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Sig Sauer 1911 Zombie Limited Edition 45ACP Pistol, 5" Barrel, 8 Rounds, Adj. Rear Sight, Front Night Sights.

Sig Sauer 1911 Zombie Limited Edition 45ACP Pistol, 5" Barrel, 8 Rounds, Adj. Rear Sight, Front Night Sights.

Sig Sauer 1911 Zombie Limited Edition 45ACP Pistol, 5" Barrel, 8 Rounds, Adj. Rear Sight, Front Night Sights.

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ITEM #: 798681440726
Reviewed by 2 customer  
Awesome 1911 Love the Zombie Action, November 28, 2013
Its your plain old 1911 standard size down to the Original Colt 1911. Its a beast of a weapon with the smoothest trigger and its 'match' accuracy makes it even more exciting to shoot. The fact that its one of the first or the first Zombie Killer edition weapon on the market makes it even sweeter. Everyone loves my Zombie Killer; its a sexy stopper. I Just added the Ncstar 1911 rail adapter MAD1911 with a Nebo 5569-ProTec Elite HP190 light. James Bond would love to get his hands on this Beast, over 600 Rnds and it wants more. Its a must to have or add to a Gun Collection!!! Love it.
By Sergio Ramiro from Miami
Sig Sauer Zombie Pistol .45 Cal 5" Match Barrel, May 25, 2013
Sig Zombie 1911 .45cal Review 02-10-2013 I recently purchased a new Sig Sauer Zombie 1911 .45 cal pistol. The slide / frame fit is tight and slick. Balance of the pistol in hand is great. Function of the slide is smooth. Trigger pull and break is outstanding. Shooting handloads of 185gr XTP's and lead hard cast 225 gr. bullets resulted in super sensational accuracy off a rest at 75 feet. Dropping 4.8 grs. of Red Dot powder for the 225 gr. hard cast bullets resulting in all powder burned and no un-burned powder left anywhere in the gun. The gun cycles rounds super fast; double taps are less than a blink of an eye. The engraving of the biohazard symbol on top of the slide very precise and detailed. Weighs in at 41.6oz. Very nice match barrel, field strips easier as the gun breaks in. Magazine follower has raised dimple in the middle to facilitating feeding. While first getting use to the trigger pull and feel of the recoil of this Sig Zombie 1911, I shot a few unintentional double taps, and then realized then just how fast the gun will cook off, surprisingly “SPEEDY”. I recently read that these special edition guns have all been sold & Bill Hicks is out of inventory, yet some can be found on the web for sale new from personal owners. This gun has far exceeded all my expectations, while carrying it with a Bianchi 1911 holster is very comfortable and shows no print with a loose shirt, the engraved biohazard symbol is visible on the top/back of the slide through the holster along with the aluminum Zombie theme grips, the gun provides a distinct experience for both high performance accurate shooting and radically different cosmetics. Overall quality is outstanding. Those who are bashing this pistol on the web have obviously never handle one or shot one, I have and it is an intimidating smokin fast shooting accurate piece of steel that will not dissapoint even the most seasoned of shooters, it could easily be used in competion and give all the participating contenders a run for their money, and that's no B.S. Shoot one for yourself and you'll then understand what this pistol is truly capable of. E<>R
By Avant Garde from Kenosha, WI
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