Ruger SR9 9mm, 4.1", Adjustable Sights, Rail SS Slide, 17rd Mag

Ruger SR9 9mm, 4.1", Adjustable Sights, Rail SS Slide, 17rd Mag
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Ruger SR-Series
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Reliable, striker-fired ignition. Semi-Double Action trigger pull - 6.5 pounds. Short trigger reach. Reversible backstrap (flat or arched). Slim ergonomic grip features a 17-degree grip angle and three, 22 lpi checkered panels. Camblock helps absorb recoil. High-visibility 3-dot sight system is click adjustable for elevation and drift adjustable for windage. Picatinny rail. Ambidextrous manual safety and magazine release. Visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator. Includes extra magazine, magazine loader, padlock, and instruction manual. The new Ruger SR9 is number one in a new line of Ruger high-performance pistols. The SR9 is the first striker-fired pistol from Ruger and represents the next generation of highly refined, precision engineered firearms from one of America's leading firearms manufacturers. Ruger firearms are known for rugged and reliable performance in the field - and the New SR9 is no exception. Made in the USA and designed with the Ruger reputation in mind, the SR9 is dependable, economical, and easy to maintain, not to mention affordable. 17 + 1 Capacity* 17+1 Capacity and two magazines standard means less time spent reloading and more time spent shooting. *17-round magazines are not available in all locales due to laws limiting magazine capacity. Smooth, Light Trigger Pull Smooth, light trigger pull improves accuracy and provides a comfortable shooting experience round after round. Perfectly Sized to be Comfortable and Controllable Slim, recoil-reducing glass-filled nylon frame and stainless steel slide combine to make a durable, corrosion-resistant package that is comfortable to shoot and easy to control. Unique Reversible Backstrap Unique, reversible backstrap allows you to quickly and easily customize the feel of your grip (to flat or arched) without having to carry separate inserts. Ambidextrous Manual Safety and Magazine Release SR9 pistols are equipped with an ambidextrous magazine release and 1911-style manual safety for maximum versatility. Further, the first striker-fired pistol from Ruger is loaded with modern safety features like an internal trigger bar interlock and striker blocker, trigger safety, magazine disconnect, plus a visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator. Adjustable, High-Visibility 3-Dot Sight System High-visibility, 3-dot sight system's rear sight is click adjustable for elevation, and both front and rear are drift adjustable for windage to keep you on target with a variety of loads. Built-in Picatinny Rail A must for tactical shooters, the Picatinny rail accepts modern lights and lasers to keep your sighting options open. Shown fitted with a SureFire® handgun WeaponLight (not included). Slim, Ergonomic Grip and Slide The slim grip and narrow slide on this duty-sized, striker-fired pistol offer a best-in-class profile in a comfortable and controllable package. The grip features a naturally pointing 17-degree grip angle and three 22 lpi checkered panels that provide a sure hold without being abrasive.
Ruger's first striker-fired pistol was designed from the ground up to offer an affordable, slim, comfortable-to-shoot package that provides the features demanded by today's most discriminating pistol shooters, all backed by legendary Ruger reliability.
Today's centerfire pistols must do many things. Adaptability is the key. With the benefit of over 20 years experience in the centerfire pistol business, Ruger has re-engineered the genre of striker-fired pistols. We''re putting all the features you''ve asked for into one impressive new package - the Ruger SR9.
Just look at what goes into this exciting new pistol:
** Weighs 26.5 oz., in a package of just 5.52" H x 7.55" L x 1.27" W.
** Reliable, striker-fired ignition.
** Easy, "Semi-Double Action" trigger-pull - 6.5 pounds.
** 17+1 Capacity. (Note: 17-round magazines are not available in all states and locales; 10-round magazines are available where required to meet state and local regulations limiting magazine capacity.)
** Chambered in 9mm Parabellum (9mm x 19).
** Short trigger reach.
** Unique reversible backstrap (flat or arched) to accommodate grip preferences.
** Slim, ergonomic grip features a 17-degree grip angle and three, 22 lpi checkered panels that provide a sure grip without being abrasive.
** Patented Ruger camblock helps absorb recoil.
** High-visibility 3-dot sight system is click adjustable for elevation and drift adjustable for windage.
** Picatinny rail accepts modern sighting devices (lights, lasers, etc.).
** Ultra-slim stainless steel slide.
** Ambidextrous magazine release.
** Ambidextrous 1911-style manual safety.
** Internal trigger bar interlock and striker blocker, trigger safety, and magazine disconnect.
** Visual and tactile loaded chamber indicator.

Nothing on the market incorporates all of these advanced features!
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 9mm
  • Barrel Length : 4.1"
  • Capacity : 17+1
  • Safety : Ambidextrous
  • Grips : Black Polymer
  • Sights : 3-Dot Adjustable
  • Weight : 26.5 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

25 Reviews

  • Great Carry

    Posted by RANDOLPH KRONE SR on Feb 9th 2019

    Purchased two of these. One for me and one for my son. We now have put at least 1,000 rounds through each with no problems. Trusted carry gun. Trusted home defense. Ruger makes really great products.

  • Outstanding pistol

    Posted by Dee on May 24th 2017

    I've had this Ruger SR9 for years now. I don't think I've ever had one malfunction in all that time. Super easy to be accurate with it too. I don't understand why The SR series from Ruger really gets overlooked in the world of semi-autos. I see the reviews here are mostly positive and that's good. But on many gun forums I browse and chat on, the Ruger SR is looked down on compared to the M&P, Glock, SIG, and others. Kinda of like it's just 'okay' but not taken seriously as any type of defensive weapon. I own many different guns and brands. I'd put my SR9 up there with any of them. I guess maybe because the SR can be had for around $399 usually many people look at the price as an indicator of quality and functionality. Or maybe because The SR wasn't picked up as a duty pistol by any police or military again people discount it as cheap or unreliable. All I can say is I love this gun. It's very comfortable to handle and shoot. 18 rounds when loaded up and works every time. Looks great too. What else do people need out of a handgun?

  • Good and Bad

    Posted by AZAmes on May 7th 2015

    Like my SR9C so much that I bought an SR9 a year later. The SR9 looks and feels grand and has its advantages over its smaller sibling, BUT the one I received is NOT reliable. After a trip back to the factory for a new extractor (good customer service from Ruger) it runs better, but not reliably enough to be considered a self defense weapon. I get an FTE at least once every 100 rounds - and at least twice every 10 rounds if I try to run Winchester target ammo through it. Everything else about the pistol is great.

  • Wow what a fine firearm!!!

    Posted by Bud Olesen on Feb 7th 2015

    I got this SR9 in Duo-Tone about 3 weeks ago. This fine gun will make a marksman out of just about anyone. I also have a 40 cal. Glock 23 and that too is an exceptional weapon. What I cannot say is that the Glock is by any means a better weapon than the Ruger SR9... I truly like both of them, but there is just something sweet about how good my Ruger SR9 feels in my hand.
    I have talked to so many people about what handguns they prefer. I never hear people ever badmouth Rugers. The people who have Rugers swear by them. The Ruger following is truly a very loyal group for sure.
    I personally highly recommend this sweet SR9 now that I have put several hundred rounds through it.

  • Fantastic

    Posted by Dave on Jan 7th 2015

    I've had the Ruger SR9 for almost 5 years and not one complaint. ALWAYS works. Accurate and great grip, comfortable and slim. For a $400 handgun this is the best out there for the price.

    I own tons of handguns, Glocks, Berettas, Smiths, Taurus, Walther, Sig, Kahr, Colt. Wheel guns, autos, and the SR9 is one of my favorites. Why? The price helps a lot. For the money I feel it is as good or better than anything else I own that cost hundreds more. My Glocks are Gen 3's so $500 guns. The grip is horrible and I'm not as accurate with them. But people always say Glocks and Sigs are the best. Sigs just cost a bunch more but you're not getting anything better, same with Beretta. Just my opinion from owning a bunch of handguns and shooting them.

    Now that the Ruger 9E is out, Ruger should sell a ton of them at just over $300. Super deal for a super gun.

  • Great gun

    Posted by FL Shooter on Jun 22nd 2014

    Went between this and a Beretta 92FS. This gun's lighter, has 2 clips, holds 2 more rounds/clip, the magazine loading device is CLUTCH!, has the chamber indicator, comes with the picatinny rail by default and is much cheaper. I'm also told that if you ever have to work with Ruger for warranty, they're a dream.

    The handle is more narrow than most guns in this full size. Could be a pro or con for you. Breakdown & cleaning is super easy.

    This thing is very accurate. I'm putting Tul Ammo CHEAP steel case ammo through it and hitting an 8" rubber gong on a berm at 75yrds with ease, and consistently. It always goes bang.

    The tool to help reload the magazines is awesome. My thumbs thank me every time I'm at the range for having it.

    Went w/this over the .40 since 9mm is cheaper than .40 ammo and pretty much packs the same punch. NO regrets. Buy this thing! Oh yea, its cool lookin too.....

  • My wifes first pistol

    Posted by wildmike1951 on Apr 10th 2014

    I finally got my wife to buy herself a pistol, she chose the SR9. We've been out shooting three weekends in a row and she's cycled through over three hundred rounds with one failure to load, that's it. She can handle the recoil and at 7 yards she's gotten quite capable, next week we move back to 15 yards. She has six mags for the gun and likes Hornady CD rounds as do I. I've owned a SR40 for over a year and it too is a wonderful gun. I was looking at a SR1911 but may opt for the SR45 instead since the 9mm and .40 work so well.

  • WOW WOW WOW!!!!

    Posted by Happy Customer on Mar 19th 2013

    I purchased this excellent gun about 2 months ago. Since I have put almost 1500 rounds thru it. Guess what... Not one single jam, failure to feed...nothing. This thing is a natural pointer. Very easy to aim and one of my first shots was a direct bullseye. I shot guns as a youth, and still have my Ruger 10/22 rifle so figured I go with Ruger after reading many reviews. I simply cannot say enough good things about this gun. Use primarily as a target/carry gun. It cleans easily and seems like the trigger is getting better and better the more I shoot it. Anybody on the fence about this gun....just buy it! You will not be dissapointed. Just wish more companies would make after market sights for it as it is sometimes hard to see the dots at dim target ranges. Money well, well spent. Great job Ruger. Might be purchasing an SR40 after this one.

  • Love it

    Posted by Lucas on Feb 23rd 2013

    I recently purchased this gun and I love it. It feels very comfortable in my hand, has little recoil and is accurate. I've had no jams or other problems of any kind. Its very easy to dissasemble and clean. for the price it can't be beat.

  • Best Carry I Every Had

    Posted by Randy on Dec 17th 2012

    Best carry pistol that I every owned. Light, looks good, and feels really good in my hand. Gives me that real feeling that I am protected.

  • Love my SR9

    Posted by Pop on Sep 22nd 2012

    Just bought in Sept. 2012. Cleaned it and went to the range. Flawless. Every shot within 8" at 30 feet. I test my guns by loading the mags alternating between types and brands of ammo: S&B fmj, Blazer, UMC fmj, hollow points etc....trying to make it misfeed during a rapid fire sequence. No problems. Nice and dependable.

  • Best 9mm out there period.

    Posted by MrMarvel on May 13th 2012

    I shot, owned, and also own now many guns. I have shot and owned many handguns including the Glock 17 9mm. Gen 4, and Smith & Wesson M&P's, XD's, Sigs, CZ's, and Beretta's. But I must say this is the best 9mm. I have ever owned or shot it gives you all of the advantages of all of these brands wrapped up in a high quallity, highly accurate, and great price gun made right here in the USA! I must admit I was not a big Ruger fan before I had purchased this gun, but since then I have bought a Ruger SR22, and a Ruger SR1911. The SR1911 I have yet to recieve because as any of you that have tried to purchase them know they are never in stock. I have shot about 500rounds trough my SR9 and have had zero problems, and have since sold my Glock 17, and Sig 226 because this is now my go to 9mm. It comes from the factory with 2 17rd mags, (10rd mags also availible for areas like California.) It also comes with a speed loader, and a test fired shell, and a lock all in a form fitted hard plastic case. I am also in love with the Ruger SR22 & looking forward to a great relationship with my Ruger SR1911 when it is shipped in, and as for Ruger they now have a customer for life.

  • Feel Total Safe With This Gun On My Side

    Posted by Randy on Feb 17th 2012

    I love this gun. Had it about 3 months. Makes me feel really safe with it on my side. Light enough that you forget you have it. Really like the 17 round mag just in case. Want to get another one soon. Ruger makes solid products. Good Luck!

  • SR9OD Green Owner

    Posted by jbs7976 on Jul 9th 2011

    I love this gun.
    I have the color matched Viridian laser,and it works great.The only problem is the laser can turn its self on and off in the ambi nylon holster which I also purchased from viridian.
    But the SR-9 is great shooting ,reliable,and is easy to carry.Excellent choice for CCW,self and home defense,also law enforcement.

  • SR9 Takes what you throw at it

    Posted by Andrew on Feb 17th 2011

    I bought my SR9 when I was attending the Utah State Peace Office Standards and training. I didn't have a lot of money and needed a good reliable gun for our firearms training. I was the only non-Glock user in my group. This gun met and exceeded all expectations that I had for it, over 5000 rounds through it and not a single issue. I went through the entire academy and only experienced 1 stovepipe due to "limp wristing". This is a great gun that I will keep and pass on and would recommend to anyone looking for a good reliable gun.

  • Ruger

    Posted by Shawn on Dec 30th 2010

    The SR9 is an excellent pistol and for the price at impact guns it's hard to pass up. Ruger guns are very well made, great quality. This one is reliable, affordable, and just looks cool. And 9mm is still pretty cheap, win win.

  • Ruger SR-9

    Posted by Alex on Dec 19th 2010

    This was the first gun I purchased after getting my CCL. Don't get confused by the low price, its a well made gun. 9mill rounds are cheap enough that you can have fun at the range and its also a full size hand gun that you can conceal easily. Ruger had issues with the SR9 when it came out but did a recall and fixed all guns, FOR FREE! I know folks look at the Block (Glock) and think its gods gift to the word but for the price this gun is right in the same league. I have put 5000 rounds through this gun and its still ass accurate as ever, give it a shot you might like it, especially if you don't have a lotta cash laying around to purchase some of the higher price guns....

  • Ruger SR9

    Posted by ElectricAmish on Nov 30th 2010

    We bought this pistol for my wife a year ago because it has a smaller grip that fit her hands nicely. She really enjoys it. It is accurate and fun to shoot. The only drawback was the heavy trigger pull when new. It has loosened up with usage and is much better now than when new. I have no regrets purchasing this gun.

  • sr 9 comes in to its own

    Posted by doldarmyguy on Nov 19th 2010

    i have owned one of these for about 2 years now. at first i didn't like it very much.seen to always shoot low and to the left no matter what adjustments i made. one day last year i just decided to send 400+ rounds threw it back to back.slights tweaking on the sights and next thing i knew it was spot on. the firearm is top notch feels good performs well and is a pleasure to brake in. for the price vs construction you cant go wrong...

  • Ruger SR9

    Posted by Todd on Nov 15th 2010

    I was in the market for my first larger caliber auto loader a couple of years ago. I looked at the Glock's and XD's and though they were great quality, nothing really clicked. Then I began reading all the reviews of the new Ruger pistol and became intrigued. I bought one and have loved it from the get go. Light weight, slim easy to break down, reliable, accurate and made in America! Sweet! I love Ruger guns.

  • Good Gun, Great Price

    Posted by ~(8(|) Dohhh!!! on Nov 15th 2010

    I love the Ruger name and the looks of this gun (black and OD green). My Ruger wheel guns have been my favorites, this is my first of their semi-auto's. For a steel on polymer it is well balanced, especially when loaded (of course). The adjustable sites are nice and appear to be rugged though I have not tested that out and hope not too. The gun does seem to be a little picky about the ammo. Ball ammo is fine because of the shape, it has hung up with Gold Dot and similar hollow points more than once though. Owning this is like having a girlfriend, once you figure her out it's a sweet relationship, but don't let your wife find out. Can I write that? It's a joke! ;-)

  • Smooth Sailing SR9

    Posted by macdragster on Nov 15th 2010

    An affordable gun that lives up to its billing. An extremely reliable handgun that seems to get better with each outing. Using the gun right out of the box without cleaning the only issue was with 2 FTF, otherwise flawless. After the initial break-in period of about 250 rounds , gun was cleaned then back to the range for another 250 rounds. Not one glitch,hiccup or malfunction ! The gun seems to be smoother in operation due to all the parts breaking in. Can't say much more but can't wait to get back out there !


    Posted by on Nov 15th 2010

    An affordable gun that lives up to its billing. An extremely reliable handgun that seems to get better with each outing. Using the gun right out of the box without cleaning the only issue was with 2 FTF, otherwise flawless. After the initial break-in period of about 250 rounds , gun was cleaned then back to the range for another 250 rounds. Not one glitch,hiccup or malfunction ! The gun seems to be smoother in operation due to all the parts breaking in. Can't say much more but can't wait to get back out there !


    Posted by macdragster on Nov 14th 2010

    An affordable gun that lives up to its billing. An extremely reliable handgun that seems to get better with each outing. Using the gun right out of the box without cleaning the only issue was with 2 FTF, otherwise flawless. After the initial break-in period of about 250 rounds , gun was cleaned then back to the range for another 250 rounds. Not one glitch,hiccup or malfunction ! The gun seems to be smoother in operation due to all the parts breaking in. Can't say much more but can't wait to get back out there !

  • I love the SR-9 Can't Wait to buy one.

    Posted by Matt on Nov 11th 2010

    I went with my Brother in-law to the Boise Store and rented/tried out a Ruger SR-9. I have been looking at one for quite some time. I wasn't disappointed, as I already own a Ruger P-95DC, and enjoy shooting it. I liked the smooth trigger of the SR-9, and it felt comfortable in my hands.
    My Brother in-law, who does not like handguns, even gave it a thumbs-up, and would consider buying one.
    I love that it's made in Arizona, and am excited to support their business once again.

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