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Sig Sauer SIG Mosquito 22LR Pistol, Black Finish

Sig Sauer SIG Mosquito 22LR Pistol, Black Finish

Sig Sauer SIG Mosquito 22LR Pistol, Black Finish

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Reviewed by 8 customer  
Sig Sauer Mosquito, 22 LR 10 shot semiautomatic, May 02, 2015
Worst gun I have ever owned, jams even with the MFG recommended ammo and fails to eject even when the gun is clean. Have talked to a couple of gun smiths and dealers and they all say the same thing. Sig Sauer should recall them.
By Bob from VA
Trigger problems, September 13, 2012
I have had the Mosquito for about 2yrs fired close to 2k rounds. I have to get the trigger fixed on it for the 2nd time. Not to happy that I have to send in again. I have many others firearms that have never had a failure.
By aplanemik from Orlando FL
Great warm up gun!, September 11, 2011
Just got one ofd these new the other day as a warm up/practice gun. My wife is new to shooting so I wanted something similar in size and functions to her Walther PK380 and my Berreta Storm .45. The Walther P22 is just too small and while we liked the Beretta Neo and the Ruger Hunter MKIII (we will get those later) they were just too different. First impression is that it is a nicely built gun. Fairly accurate and well built it works great as a warm up gun prior to shooting our bigger guns. It is nothing to run 100 rounds through it and it definately helped both of us. The only thing kinda odd is the looooong trigger pull but you get used to it. It shot great with CCI Mini Mags only 4 FTF's out of 300 rounds which I feel are ammo issues as the rim was struck it just didn't go bang.
By Geno from Montana
Sig Sauer Misquito, July 26, 2011
I bought this after looking for a nice .22 liked the styling and the weight, downside only one mag with purchase, There $40.00 apiece. Mine has the high velocity spring, never a problem with it.
By azmat from Theresa
Sig Sauer Mosquito- by the book, May 26, 2011
I purchased the Mosquito May 14, 2011. Like many people, I did a lot of on-line research and was very skeptical. When I compared it to the Walther, I felt it was much more of a realistic handgun then a toy. I own a Ruger P95 and a Baretta U22, and was looking for something cheap but fun to shoot. My first time with the Mosquito, I only had the cheaper "bulk" ammo and it led to every type of failure possible. Then I purchased the recommended CCI Mini Mags and the gun performed flawlessly. By the way, mine came with two identical recoil springs for the high-velocity type ammo. If you purchase this gun, USE the mini mags, and you won't be dissapointed. And it is very accurate at 21-30 ft.
By Moose from Ohio
Good 22 Pistol !, November 27, 2010
I purchased the mosquito as a plinker as well as a trainer for muscle memory training for my other Sig’s, with less expense for ammo. The weapon has worked well and suited my needs. I have gained valuable experience with the techniques of using the Sig’s. It is a 22LR and it does have issues with jamming and mis- feeds. Once I got about 500 rounds through it and cleaned it extensively it has been good. Also it is a very long trigger pull. When I get some extra cash I want to take it to Impact guns and see if Terry G can lower the trigger pull and polish the feeding ramp. Also with it being a Sig the extra magazines are pretty pricey for a 22LR. But overall it is a great pistol and I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good 22LR, with a full size look and feel.
By Josh from Taylorsville UT
Mosquito, November 18, 2010
Bought the mosquito for handgun to teach my teenagers. The weapon has worked well and suited my needs. My son and daughter have gained valuable experience with reliable operation as well as not so reliable i.e.: clearing jams etc...
By shipsurveyor from Virginia Beach
Sig Sauer 22LR Mosquito, November 13, 2010
I have been looking and planning to get me a .22 Caliber handgun for use in plinking...mainly because its ammo is cheap and it serves the purpose that I use it for. I was looking on a conversion kit I can use for my current handgun and did find some at around $250 price tag. Then, I saw the Sig Sauer 22LR Mosquito in one of the stores I usually shop for my "toys"...looking at the price tag, it is not to much of a difference. I did make my research and at first got disappointed with its bad reputation, there were a lot of downs than ups...however, in the end after carefully balancing them, I chose to be in the positive side of it. I did research other options for this caliber in handguns but for its price and the way I feel it fits and looks, I am now gonna pursue getting one...hopefully soon :-)
By Adjie from Southern California
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