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S&W 637 Airweight .38 Spec, 1.87", Synthetic Grip, Matte Silver Finish, 5rd

S&W 637 Airweight .38 Spec, 1.87", Synthetic Grip, Matte Silver Finish, 5rd

S&W 637 Airweight .38 Spec, 1.87", Synthetic Grip, Matte Silver Finish, 5rd

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ITEM #: 022188630503
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Reviewed by 11 customer  
S & W 637 Airweight, November 19, 2014
Great buy and great product, I'm very pleased with my new Smith and Wesson, I owned plenty of wheel guns and still do and she's a keeper. I love just about everything about it with its nice matte silver finish and its nice rubber grips that came on it and It's single and double action, in single you get more out of it sights and you can really hit your target. With that being said I bought this smith with intention of here and there Conceal Carry as I'm a valid permit holder in my State. also once in awhile I can see myself pulling this out for target shooting or maybe i cud see having her with me on a hunting trip so I do love her and she's a bit of a performer as well. I only have one compliant and that would be the fixed Blade front sight as I wish I could interchange. But I knew What I was buying. Thanks Impact Guns and Smith And Wesson! Keep up the good work!
By Jake from Massachusetts
Practice, practice, practice, September 07, 2014
You can put time all into COM at 25 yards if you practice. The fun is very accurate but it's short sight radius and trigger pull require practice to get good with it beyond belly distances. To shoot it, put the trigger between your first distal joint and pull straight straight back. Practice this by dry firing a lot. It not only will smooth out the trigger but also alow you to hit those 25 yard targets if need be. I have this gun with a bobbed hammer but am thinking of getting one with the hammer. I do not find that they snag on anything like the old hammers did.
By Vinny from Florida
Good CC Pistol, August 22, 2014
I bought this gun for my wife and despite having no firearm training whatsoever, she's gotten scary good with it. Pros-Good pistol for new gun owners. Extremely reliable, never jams. Recoil is low. The +P ammo provides good stopping power for the caliber. Cons-Trigger pull. The trigger pull is very heavy. You have to wrap your finger all the way around the trigger to shoot. It's made that way to compensate for lack of other safety measures. You definitely won't shoot this gun by accident! Unfortunately that also makes it hard to be accurate outside of 15 feet.
By DJ from Michigan
Airweight, June 08, 2014
I have recently purchased an Airweight and for a 2 inch barrel gun it is surprisingly accurate. It has a little more kick than my nickel plated gun of the same model but not too much to handle. I have a conceal carry permit and you forget you have this small light gun on. I am a revolver guy because they are dependable as they come. No worries about hang ups. For the money it is a great gun that I would recommend any level shooter to own. My wife is on me to get her one identical to mine. Go out and get you one. You will like it!
By 38 Special from Arkansas
Great gun & great company, November 10, 2013
Bought this for my wife & she absolutely loves it. Took it to the range the day we picked up & our FFL & shot about 100 rounds with no problems at all. S&W has always made great guns. Impact was also great to deal with & would absolutely do business with them again.
By John J from Burlington Ky
Excellent Carry Piece, April 29, 2013
I have carried this model for 3 years and have been very happy. It's not for everyone; the .38 load in such a light gun is difficult to control for inexperienced or smaller shooters. I love it though, and the size makes it convenient for pocket carry. I have put a lot of rounds through and have not experienced any problems. I would often prefer to carry something bigger, but as you know, that's just not always an option.
By S&W Shooter from Blacksburg, VA
Great concealed carry gun, February 03, 2013
I am retired law enforcement. I have learned that if one is going to carry a gun, it had better be comfortable, portable, light, and most of all reliable or you just won't keep it on you. After years of carrying a S&W model 60 which was great, this 637 is much lighter and just as reliable. You can't go wrong with a S&W and this J frame gun has been around for decades for a reason. Semi auto's are nice, but a jammed gun can cost you your life. I'll stick with the old reliable wheel gun, and as the old saying goes, KISS (keep it simple stupid)
By R.J. from West Virginia
She Kicks Like A Mule, April 05, 2012
I purchased this handgun as my concealed carry because of the small size and light weight. I chose this particular model because of the exposed hammer; I wanted to be able to shoot in single action. I had considered purchasing a .380 auto but decided I needed the reliability of a revolver. When I received the gun from my FFL dealer, it was in a cardboard box from the manufacturer. There were no scratches or noticeable defects and Smith & Wesson included the shell that was used to test fire the gun. Impact Guns was nice enough to throw in a cable gun lock which I think is their standard procedure. I took the gun to the range and put 300 rounds of Winchester White Box (WWB) through it with no problems or hiccups. The gun is as accurate as the shooter; I was able to put 5 rounds within 5 inches at 25 yards (single action) and a little less accurate using double action. This is a light gun and it kicks like a mule. If you are new to shooting it can be painful on the inner web of your thumb. Maybe some aftermarket grips can help with that but for my purposes I'll keep it as is, I don't anticipate shooting it often outside of the range. All in all this is a good gun at a great price. I have and would recommend it to a friend. The size and weight make it easily concealable and it feels good in your hands (I'm 5'10", 185lbs with average hands for my size). Perhaps not a daily range gun, but definitely my choice for concealed carry.
By Rich from Fredericksburg, VA
Best Compact Revolver under $400, January 28, 2012
Great fit and finish on the gun for the price. The scandium upper level J frames are higher quality but for the price you can't beat the 637. Smooth trigger with almost no creep, accurate even for a full sized handgun. I was hitting soda cans at 40 yards! Only problem is the non adjustable front sight.
By James from Seattle
Still my choice for CC however, June 01, 2011
I have shot near 500 rounds 38 +p and taken it through a course at Front Sight.(they hate revolvers but will do). Of course it is totally dependable and handles the loads well. Adding Hogue grips makes the heavy loads tolerable. Having the hammer allows me to make difficult shots more accurately (I am 85) so no troublesome pistols for me. Best CC pocket fit for me. I have a Crimson trace grip to re install now that the heavy use is over. It works well. Negative is the absence of a decent front sight and no pin slot for changing to a big dot titium. I am going to the trouble of adding a Xs SW0020N-3 which reqauires gunsmithing.Impact says they can do it. Come on S&W, there is a call for a decent front sight.
By Maynard from Ivins, Utah
Great Carry gun, October 27, 2010
This is the best carry gun I have ever bought, and I've had quite a few. Very high quality, but the best thing is it's light weight and small size. I've had no problems and have fired it quite a bit.
By Rick from Vegas
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