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Sig 716 Patrol Rifle 308/7.62x51 16 20 Rnd PMag

Sig 716 Patrol Rifle 308/7.62x51 16 20 Rnd PMag

Sig 716 Patrol Rifle 308/7.62x51 16 20 Rnd PMag

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Reviewed by 7 customer  
Excellent rifle. Stupid bayonet lug, March 08, 2014
No problems with the regular function of the rifle, but I do want to point out that the bayonet lug is useless. The bayonet lug is located too far from the end of the barrel to function properly. Modern bayonets, at least US military bayonets, will mount so that the blade starts well behind the flash compensator and only about 3 inches of the bayonet extends beyond the end of the barrel. The ring that is supposed to fit on the compensator is instead flopping around loosely on the barrel. I wouldn't say this is a reason to not buy the weapon, but it certainly isn't what you'd expect.
By Skyler from Austin, TX
Excellent rifle, July 12, 2013
I've owned my SIG716 for about half a year now, have not fired it near as much as I would have wished but have put 100-150rds through it. As others have stated, this rifle seems to require a break-in period before it reliably feeds all ammo types. To me, that is an indication of excellent machining tolerances. As the IG review stated, it's perfect as a patrol rifle. It is not a "sniper rifle" in that there are other firearms out there that are more accurate. This is a medium range rifle, but it is still much more accurate as a rifle than I am as a shooter. I have outfitted my 716 with an Enidine recoil buffer and Magpul's enhanced rubber butt plate, as well as a JP Tactical muzzle brake. This system of components does an excellent job at mitigating recoil force. Several friends are quite jealous of this rifle; they are surprised after firing at just how light the recoil is. Most compare it to being 'no more than an AR-15' which I would have to agree with. The rifle is comfortable, adjustable, accurate, and after a few trips to the range, reliable. Being as it is a medium range type patrol rifle, I opted to equip my rifle with an EOTech holo sight. When finances allow, I intend to complement that excellent optic with their G33-STS magnifier, to eek out the best in its medium range capabilities. Overall I am thoroughly pleased with the rifle. It makes an excellent defensive rifle right out of the box, comes with upgraded Magpul 'furniture' as it's called... The only negative I could attribute to the rifle is that it uses some nonstandard, proprietary SIG Sauer parts. In an austere environment, or even one where SIG brand parts are not readily available, one could be in trouble as many standard AR-10 parts will not fit. But that's SIG for ya. Luckily, the rifle is built with top-shelf components. Five stars... If it were a scale of 1-10 I'd award it with 9 just for the parts incompatibility reason. Everything else on the rifle is rock solid and I highly recommend it amongst its competitors such as the HK 417. I chose SIG, yet HK makes a fine rifle as well. I could not imagine one could go wrong with either rifle.
By AD78 from Middle Tennessee
Perfect for what it's designed to do., April 07, 2013
The 16" Sig 716 is a great mid range assault weapon. It will rarely shoot sub MOA but its distribution patterns are very consistent with almost zero 'flyers' when using good ammo. Yes, it loves Hornady 168, but may have trouble cycling lighter loads before it has been broken in. Mine choked on CBC 147 until I'd fired about 80 rounds of heavier stuff and started using higher viscosity grease on the bolt and buffer spring. Since then it has performed perfectly with everything from 110 to 180 grain. Its recoil is superbly controlled for a .308, so well that I have been able to keep a target within the field of vision of a 16x scope at 100 yards while firing from the bench. It's not a varmint rifle but it isn't meant to be. Its a high functioning combat rifle. It's also very heavy. The bottom line is that it is the right tool for its job. Don't expect a sniper rifle or a light carbine.
By Big Ben from Ogden, UT
Sweet Rig, February 23, 2013
What a great rifle. Very accurate and flawless function. You won't be disappoinyed.
By Kodiak from St. Louis, MO
Nice versatile rifle, December 19, 2012
Very accurate, great feeling rifle. Fired 300 rounds through it so far and it's opperation was flawless except for Magtec ammo. The popups were already zeroed. Really seems to like the Hornady 168gr. Don't recommend Magtec ammo-nothing but trouble.
By TC from Phoenix
Great gun!!, September 23, 2012
I have shot this gun once so far and I love it!
By Rudd from OH
Excellent Gun, July 04, 2012
I love this gun, shot it twice already and it's dead on... Nice size caliber and for a great price.. Def worth buying!!
By Arod from Phoenix, AZ
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