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Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 ACP, with Laser, Black

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 ACP, with Laser, Black

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 ACP, with Laser, Black

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ITEM #: 022188093803
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Reviewed by 25 customer  
Great Pistol!, August 18, 2014
I carry it everyday. Trust me life with this pistol. Haven't had any problems. Even my wife likes to shoot it.
By Guy Walker from Bham AL
i got a lemon, March 12, 2014
I bought the pistol 1 1/2 (yrs) ago shot 3 boxes of bullets and the slide hangs!! sent back to s&w to be fixed got it back, shot 6 rounds threw it and slide is hung again. I do not feel safe with my girlfriend carrying this pistol if it will not shoot! so sending it back for the 3rd time in a year today. I hope you have better luck with yours.>>> Impact Reply: If you bought the gun though Impact Guns it will be covered by our Lifetime Warranty and we will replace the firearm. <<<
By hilljack from tennessee
Bought this gun for my daughter for Christmas, December 29, 2013
I bought this for my daughter who is wanting to get her CC Permit. We went to the range for her to shoot it for the first time. It has a long trigger, but overall she was able to work that out and hit the bullseye at 25 yards. She was pleased with her gun and is looking forward in obtaining her permit and carrying her Bodyguard. I took it to a local dealer who changed the color of the frame from black to pink. She really loves her first hand gun.
By Rodney & Kayla from Ballard, West Virginia
Great Concealed Carry Gun, August 16, 2013
I've owned this gun for about a year. Overall, I really like it and it makes an excellent concealed carry weapon due to its small size. It is my exclusive CC gun right now. PROS 1. I like that it has a manual safety switch. Makes me feel a little more at ease carrying with one in the chamber. 2. I love that each trigger pull fully works the hammer. I have had a couple of fail-to-fires at the range due to the cheap ammo I used, and they all fired on the 2nd pull (no need to tap/rack) 3. Nice feel, nice weight, and easy to take down and clean. 4. Quality of workmanship on the gun is great (feels like a quality weapon in your hand) CONS 1. My biggest gripe is the trigger and this may put many people off the gun. I actually like that the gun has a slightly heavy trigger pull since I used it for CC, but I don't like that it is a very gritty and LONG pull. It has affected my accuracy, so lots of practice at the range to be a good shot with this gun. 2. Laser. I thought I would like having the laser built into the gun, but to be honest, I took it out. Not only does the laser tend to turn on when you're carrying it concealed (too easy to hit the button), but it does not stay sighted very well. At the range after about 10 shots the laser moves on you. Also, I have found that after prolonged use at the range, the laser tends to fizzle out, as if all the gun blasts are making the wiring in it loose or something. So, what should be a "pro" has actually been a "con" for me. Overall, for me this is a near perfect CC gun.
By El Chupacabra from Blasting across the alkalai flats
its perfect size, July 01, 2013
i use the bodyguard as my defensive gun. i love it. its perfect size. i got a flashbang for it and when i lived in richmond it was small enough to carry it around. im not rhat good at aiming as the laser is perfect. i have shot around 600 rounds and clean it every chance i get. so far i havnt had to use it defensively but if i do im glad the bodyguard is the one that i have to protect me. so for a girl i have to say that it is wonderful to have for any type of situation.
By lauren from virginia
nice gun, April 23, 2013
nice carry gun, have fired give or take 200 rounds no problem. It does have a long trigger but to me this is not a problem. to this point i have been satisfied.I prefer pocket carry. normally a size one uncle mikes. I take it everywhere with me out to eat etc. Ron
By Ron from Indiana
I luv this Gun!, March 15, 2013
Great little gun, Don't know your carrying it around very concealable! Trigger is very long it takes getting used too, but all in all luv it, would recommend it to use for everyday wear. My husband also is going to purchase this neat little Gun.
By Jo-Ann from Massachusetts
S & W Bodyguard 380, March 13, 2013
I really like my Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380, it's light, good shooting and functioned great. No misfires or jams with 200 rounds. Sights were good, laser was right on target. I liked the slide stop when mag is empty. The only problem I have is the safety is really stiff and hard to use. The laser button works with ease no problems. Ammo is hard to find now but I have enough to last. For the novice shooter a safety can get you shot, carry with the safety off you really don't need it with a double action pistol.
By Marvo from Louisville, KY
Great Gun-Crappy Laser, January 26, 2013
Well it is a good thing that I think lasers are useless 90% of the time because otherwise I might not like this cool little gun. I bought this for my wife because the Ruger LCP was too hard for her to shoot correctly (I LOVE IT however). This gun allowed her more purchase on the grip-combined with sights that are actually there, and you can hit stuff with this gun (imagine that). Now I am pretty proficient with the LCP but many new shooters or those with smaller hands have a hard time with it. After several hundred rounds I still think this S&W Bodyguard is a good carry piece. The laser however-sucks-it kicked off for good after about 50 rounds. Love the gun though.
By Big Timmy from Kennewick, WA
Safety Issue, January 06, 2013
Bought this weapon at a licensed gun shop. Took it home to clean it before shooting. The safety was nearly impossible to operate with the thumb in the shooting position. You had to take the gun in both hands...tilted over on its side and use both thumbs to move it either into our out of safe. Took it back to the gun shop and was told "this is normal...since it has a long trigger pull it should not be a problem...just don't use the safety". That didn't set too well after having plunked down my money for what should be a quality piece. I wrote to S&W explaining the problem and received a "form letter" informing me of their warranty procedure, my cost to ship/insure/ bla-bla-bla but no comment on the actual problem. I occassionally carry it with the chamber empty but most of the time it just sits on the bench at home. Pretty disappointed in the quality of a S&W product. I have owned dozens of S&W weapons in the past and have always been impressed with their quality. No more.
By Jim from Goodlettsville,TN
Great Gun, January 02, 2013
Very nice gun, had to send it out to Smith. Original run had issue with Laser pin working its way out and jammed gun. Smith fixed with new Laser and new style of assembly, have not had any issues since. Once you get use to the gun its very accurate, laser use great for practice. Very concealable with nice fit with out a holster.
By S&W rules from NH
Not as great as they say, December 19, 2012
First off, the trigger pulls feels to be about 12lbs. The laser aim will change with each round fired. If you wear a large or XL glove size, this will be too small for you.
By Ger from Idaho
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