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Springfield XD 40 Sub-Compact, 3 inch, Black, 12rd Mag

Springfield XD 40 Sub-Compact, 3 inch, Black, 12rd Mag

Springfield XD 40 Sub-Compact, 3 inch,  Black, 12rd Mag

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Reviewed by 17 customer  
there's no way you can go wrong...., February 06, 2015
I've carried various handguns ..also the springfeild is a favorite when I was in service ..the xd 40 sub is perfect for personal protection and will never let u down I've dropped in water and mud and it's never failed me.ive probably shot 5000 rounds threw my pistol and still this one is my choice ..if anyone is considering a gun to carry ..this should be considered ..this pistol also to me is better than any higher priced gun..if garrantee it will shoot same or better than any other handgun on the market..
By boomer from jamestown tn.
Great for carry, January 13, 2015
Bought this gun when it first came out and used it to get into uspsa. 1,000's of rounds thru it and never a ftf with reloads. Moved up to the xdm for uspsa and carry my sub wherever I go. I trust it with my life. Recommend this gun for cc ...powerful and discreet.
By Sarge from Texas
Newest edition to the clan!, September 21, 2014
I am an XD fan. I have 2 xd 45's 4", an xd 40 4" with night sights, an xd9 4", and now my xdsc 40 3". All bi-tones. 1,000's of rounds fired through them, excellent and accurate. I would recommend the xd line to anyone. I am an FFL and I have a variety of firearms but the xd's are my favorite handguns and they are really fun at the range. They will gladly produce tight groups at 50' no problem. The 4" and up full size frame xd's are a bit on the big side for some folks but the new xdsc 40 is just right for everyday carry. I find that the stainless bi-tones don't rust here on the Florida coast. I once put 8 consecutive shots on paper at 100 yards with my xd45, great reach for a handgun with power. Go Springfield!
By acbill from florida
XD40 Subcompact, April 10, 2013
Own this pistol, after 300 rounds of various 40 S&W caliber manufactures no failures to load or eject. Makes a perfect CCW weapon.
By Ray B A from St. Louis, MO
Dependable sub, April 03, 2013
I love my springfield it is one of the best sub compacts made it point shoots great and has never ftf or fte several hundred rounds it also follows up and actions incredibly fast my only gripe its the tall slide but that is purely a cosmetic issue with me. Although I did not but it to say look at my pretty gun I bought it because I knew it would serve me well and go bang when I pull the trigger. Go get one you will not be disappointed.
By Kc80 from Huntsville Al
Great Gun, December 27, 2012
I am a huge XD fan, I have a full size in 357Sig with a 40 barrel and picked the little brother up almost two years ago. Through that time I have changed out the standard sights to tritium and have put 1, 000 rounds through the little 40 cal. This gun has never jammed never Had a FTF . The pistol just naturally points and sits great in the hand. Very accurate I get 2inch groups all the way out to 25yards. The trigger smooths out once you get around 500rounds. The gun keeps getting better
By Rob from Oklahoma
Perfect, November 14, 2012
Had this pistol for 3 years now. I shoot it at least twice a month shooting around 50 rouds a sitting. Never a FTF, a FTE, or a loading failure. The small amount of recoil lends itself to second third fourth ect ect ect shots. I have my ccw and it goes where I go.
By #1Gun from Pa.
Excellent weapon, accessories so-so, September 15, 2012
I was duly impressed with the accuracy and lack or recoil with this XD sub. After 950 rounds of mixed factory and lead reloads, it has not had a failure of any kind. I tried to make it fail by limp wristing, but it would have no part of it, and just kept on trucking. However, the extras are just Fobus junk. I mean, Fobus is junk, and this stuff is junk-even For Fobus. The holster screw is turned loose as it will go, and the gun will still hardly go into it, never mind trying to pull it out. When it was on my belt, I tried with all my strength to pull it out, but only succeeded in pulling my pants up around my eyeballs. If anyone uses this holster in a serious situation, they're looking for trouble. The magazine holders are also junk-adjust them tight enough so the mags won't fly out, and then you really have to grab them and yank to pull them free-another potential problem in an emergency. The loader is ok, nothing special. Buy this for the excellent weapon, not because of the stuff it comes with. There's a reason they give away this stuff for free-and you get what you pay for---literally.
By snowball from Nevada, Ohio
Great Pistol, September 02, 2012
I've been a revolver guy for years and carried a Ruger SP101 constantly. Since purchasing my XD 40 Subcompact and taking it to the range where I fired off 100 rounds with no problems and held a tighter group using the sights than I did with the SP101 with laser, it has become me constant companion. The trigger pull, the light recoil and the ergonomics make it the best I've ever used. It is much more comfortable to carry and faster in getting off those first few most critical shots. I couldn't be more pleased. Now if they would only offer the same model in 22 Rimfire, all would be right in my world.
By 2OLDGUNGUY from Colorado
Its a shooter!, June 25, 2012
Just bought this gun, feels great in hand and shooting it is very nice! A very good CC gun at a very good price!
By Pat from Wilkes Barre Pa.
Security expert's first choice, May 15, 2012
In my line of work I depend on this XD to protect myself and the people I contract with. With qualifications every 3 weeks, this hand gun has never let me down. I trust this XD with my life. With a PRP trigger kit, I went from a score of 85 to expert 100% on range days.
By Brian R. from New Mexico
concealed carry with some power behind it!, December 20, 2010
I am a small-framed woman and this is a great carry piece. I was worried that the thickness of the pistol would be an issue but it is not! Shooting is a pleasure as is with all Springfield pistols, and this does not have all the extra recoil a shorter pistol usually does. I don't know how the XD-M could improve on anything because this gun is flawless but I am sure it is nice too!
By Lovemyguns from Augusta, GA
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