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Springfield Armory 45 1911A1 SERVICE SS PKG

Springfield Armory 45 1911A1 SERVICE SS PKG

Springfield Armory SPRINGFIELD PX9151LP  45  1911A1 SERVICE SS PKG

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ITEM #: 706397872212
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Reviewed by 6 customer  
1911 #2, July 27, 2015
Well...this is the second 1911 I've bought from Impact (also have the Thompson Custom 1911)...I pretty much got the same type of groups at 25 yards. No feed/eject problems...went bang everytime. Then the groups went all to hell, I thought WTF??? then noticed that the rear site had loosen up and almost fell off. Of course I didn't have any of my range tools with had to call it a day....still really pleased with it. Next 1911 on the list is the RIA 22TCM/9mm. The 1911 was the first real pistol I ever shot in the service, back in the days when most of you all were still in daipers....:)
By Oly from Kuna, ID
Great 1911, April 17, 2014
I purchased this gun a few weeks ago and love it. I have two other 1911 in other brands that cost more money and they dont shoot as good as this one does. I love the feel and love the looks and it is by far my most favorite 1911 to date. I have a Range Officer on order in 9MM and I am sure I will like that gun also. Keep up the good work Springfield and thanks for makeing these guns affordable for us average folks.
By MNAL4201 from MN
Outstanding gun, January 10, 2012
Shoots better then any of 11 guns I own. Love it!
By Tuzbubey from PA
my 1911A1, September 10, 2011
a good man gave this A1 to carry awhile. It wes a little heavy for him. Not for me. Ilove every part of this action. It`s safe, it shoots a very tight group and an 8=1 wilson combat mag. is a very comfortable feeling. I ended up giving him a 350.00 XDM 40 straight across. I`m a happy camper.So is he.
By Camper from Oregon
1st handgun: dissappoinment, June 11, 2011
i bought it brand new in a gun show. only after 2 rounds of fire it jammed. i sent it back to springfield armory. the only good thing is i do not have to pay for all shipping expenses. it is still under warranty.
By Orlando from California
The one to have if you can only have ONE!!, November 13, 2010
This is the perfect pistol. 8 rounds of stopping power, never have had a jam or misfire. The feel and weight are perfectly balanced and the action is clean and smooth. I wouldnt trade it for the world. This gun has been proven by the military in numerous wars and it works just as well for target or hunting.
By Codylc777 from Kuna, Idaho
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