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Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22, 16", 25rd Mag, Threaded Barrel

Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22, 16", 25rd Mag, Threaded Barrel

Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22, 16", 25rd Mag, Threaded Barrel

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Reviewed by 15 customer  
S&W M&P 15-22 is a winner!, October 27, 2014
I cannot say enough about how much I love this little gun. I bought the S&W M&P AR 15 Sport 5.56 and this gun at the same time as its companion. I love both guns equally, but I must say this gun is more accurate and fun to shoot. Lighter weight of course and cheaper to shoot, you can run rounds through this lead slinger all day. I used all brands of ammo and in over 400 rounds downrange, not a single failure....incredibly accurate and reliable, I would put this .22 up against them all and it would be the winner in almost every category...well worth the price of ownership. It only comes with one mag so you might want to grab a couple more when you order it.
By Jeff from Guam
BEST AR-15 22 ON THE MARKET!, November 12, 2013
Saw it at the gun store and caught my attention right away, looks like the real deal! Coming from S&W I knew quality was a must, after taking it apart for a good clean up headed to the range and WOW! accuracy, low recoil, low cost ammo, what else could one ask. Very satisfied with this rifle and a highly recommended buy. Ammo and spare magazines are coming back to the shelves and at reasonable prices.
By Simman from EL PASO TX
Fun and accurate, November 07, 2013
This is my first .22 and AR style rifle. I took a day off of work so the range wasn't busy. I went through 500 rounds without a jam or miss fire. Even for my first rifle it was very easy to zero in and with just the iron sites I could hit tight groups no problem at all. There's barely any recoil at all so you can hold it steady and just have at it. I wish they would sell the 25 round mag's again. They were the perfect size.
By Kyle from Clearfield, UT
Fantastic weapon, July 03, 2013
I just got one, slapped a red dot on it with some magpul accessories. Great for training and keeping up the skills while saving money on ammo. Great forearm, American made!
By M0CH/\B€/\R from San Angelo Texas
BEST GUN I HAVE EVER OWN!!, March 05, 2013
I have had so much fun shooting this gun! When you shoot the m&p 22 it will bring a smile to your face! Way to go smith&wesson.
By kip from many la.
Fantastic Tactical .22., March 04, 2013
The attention to detail is excellent, everything is where it should be at EVEN INTERNALLY and swaps out with MANY AR-15 parts! The polymer upper and lower don't bother me a bit since it feels so great, the sights are excellent A2 style and easilly adjustable. The biggest downfall is the magazine, it's finicky on how it's loaded esspecially to the 25th round but it's more of a training issue since the cases are rimmed after all. Very much like the rifle I shot and cared for in the Army and I will cherrish this rifle long after I get out of the Army as the ultimate memento of my service.
By GrOuNd_ZeRo from Fort Sill
EXCELLENT Rifle for the Money! I LOVE THIS RIFLE!, January 21, 2013
I LOVE THIS RIFLE!!! This is my first AR and first .22. I wanted an economical shooter that had the fun of AR Sytle rifle, but with the looks and performace of a real .223/5.56. Originally I was planning on getting the Mossberg 715T, but after looking at it and reading horrible reviews regarding magazine problems, I decided to spend a little more money and get the M&P 15-22. I'm Glad I did! So far, I've put 500 rounds through without one issue. I haven't even cleaned it yet, but plan on doing so before my next trip to the range. If you want a cheap AR style .22 that is an absolute blast to shoot, this is your gun. I don't have one complaint. This gun is a quality firearm
By Rizzo from Detroit, MI
Great gun!, January 13, 2013
Ordered this before Xmas and got this past week. Ran about 300 rounds first time out with no problems. Can't get or now afford an AR? Can't beat the MP15/22 the price and Impact's is reasonable where everyone else was bumping up. Got 35 round mags from Plinker Tactical when every other site was out.
By ShawnB from Wisnton Salem NC
Gun, January 03, 2013
This gun is beast
By Bodick from Secemy screet
AWESOME, October 09, 2012
This is one fun gun.Accurate and dependable. Already took my first squirrel with it.A must have!
By Sgt Pic from Ohio
excellent rife., May 12, 2012
I've hand this rifle for about 3 months and I must say I've never enjoyed firing a rifle more than this one.It feels solid,looks great and the action is smooth and easy. The only major difference is in the short pull of the charging handle and of course there is little to no recoil as one would expect of a 22lr. I have mine sighted in for 100 yrs and even with iron sights I can easily get tight shot groups. When you couple all of this with the fact your spending 9 cents a round vrs the 1.00 plus for standard 223 it makes great sense.
By UUTANK from va
Tons of fun, Light as a feather., March 01, 2012
This 5.5 pound rifle is perfect for sending so lead down range. Just bought this today and the staff at the Boise store were more than helpful. Brought my wife along. The sales lady talked my wife through the basics as I loaded the 25 round magazines. We used the indoor range in Boise and shot 200 rounds through it. My wife loved it. She was not a big fan of guns at all but she has been converted. I bought this rifle because I wanted to teach my children how to shoot. I only had one malfunction the whole time but I believe it was from the ammo. This rifle sights in just like the M16's I have shot through my military career. I love this rifle and highly recommend it!
By Bamasonn from Nampa, ID
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