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Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad SA 308 Win 18" 10+1 Syn Stk Black

Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad SA 308 Win 18" 10+1 Syn Stk Black

Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad SA 308 Win 18" 10+1 Syn Stk Black

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Reviewed by 4 customer  
Perfect Rifle for Me, April 16, 2013
The delivery to my local dealer was fast. The transfer was seamless. I took it out and put about 50 rounds down rage the first day. No hiccups of any kind. Recoil is not bad and muzzle brake works. After reading the enclosed information on the clicks to start at to get a zero, only minor corrections were needed to get it zeroed. I shot it at 100, 200 and 300 yards. It was accurate at all ranges with 300 being a challenge due more to my eyesight than anything else. This gun is under 2 MOA with irons. I was using Magtech M80 ball which is not the best ammo. I think it may shoot 1 MOA with great ammo and a scope. I am not sure if I will go the scout scope route on this rifle. The irons sights are perfect and you feel great when you have a good group with irons. Get this gun if you are thinking about it. You won't regret it.
By Prepared from Houston TX
Great Gun, February 21, 2013
I recommend the Scout to anyone who wants a short M1A (M14 type) rifle. The muzzel break is far superior to the one on the SOCOM model. I recommend ditching the forward rail and get a real sight base. Good sight bases cost big bucks, don't waste your time with knockoffs from UTG ...PROMAG OR any other Chineese manufactured rail/mount. Second get a good quality scope (4x10 power) with quality rings. The rear sight on my M1A left me quite disappointed. Third get a wooden stock, the poly stock mine came with sucks. If you pay over $1800 you got bad deal.
By G. Kind from Michigan
Response to "Walt from Georgia" & an HONEST review, December 14, 2012
First off my ACTUAL review: This is an excellent gun. I've shot several models of the SA m1as but find the scout to be the most "wieldable." Not a fan of the fiberglass though. Good walnut or a JAE (if you don't mind the weight) stocks are the only way to go. Are there better options? Sure: Fulton or LRB m14s or even a SA match m1a if we're talking accuracy for people that will actually notice the difference. Price-point ratio to durability/construction, track record and accuracy is to a tee on this gun though. If you NEED something better, be prepared to shell out for the forged parts guns. One bit of advice, get the Smith extended bolt stop. VERY nice, easy and cheap upgrade. Had some accuracy issues (im a little critical so take this with a grain of salt) out of the box, but with a good bore-lapping, accuracy increases about 30-40%, otherwise this is an outstanding weapon. As for Mr. Walt... 1" with irons from 100 yards... with SURPLUS ammo? PLEASE link a video of this. I would just absolutely love to see this with ANY weapon. 1 round does not make a group, sir. Second: What exactly are you using a bolt action load in this semi-auto firearm for anyway? Not saying this load will not work, but aside from it not even being the "best load for 308" anything why not try Sierra Match Kings for target and Noslers to kill pretty much anything that moves? My rant is over... the author of the above post is misleading readers, lying and doing nothing to help other than drive up the price of this gun. If you know anything about M1A's, then you already know you should be waiting in line to grab one. Pick one up, you won't be disappointed.
By Bacon from VA
M1A Scout - Springfielld, October 02, 2012
I like mine, walnut with 4x28 weaver on forward mount.I use iron sights for 50 to 150 yards, then out comes the optic. I remember 50 years ago I didn't need a scope under 600 yards. Now I need glasses to load my magazines. :) Today I sent my scout to Springfield for Match sights, bedding, and a trigger job. They change the connecting rod and gas block as part of the Match upgrade. I can already get 1" (100 yds) groups (w/ iron) using British 143 gr. ball surplus. This is British Royal ammo surplus. I'm going to load some Sierra 165 gr. Pro Hunters (150) if I can fine any; I use 44.5 gr of Varget and believe that's the best load for bolt action 308 anyway.
By walt from Georgia
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