangeable backstraps and Mag X-Tensions, SPRINGFIELD ARMORYhas added another level of comfort. Personalize your grip length to fit your capacity needs. (Compact model only)



In 2001, Springfield Armory set out to show its customers, the firearms industry, and the rest of the world a whole new standard in ergonomic design and available features. With the introduction of the XD polymer pistol, they did just that….

XDm Features

Loaded Chamber Indicator

The loaded chamber indicator allows the shooter to verify visually or by touch, and without a doubt, that there is a round in the chamber.

Striker Status Indicator

The shooter can check the striker status indicator by sight or touch to verify the striker is in the cocked position. 

XDm Features

XDm Features

USA Trigger System

The Ultra Safety Assurance USA Trigger System guards against accidental discharge from dropping or bumping by locking the XD's trigger in place until direct, rearward pressure is applied.

Grip Safety

Allows it to fire only when the shooter has a firm grip on the pistol.

XDm Features

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