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Smith & Wesson M&P22 Pistol, 22LR, 12 Round Mag

Smith & Wesson M&P22 Pistol, 22LR, 12 Round Mag

Smith & Wesson M&P22 Pistol, 22LR, 12 Round Mag

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Reviewed by 12 customer  
Great Pistol, March 28, 2016
I bought this gun for practice for my wife and I and we are both lefties. I wanted to see if I liked it enough to get the M&P9 for my concealed carry. I wasn't sure I would, but I like the thumb safety. It is easy to flip just after you draw. If ones in the chamber...your good to go. So I bought at impact guns in Boise with extra clip. The first clip I fired all 12 shots were within a small kerr jar lid group at about 20.' Feels good, looks good, shoots good. I've shot 400 rounds and cleaned it a couple of times. I had a few stove pipe, but I think that was dirty bulk shells. Breakdown was a bit qwirky, in the manual it showed pulling the breakdown release out a little while still staying in the gun...but it jumped right out of there. Took some getting used to to get it back together. I made a 1" and a min-imag light holder that clips on the accessory rail very fast, and I love it. I feel comfortable now moving forward with purchasing the 9mm version and using this one for practice. I like the thumb safety feature. I recommend this gun with a smile.
By Eric from Boise, Idaho
Must of Got a Bad One, August 22, 2015
Bought new, after less than 100 rounds noticed the tip of the barrel was shredded at the point where the bullet exits. Sent it back to S&W and they sent it back with a new barrel. After 50 rounds same damage occurred, shredded at the tip of the barrel. Last two shots looked like the bullet hit the target sideways. Upon leaving the range I showed it to the gunsmith who was shocked by the damaged barrel tip and was told that it was a safety hazard and could no longer be used. Sent it back to S&W two weeks ago asking for a new gun and still waiting. When it comes back I will be trading this in for a different gun with an established history for reliability.
By Mike F. from Austin, TX
Inferior product, January 25, 2014
The gun fires way to high, even with the rear sights adjusted to the lowest possible setting. After several hours of trying to get in touch with S&W I was told I had to send the new gun in for service, 3 weeks later I receive it with a scratch and a new screw on the rear gun sight, rear gun sight was falling off on receiving it from S&W. Took it to the rang and wasted some more ammo, same problem. The amateur I am, I had to figure it out for my self, the gun barrel is so grossly off center to the slide hole that it's touching the bottom of the gun barrel, there isn't even .002" clearance, S&W Tech's with all there experience couldn't even figure that out. Again S&W had me send it in, over a month later I received the gun with my new case even more beet up and the inside foam destroyed with a letter that nothing had been repaired to the gun, I was so discussed with there product and service, I sent S&W service and company a very nasty email, never to hear from them again. It seems to be a common problem with the M&P22's, and S&W knows, and apparently aren't concerned about selling Inferior products. Made in Germany for S&W, something gone wrong there!! On the plus end, it dose cycle rounds well with CCI, Federal and Remington ammo.
By Jerry from Vt
I love it, August 07, 2013
I have put about 1500 rounds through mine just a couple of failure to ejects, and the usual FTF cheap 22lr ammo problems. I shoot all kinds of crap through it. Remington, Winchester, CCI standard and mini mags, ELEY, federal Bulk and match. The Federal match was the ammo that did not work perfectly which surprised me. If you just shoot CCI it will never ever have a problem. Easy to break down and clean. I use a bore-snake now. I like the fact that it is a full size pistol and it's light and accurate out to 50 feet. Make sure you clean it well before you use it. Mine had a lot of excess gun grease on it like some new guns.
By Tony D from The Socialist Marxist State of Connectitax
awsome pistol, June 21, 2013
Had a SIG mosquito.......tried everything to make it shoot all different types of ammo as these days you can't be too picky. Traded the SIG off for a s&p and have been very happy. Subsonic, hyper velocity, standard velocity, it doesn't matter it will run them all.
By james from usa
Very impressive .22LR pistol, June 05, 2013
I own both the S&W 9mm and .40cal M&P pistols and absolutely love them. When I discovered S&W came out with a .22LR M&P model, I knew I had to have one. I'm happy to say, I'm just as pleased with the new model as I am with the other two. I now practice with the .22LR and save tremendously on ammo. My hat's off to the guys at S&W for producing another fantastic firearm........
By Paul W from San Antonio, TX USA
No thanks, March 24, 2013
Kinda disappointed, just sent mine back to S&W for warranty work, and now will have to wait 3-4 months. Frequent FTE and FTF, 2nd round often stovepipes when it tries to load before the first round is ejected (probably bad mag design). Final straw was when a spent round wasn't ejected/extracted, had to use a rod to push it out. S&W how can you put your logo on this piece of metal. Bad gun, terrible mags
By Unhappy from Texas
smith & wesson -m & p .22 pistol is the best, February 12, 2013
i've had mine for about 10 months and i love it and cheap to shoot now that ammo has hit the roof .22 is the best way to save money and that keep's the wife smileing.don't remember how many rounds i put through it but it was a lot of cci minimags maybe 8 or 9 hundred rds could be more but i love this pistol and so do the wife she found some extra magazines and ordered more and now i'm going to get her a m&p pistol so i can have mine back and all my friends love it because it feels like their M&P.40cal fit my hands perfect and the little lady's also, now i have a laser/lights on it, so get down to action Impact or where ever just get one and when ammo hit the stores again stock up leave that cheap ammo alone buy the good stuff like cci minimags the pistol loves this stuff hope this help you think before you buy have fun at the range and practice safety first and if you vist action impact you will enjoy yourself everyone that work's there very nice and friendly and will help with all your needs stop by
By old colt from southfield MI
Very happy with mine!, October 29, 2012
Great gun! I have had mine for 2 weeks and have been to the range twice and shot 1000 rounds! Just cleaned it tonight and man, she was running like a top before this! I bought this to practice until I can afford a bigger gun but I think I will shoot this baby for life! The only bad thing is only one mag and extras are hard to find locally but can be bought from S&W directly! I highly recommend this handgun!
By Illinieddy from Noblesville, IN.
Wow- great idea- I love mine, October 08, 2012
I shoot a 9 and also a 40 M&P pistol. When I saw Impact offering the same pistol, but in 22 LR, I had to try one. Good move. Practicing with a 22 is very efficient. Get one.
By Anderson C. from Atlanta
Really cool little pistol, September 06, 2012
Bought this pistol and took it to the range. Shoots all ammo I tried flawlessly, handles really nicely. Very accurate for a .22 caliber pistol. I would definitely recommend this pistol to anyone wanting a super fun plinking pistol.
By Tom O'Connor from Hot Springs, AR
Good, but not perfect., February 10, 2012
Bought mine a few days ago, and it shoots CCI minimags perfectly. Didn't like my cheap bulk ammo though. It's more accurate than I am. The rear sight is an all black notch with a white dot on the front, which doesn't match the m&p line. Very comfortable to hold an shoot. My dad is also planning to buy one after shooting mine. Big problem is getting extra magazines. I was lucky enough to find one store in my area that had some, and they only had 4. Great gun, but just enough flaws to keep it from a 5 of 5.
By Mark from Cleveland
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