Class 3

You can own a machine-gun, silencer (sound suppressor), or short barreled shotgun or rifle in most states in the U.S.  Known as a class 3 weapon, or an NFA weapon (after the NFA act of 1934 which regulates them), most such weapons are transferrable to civilians and for machine guns as long as the item in question was registered before 1986 as a transferrable NFA item.  Silencers, short barrel shotguns and rifles, and AOWs (like shorty shotguns) can be manufactured at any time and are transferrable in most states.  These weapons are rare, collectible, and generally go up in price each year due to their rarity.  We can help you with the paperwork and recommend a dealer near you that has their SOT (Special Occupancy Tax) license to deal in class 3/NFA weapons to process the transfer to you.  Like all firearms, you need a local dealer to assist with the local pickup.   The process takes a few months and involves a federal level background check-- but we do many each year, and as long as you are patient you can get a rare piece of firearms history.

Sig SDP22 Rimfire Suppressor, .22 LR, Aluminum & SS

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The .22LR SIG-SD silencer features hardened steel front and back plates and can be disassembled for maintenance. Three different back plates (1/2x28, M9, and 3/8 threads) allow the .22LR SIG-SD to be attached to a variety of firearms, and will operate in...

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Sig Silencer 45 Auto .578X28 AND M16x1lh

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The SRD45 .45AUTO Pistol Silencer features a Grade 9 Titanium tube and 17-4PH baffles allowing for light weight and durability. The SRD45 features a booster for use with “Browning Titling Barrel” type pistols. A fixed barrel spacer is also...

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Sig MCX SBR, 5.56, 11.5", 30rd, Black, Folding Stock

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Short stroke piston gas operating system with rotating bolt. Thin, skeletonized side-folding stock. KeyMod aluminum alloy handguard. Mil-spec trigger. Thirty round AR-15 type magazine. Beveled flared magwell. Nickel Boron coated bolt and bolt carrier...

Sig MPX PDW 9mm, SBR, ALL NFA RULES APPLY, 4.5", 30+1, KM

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ALL NFA RULES APPLY THE NEXT GENERATION OF SBR IS HERE Introducing the SIG MPX, a machine pistol that redefines the category. The SIG MPX is the world’s first submachine gun that operates with a fully closed and locked rotating bolt system,...

SIG Silencers SRD556Ti 5.56 Rifle Silencer 1/2x28 tpi Direct Thread

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The SRD556Ti is a Grade 5 Titanium direct thread silencer. The 1/2"x 28tpi threads match the vast majority of modern sporting rifles in .223/5.56mm on the market today. The rear mount has wrench flats to torque the silencer to the barrel. These wrench...