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Springfield XD 45acp, 4 Inch, Black, Full Package, 13rd Mags

Springfield XD 45acp, 4 Inch, Black, Full Package, 13rd Mags

Springfield XD 45acp, 4 Inch, Black, Full Package, 13rd Mags

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Reviewed by 17 customer  
I own several other brands, but I can honestly tell you (unless your a fanboy of another brand then your unfairly biased no matter what I say) there is no better quality for the money, it shoots crazy accurate out of the box, the glock is the closest comparison and although lighter and more history behind the glock, you do not get the same level of quality from glock for the money! I trust my life with this one, and come on 13 rds of .45 to boot, theres not much to complain about, I absolutely love it!
By Nightster from Deer Park, TX
ok but over priced for the quality, June 23, 2016
i own a xd45 tactical its fair but my fns glock M&P and even my Ruger sr's are better quality its nothing more than a high price Taurus
By jim gun owner from Birmingham
Xd 45 Full Size, January 12, 2015
I love my xd 45,it's very accurate right out of the box. Feeds good , ive shot reloads with no problems. Nice sights Just a good gun.Easy to break down to clean.Jud
By Jud from Marshfield,Mo>
Unbelievably smooth and easy to handle, November 26, 2014
Bought this gun to replace the disappointing Glock 36, which jams with every magazine. I struck gold with this gun. Went to the range today for the first time with this gun and it worked flawlessly, even with reloads. Should have known since I already had a XD-9mm that is perfect. Do not waste your money on big name/priced firearms with this fantastic gun out there to choose from. Price just dropped 21 dollars from what I just paid but I don,t care after shooting this baby. Springfield is the best!
By Ragnar from London, Ohio
Arguably the best handgun out there., September 09, 2014
Great pistol. Bought it last weekend on Mississippi's "Tax Free" weekend, and immediately went to the range. Superb feel, perfect balance, excellent portability, fantastic accuracy @ 15 yards. The only negative is actually a positive in my view: the double safety system really works - you have to squeeze the handle to engage the trigger. This tends to make one pull a bit hard and drag the shot. But, as a casual user and not military personnel, I like this feature, and feel like I'll get used to it after a few magazines. Best .45 for the money, for sure!
By Hoosierpal22 from Madison, MS
beauty in simplicity, April 12, 2014
This sidearm is outstanding! The recoil is surprisingly miniscule. Basically no muzzle drift or climb. Very accurate, great for beginners for the simplicity, great for experienced shooters because of how ergonomic and natural it feels in your hand. Nice deep serrations on the slide, front and back. Easy point and shoot method. I recommend this pistol to anyone wanting a personal or home defense weapon.
By mtread from ky
WOW!, September 24, 2011
By Pepe from Jersey
Pure Functionality, December 27, 2010
Great pistol! Springfield really hit the target with this 45. I initially purchased this pistol for home defense. What sold me on it was the combination of the grip/ trigger safety. What is unique about these two safeties is that they allow the pistol to go from safe to fire by simply grasping the weapon. In conjunction with these safeties is the chamber indicator that is both a visual and touch reference to whether there is a round in the chamber. The design and simplicity of this pistol is the reason I also purchased the sub-compact 9mm model for concealed carry. Disassembly is accomplished in nanoseconds, and cleaning is an easy task. I have had excellent reliability from this pistol, and it is great fun to shoot. I give me upmost recommendations.
By Nick from Bend, OR
Springfield XD 45, December 21, 2010
I bought a Springfield XD45 a few years ago, w/accompanying XD Gear. I fell in love with it after shooting it! I like the power of a .45 ACP along with a high-capacity capability. I don't have real large hands (average, maybe?), so I was worried (before I bought it) that maybe the grips would be too big/cumbersome for me given the hi-cap mags, etc. When I handled it for the first time, I quickly found that it was not a problem, felt like it was made for my hand. It is also easier to carry concealed than I expected it would be. I am very pleased with it overall.
By Dave Leighton from South Royalton, VT
Springfield XD, December 18, 2010
This is an amazing gun. Very well priced, especially since it comes with two mags, loader, mag pouch and holster. One thing that stuck out to me was the 13 round capacity, that is a lot of lead. This gun is very accurate and easy to shoot. I chose this gun over the other favored brand because it felt really good in my hand. The angle and size of the grip were perfect for me. The chambered and cocked indicators are a very nice addition, as well as having a grip safety. I would highly recommend this, and all guns in the XD lineup, to anybody looking for a new pistol.
By Anon from Boise
Beauty in a Beast, December 18, 2010
Wow, this is it! What I had been looking for to keep the human wolves at bay. From my LEO days, I know that firearm self defense uses are over in just a few seconds and involves relatively short distances. With that in mind, this is the pistol that is ready for action when extracted from the holster and brought to bear with a caliber that means nothing but deadly serious business. I have cycled 50 plus clips through my XD45 weapon with no failures experienced with any type ammo while demonstrating the level of accuracy at 25 yards one would not usually expect from a .45ACP. This pistol has two safeties integrated into its operation that ensures the weapon does not inadvertently discharge when dropped and will not fire unless gripped firmly in one's hand. In reality, the simplicity of operation exceeds that of a revolver while being far safer to operate. In summary, simple safety and operation provides affordable security in life.
By BennieBob from Mobile AL
Finger Point Of Aim, December 17, 2010
I have found that my XD-45 hits point of aim just like pointing your finger. The Springfield XD is like an extension of my hand, the craftsman at Springfield has created the perfect tool. It eats whatever you feed it without complaint or burp and hits whatever you point it at, much like the index finger. My choice for point or aimed fire, night or day it is right on target.
By javarush from Summerfield, NC
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