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Semi-auto rifles are a specialty here at Impact Guns.  From kid-friendly guns such as the famous Ruger 10/22 to more advanced designs for home defense, long range shooting, and hunting- we carry them all.  A semi-automatic rifle is a magazine fed rifle that automatically reloads another round into the chamber with each pull of the trigger.  The king of semi-auto rifles is the venerable AR-15 (sometimes referred to as an AR15 or an M4)-- and with good reason.  The AR-15 assault rifle (sometimes called a black rifle) is the modern civilian incarnation of the original M16 military rifle.   It is a platform more-so than a gun model:  there are hundreds of companies that manufacture parts and components for this platform, and we have dedicated areas for them: AR-15 Rifles For Sale and AR-15 Parts For Sale.  The AK-47 is another popular model, again manufactured by many different companies today.  These can be also be found in their own areas:  AK-47 Rifles For Sale and AK-47 Parts For Sale.   For plinking, home defense, hunting, long range shooting, or just plain fun-- Impact Guns has the semi-automatic rifle you are looking for!

Browning BAR Mark III Stalker, .30-06, 22", Black Synthetic

$1,581.59 $1,076.59
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Third generation. Originally designed by Browning family member Bruce Browning, the original civilian BAR was the rifle that set the standard for autoloading hunting rifles. The latest MK 3 version builds on the previous iterations with completely new...

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Browning BAR MK3 Stalker, .300 WSM, 23", 3rd, Black Synthetic

$1,698.29 $1,141.69
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Rugged and powerful, the Browning BAR is one of the few auto-loading hunting rifles that can handle magnum level power. Better than that, it can do it with pinpoint accuracy that rivals that of bolt guns. Faster follow-up shots add up to more meat on the...

Browning BAR Mk3 Stalker, 7mm-08 Rem, 22", 4rd, Black Synthetic

$1,581.59 $1,076.59
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The legendary Browning BAR has one of the strongest semi automatic actions available on the market. In fact, it is one of the few semi autos that can handle modern magnum rounds. This Mk3 Stalker edition features a 22" hammer forged sporter barrel and a...

Browning BAR MK3, Semi-Auto, .308 Win, 22", 4rd, Turkish Walnut

$1,239.00 $1,076.59
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Browning's Bar MK 3 features an aluminum alloy receiver finished in Matte nickel with an engraving of the Browning logo with filigree. Its hammer-forged, steel, sporter contoured barrel has a polished, blued finish, and the stock is an oiled Grade II...

Browning BAR MkIII DBM 308 Win, Blued/Synthetic, 18" Barrel

$1,469.99 $1,240.59
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The BAR MK 3 DBM is accurate, reliable, and already stands out from the competition. The gas piston design mitigates shooter-perceived recoil and reduces excessive carbon residue that other modern gas-impingement designs vent into the moving parts of the...