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Springfield M1A Socom 16 308 Win 16" Barrel Black 10rd Mag

Springfield M1A Socom 16 308 Win 16" Barrel Black 10rd Mag

Springfield M1A Socom 16 308 Win 16" Barrel Black 10rd Mag

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Reviewed by 7 customer  
Better than any AR-15, February 06, 2017
Has one heck of a kick, but supprizingly easy to keep on your target. Tons of knockdown power as many other owners have quoted. Extremely well made and reliable!
By Joe from Louisville
A great rifle, lots of fun and protection!, December 12, 2015
Great combination of power and size. Very good for mid range and long range and very accurate and reliable!!! I love it!
By Joe from Connecticut
It's the best rifle I have ever used!, July 10, 2014
I have fired the m-16, m-60, saw, and m-14. I loved the m-14 (we used it as our sniper rifle) but it was to big for close in urban combat. The m1a socom 16 is far better! This beats the m-16 in almost every way! The knock down power of the 7.62 round is well known. Combine that with it's range and with the compact size of the socom and it's unbeatable! Why the U.S. Military doesn't go to this as it's main combat weapon is surprising.
By coyotedave from Madison Wisconsin
soooo much fun!!!!!, June 09, 2013
what an excellent weapon! i bought my socom 16 back in feb during the great gun ban scare of 2013. i paid a little more than i wanted to but knew i had to have this weapon in case a ban did happen,and because i carried his big brother when i was in the military. subMOA shots right outta the box!it was an instant attention grabber at the range as it is a throaty b*stard!(meaning load)it is however very easy to control and comparable recoil to any 7.62X51 only complaint anout this weapon is the front sight post is a little fat for my taste but is still better than most ironsights.when i mounted my aimpoint t1 on it,it was a marriage made in heaven. having just took this weapon through a 4 day carbine course,its round count is at least 7000 rds with not one hiccup.proper maintenance and ammo does help achieve this flawless operation too. all i can say is get it!you wont regret it!
By Sabre 9 from provo,ut.
As close to me as my dog. And she's close!!!, August 31, 2012
I use mine with a trijicon sight (non - magnified) barrel rail mount. It is dead on a 6" bullseye @ 100 yards off hand! (Factory ammo.) "If you want to take my gun, you'll have to wait 'till I run out of ammo."
By T Bolt from ARIZONA
Sub-MOA, September 13, 2011
This rifle has caused me to sell my AR's. This rig will be the scourge of the porcine world. Sub-MOA with iron sights. I can hear my Aimpoint screaming for an introduction.
By 88Paratrooper from League City TX
Awesome Rifle, June 06, 2011
I took this rifle to the range several days ago. I have never shot this type of rifle before. Out of the box I was able to put 40 out of 40 hits on the 14"x18" target at 100yds with iron sights. Once I got it sighted in, I put 12 rounds in the 9 ring and 5 in the bulls-eye with iron sights. Although this rifle is very expensive it is well worth the money and I would highly recommend it.
By Ian Boehm from Ogden, Utah/ Galveston, Texas
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