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Springfield XDS .45 ACP Compact, 3" Barrel, Short Trigger, 5 Rd Mag

Springfield XDS .45 ACP Compact, 3" Barrel, Short Trigger, 5 Rd Mag

Springfield XDS .45 ACP Compact, 3" Barrel, Short Trigger, 5 Rd Mag

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ITEM #: 706397892784
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Reviewed by 25 customer  
Great little 45, January 21, 2017
Just got my second one after making the mistake of selling the first. Tight groups at 25ft and the most comfortable gun I have carried. Have the 5,6 and 7 round mags but with the 5 in I can carry all day with ease.
By Porkwithrice from North Idaho
Excellent Carry Gun, November 20, 2015
My job makes it necessary that for reasons of personal comfort, I carry a weapon. I purchased my XDS in 45 cal. over two years ago and it has been my companion on a steady basis since. Easy to carry and conceal, lightweight and extremely reliable, it earns a 5+ from me.
By Wild Bill from Pennsylvania
Great CC Weapon, September 27, 2015
I recently purchased the XDS 3.3 9MM and had an opportunity to trade in some old Rugers on the .45 version of the XDS. The recoil on the .45 is non-existent in comparison to my Ruger SR45 and I was extremely happy with it's accuracy at 10, 15 and 25 yards out. The frame is the same as the XDS 9MM so I can carry this in the Blackhawk Serpa holster that I bought for my 9MM. Was extremely surprised when I originally opened the box when I found out in came with the holster, magazine carrier and extra grip back straps. Thanks Springfield, looking forward to having this around for quite some time.
By Ben from Arizona
Not for Me, May 10, 2015
I have been shooting handguns for 40 years. For some reason, with this particular gun, I cant get a load to shoot accurately enough to make this feel comfortable. I cant keep a grouping, or even a consistent elevation. I am going to practice with this for about another month- and If I cant get it together, its gone. No matter the weapon, you have to feel confident when shooting it, and know where your shooting it, and I just don't get that from this gun.
By Briknstone from Ilinois
The best 45 subcompact out there, March 07, 2015
I recently purchased this weapon. I also own a Taurus Mellenium 45 subcompact and have used several others. At only 7/8 of an inch in width and 23 Oz loaded with 6 rounds it is an easy carry. Recoil is surprisingly light. Less than my bigger Mellenium or even my Taurus 38 Snubby. Accuracy is unbelievable. The round goes where you aim it and the sight picture is fabulous like all Springfields. I was able to draw empty chambered, rack the slide and put 6 rounds down range in about 3.5-4 sec. At 7 yards all rounds inside the 9 ring with 1 bullseye and 3 in the 10 ring. Mine came with a 5 and 6 round mag. I also purchased a 7 rnd one but find it is too long. The 7 rnd mag actually makes the handle longer than the barrel. If you shoot the 5 round mag and have big hands like me get a Pearce grip extension for it.
By Ken from South Carolina
xds 45 acp mine!!!!!, February 09, 2015
I have always wanted a 45 for concealed carry but didn't want to deal with the bulk of a large pistol. When I was introduced to springfields xds I new right then I had to have it. ... I was amazed at the performance of the weapon, I am so pleased with my new 45 I wear it to bead with me, ha ha every gun owner should try one out I'm sure they will be very pleased at the weapons performance. Thanks Springfield Garry M in Columbus Oh.
By Garry a . mahan from 2371 bridlewood Blvd Columbus Oh 43207
Fantastic carry gun, April 16, 2014
picked one up at the Impact Guns store in Boise. Great people, took it right out of the box and shot it on their range. Perfect and I give it high rating.
By Nick from Idaho
XD-S Pokcet firepower GRANDE, February 21, 2014
AWESOME ! That about covers it.
By Mike from arizona
He has to be joking!!!!!, September 21, 2013
The review that has one star and said his was just a paper weight has to be a joke. He surely has never had a pistol before. I hope with that intelligence he takes the pistol back or gives it to someone with some smarts. I hate to think of someone like that with a gun!!!!
By GFT from Lebanon,Mo
Just Awesome, July 10, 2013
I've had this for about a year now. I carry it every day. Got a Crossbreed for it and it's super comfortable. I have put about 1,000 rounds of various ammo through it and it's never failed. Shoots like a bigger gun. Couldn't be happier.
By Schmitty from NV
Recommeded, April 11, 2013
Felt recoil is less than anticipated. Almost as small as my CM9. I now have a new carry sidearm. Get one while you still can!!
By Simon Kenton from A Red State
My first 45, April 04, 2013
I was nervous and excited about my first 45, and when I held this beauty I was wondering if I should get it or not, its so thin and compact. But to my sulfide it is a fantastic shooter! And with all the goodies it comes with too, this gun is now my edc with my S&W Bodyguard 380 backing it up. Grab it if you can find it!
By Seth from Utah
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