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Springfield XD 9mm, 3 Inch, Black, 16rd Mag and 13rd Mag

Springfield XD 9mm, 3 Inch, Black, 16rd Mag and 13rd Mag

Springfield XD 9mm, 3 Inch, Black, 16rd Mag and 13rd Mag

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Reviewed by 15 customer  
Easy, August 19, 2013
This is my first Springfield (2 Glocks and 2 S&W previous). Out of the box, cleaned it just for practice. Fired 500 rounds through it 115 gr fmj, 147gr hp +P+, target fmj no problems and consistent tight groups at 5,10,15, and 25 yds. I love it.
By MJ from Texas
XDmmer!!, July 23, 2013
My very first ever handgun. I've been looking to buy a handgun or pistol for years. Don't know nothing about handguns. I've done a lot of research for about 3 months. I've test fired Glock 17, 19, 26; Ruger LC9; beretta nano and 92s; S&W M&P and SA XDm and XD. For some reason I always come back to SA XDm. My friends told me to get a Glock, but I'm not comfortable with the glock, just me. So I got the SA XDm 3.8 9mm. I was nervous that it might be different once you own one from that of the gun store. Took it to the outdoor range a week later, "Boy, am I loving it!!" I shot out of the 13rnd mag for the first time and my shot group are with a fist size diameter from 25yrd out. The recoil is a bit shocking at first but my hand grip was incorrect, with practice I will get better. I let my wife shoot some rounds, she's never handle a gun before ever, but she's getting use to it. I'm happy with my SA XDm and I recommend it to anyone who's look to buy a handgun. :)
By Titan from Utah
A great weapon!, November 21, 2012
This subcompact 9mm is the best! I carry mine all the time. I have fired up in the thousands of good, gooder and best ammo without any problems. I have man handled this thing and not cleaned it according to clock work but it keeps on going...It is deadly accurate and I added the laser to mine. I went to the range yesterday and I got tired before the gun did:) A must have!!!
By BlueBox212 from Lumberton,NC
A Woman Who Loves Her Pistol, February 11, 2012
I own a sub-compact9mm XD and although it's the first gun I've ever owned, it is definitely stolen my heart, and I can't wait to save up for the Springfield XDM (9MM). As a female, it feels great to stand between two men and molly whop my target without a flinch! Never jams, can shoot 1000s of rounds but I like to clean it...Hoppes smells delightful. Thanks you Springfield for engineering such a great firearm, and the best part.....she fits in my purse, her
By Tiff from Austin, Texas
The BEST handgun yet for compact, October 03, 2011
I had my 9mm for about a month and have used over 1250 rounds. This weapon has everything i need in a private and home protection gun. It hasn't given me not one mistake. I've taken three range classes and this baby "PUTS OUT". I've added a laser sight and man this just keeps getting better. After my alignment was set, this joker was nothing less than outstanding.
By Demetrius from Virginia Beach, Va
2500 rounds, September 26, 2011
2500 rounds and not one issue, it shoots smooth and no problems. I trust my life to my XD.
By M Shaw from Utah
My favorite carry option..., July 30, 2011
1500 rounds and NOT A SINGLE HICCUP! NOT ONE! FLAWLESS! Was going to buy a Glock, but didn't like the grip or the trigger. This was very similar, with the bonus of a grip safety. No buyers remorse here! With 16+1 I don't kick myself quite so hard when I forget to pocket a spare mag. With a Crossbreed holster, this thing just disappears under a Polo. Breakdown is stupid simple... Shooting is VERY manageable in 9mm. My 15 year old daughter loves to shoot it, and actually asks me to take her to the shooting range to "shoot zombies with the 9". Am I proud? You betcha! My highest recommendation for this weapon platform. I have MANY handguns.... My Springfield XD 9mm sub-compact? -I flat out love it.
By Jacknife from DETROIT
Best handgun I've ever shot, May 14, 2011
I have the XDM 9 with a 4" barrel and it is absolutely the most balanced, smoothest and most accurate handgun I've ever shot. I've put several hundred rounds through mine without a single misfire or issue.
By Joe from Indiana
Great CCW Gun, April 30, 2011
Have carried the XD9 subcompact for 2 years as my ccw gun.Great gun for the money and has all the features you want. Like the grip safety,loaded and cocked indicaters.Shoot this gun at the range each month to just have fun.Also have a standard 4inch barrel XD9 for my home defence,that my girl friend shoots at the range just in case things go wrong and I'm not home.Great guns for sport shooting.
By CCWND from Bismarck,North Dakota
Sweet, January 31, 2011
Ok i have tried this a few times lets see how it works now? I like this gun I'm going to get a finger grip and trigger job for it but that's just me? Sweet to carry and cheap to shoot..... get one shoot it and be happy OK!
By stubby from utah
Xd9sc, January 31, 2011
I have had this gun for about a month now with 500-700 rnds through it. It has been good I have short fingers so my thumb catches the slide now and again. so far its close to being as good as my XD45c,
By Dave from Utah
A self defense #1, December 28, 2010
The excellent reliability and simple functionality of my XD 45 is why I chose this subcompact over the competition. It has always performed flawlessly, and is fun to shoot. Disassembly takes nanoseconds and cleaning is easily accomplished. The grip/ trigger safety makes the weapon ready to fire by simply grasping it. This means no fumbling for a safety in a self defense situation. Whether the camber is loaded can be verified by either visual or touch. This XD 9MM is my number one recommendation for anyone looking to purchase a subcompact.
By Nick from Bend, OR
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