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Springfield XD 40, 4", Black, 12 Rnd Mags

Springfield XD 40, 4", Black, 12 Rnd Mags

Springfield XD 40, 4", Black, 12 Rnd Mags

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Reviewed by 19 customer  
battle hardend, November 04, 2015
been shooting an XD40 in IDPA and IPSC for 12 years now since it came out, about 15000+ rounds, springer precision trigger kit. no over travel, 3lb pull, Dawson magwell, FireDragon ported barrel. It just keeps on shooting never hiccups, best money I ever spent on a pistol
By deecowboys from vidor texas
Nice gun except..., April 05, 2014
This gun functions very well and is built to last. The only reason I can't give it a 5 is because the trigger pull is too long.
By Gunner from SD
Best 40 in the game, January 05, 2014
I've never ben a fan of composit guns. All I heard from so called freinds is that there is only one handgun in the world< Glock. Glock is a great gun if you plan on throwing it in the sand or mud but i want my gun on my side at all times or in my side drawer, I guess if there is mud or sand in my drawer or on my side well i'm screewed! From 20 yards the first time i shot this XP40 I hit the thug target in both nipples and in both eyes and one more place I want mention due to the audiance! WHAT A GUN FOR THE PRICE AND SECURITY! I've got a XDS 9 sub compact on order and I can't Wait!
By GiG from Columbus Ga.
best auto loader ever made, November 11, 2013
I comp shoot for 4 years now several weekends a yr with the sd 40 service with well over 10,000 shots not a single malfunction with the gun action or clips feedin with over 10 types of ammo fired thru it alleast " HIGH NOT ADVISED but this gun will fire and function submerged in a 55 gal drum of muddy water" best auto loader ive ever owe would recommend to anyone
By kenhobgood from Mississippi
Hard not to love., June 21, 2013
I only give 5/5 for things that I would gladly repurchase... this is a great handgun. Simple, feels good in your hand, goes <bang> every-time. Wife and I both did a 4-day at FrontSight with this weapon and we both loved it.
By SJK from California
good gun, November 28, 2012
Nothing deserves a 5 star but this is close. Took mine to the range and put about 100 rounds through it. Not a lot of ammo but these were a mixed bag of factory and hand loads. FMJ, HP and hand loads well below the recommended powder charge all without a problem. Dead on accurate at self defense distances. Just wish the sights were hi vis for my old eyes.
By Mark from N.C. S.C.
XD-40, June 27, 2011
This gun is first class. From front and rear slide serrations, ambi-mag release, trigger and grip safties, their isnt too much left to be desired on a striker fired pistol. I have had my XD for about 5 years and put over 1000+ rounds through this weapon and like the others have posted before me I am pleased to say that I have never had a FTF or brass that did not eject. The only reason I gave the XD 4 stars is the trigger(in my opinion) could use a little tuning and my magazines will bow out when fully loaded. Hope this helps.
By Chris from Georgia
Excellent performance, December 26, 2010
I purchased the XD 40 about 6 months ago and could not be happier. the grip fits perfectly in my hand and it is extremely user friendly. i have put about 900 rounds through it and not once had a jam. the accuracy is top notch. The only thing I would have wished for would have been a better holster when I purchased it. the holster that came with the kit was fine but seemed a bit cheap and felt awkward to draw. that may just be my personal preference. overall a wonderful purchase.
By Fisher from Idaho
XD 40, December 21, 2010
I have had one of these guns for about 6 months now. Put about 800 rounds through it, cheap stuff, the expensive stuff and handloads. Never had it jam once on me. Fits great in my hands (and i have very small hands). Love the double safety feature and it is very easy to clean
By Devan Van Valkenburg from Bluffdale, Ut
Nice pistol, December 16, 2010
I have had this gun for about 7 years and have carried it in many situation from wet and muddy to dry and sandy and have never had any problems any firing or ejection problems. This is a very well balanced and easy to aim firearm.
By Darin from Boise
My XD 40, November 28, 2010
I purchased my XD about six years ago. At the time I had looked at many different brands and models and found the features and price and feel in my hand to be the best. I also liked the addition of the back strap safety and the simplicity of stripping the gun. On to performance of my XD. Over the years I put thousands of rounds through my XD. Plain and simple it works! I have never had a failure to fire that was not caused by bad ammunition. I have found it to be more than adequately accurate and comfortable to shoot. Cleaning the XD is a simple and easy as it gets it strips in seconds. The only thing about the gun that I have not liked is the factory coating on the slide was not the best. It seemed to fade and show holster wear more than expected. However after doing some reading I found that this was a problem only in the early runs of the XD. They corrected this problem years ago and I have not heard of this issue in later XDs. Really this is a minor cosmetic issue and would not deter me from buying or recommending the XD to anyone. Overall I think this is a fantastic firearm. First and foremost I am 100% confident that it will go bang when I pull the trigger which it critical. The XD is accurate, reliable and shoots well. It is a very safe gun with extra safety features not found on other brands and models. It is a great value and will provide a shooter with long reliable service. I am and will always be an XD fan! I hope this review helps someone and answers some questions about the XD.
By Lway from boise
XD .40, November 24, 2010
This is the first gun I bought and I have owned/carried it for over a year. I am very happy with pretty much everything about this gun. It is accurate and very reliable and will easily empty clip after clip without a jam. At times I wish it were the compact model due to the length of the grip but at the same time, it is very nice to have the extra rounds. The grip is not adjustable and may seem a bit large but it is not as wide as a Glock in my opinion so it seems that you get a better feel of the trigger. This gun has some nice safety options without having one that will be on when you do not want it. Overall, I love this gun so far. The XDm does have adjustable grips though and I may trade mine in for one some day but I am sure they both will shoot just as well.
By Drew from Miami
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