Hi-Point 45 ACP 4.5" Barrel 3 Dot Sights 9rd Black Polymer Frame

Hi-Point 45 ACP 4.5" Barrel 3 Dot Sights 9rd Black Polymer Frame
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45 ACP
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Semi-automatic pistol. Polymer frame with black powder coat. 3-dot fully adjustable rear sight (windage and elevation adjustable). Accessory rail. Last round lock open. Quick on and off thumb safety. Magazine disconnect safety.

All Hi-Point Handguns Feature
Polymer frame Durable, attractive easy-grip finish Last round lock open Quick on-off thumb safety Operations safety sheet +P rated Free extra rear peep sight Free trigger lock Lifetime warranty 100% American-made, parts and assembly *Note: Not for sale in IL
  • Category : Pistols
  • Type : Pistol
  • Action : Double
  • Caliber : 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
  • Barrel Length : 4.5"
  • Capacity : 9+1
  • Safety : Manual Thumb
  • Grips : Black Polymer
  • Sights : 3-Dot Adjustable
  • Weight : 35 oz
  • Frame Finish : Black

43 Reviews

  • 45acp

    Posted by Todd on Oct 2nd 2018

    Absolutely the most fun I've had in a long time, cheap fun, very accurate, never missed a beat 200 rounds! Cant wait till more ammo shows up. Yep its ugly and heavy but a blast to shoot.

  • Good cheap .45

    Posted by Cliff G on Feb 25th 2018

    Its a beast. Took to range and only had one misfire in 50 rounds. Brand new gun so I'm expecting a break-in period. Fires accurate and not bad recoil for .45 -- Probably because of size.

  • Just Perfect

    Posted by J.Jackson on Oct 7th 2016

    The Gun fired Perfectly with NO JAMS. The more I Look at HI-POINT the more I like them aesthetically. This is my first HI-POINT and it wont be the last. I'm going to purchase the entire line, from all the pistols to all the carbines as well.

  • High Point critics listen up!

    Posted by Bear on Jan 11th 2016

    Got my .45 today and sounded off with about
    50 rounds of BlazerBrass 230gr. Nothing
    Short of perfect! It's on the heavy side, but
    that gives way for very little recoil and nice gun control. At 25 yds. I was able to
    keep a shot grouping inside a 10in radius.
    About the size of an intruders head. It's
    made in the USA and gets the job done!

  • outstanding value

    Posted by aubrey on Jun 27th 2015

    just took my new hi point 45 out and tried it out. i was shocked at the quality of the pistol and the accuracy right out of the box. i'm very pleased. sure, its ugly and kinda heavy.........but it does what a gun is supposed to do......shoots every time and hits the target if i do my part. i'd buy another in a heartbeat. try one...you'll like it.

  • Hi Point-Not Bad At All

    Posted by Al on Mar 11th 2015

    Picked up the JHP a few weeks ago and have to say that I really like it. This thing shot straight right out of the box and has been flawless in it's performance. I polished the feed ramp (comes painted black), tweaked the magazine, and added some Traction grips within a week. Yes, it's a little large and does have some weight to it, but it's definitely manageable. I've taken it out to the range a couple of times and have shot varied ammo brands without and FTF,FTE or accuracy issues. I can comfortably say that this is now my official nightstand gun. I'm a big fan of .45ACP and just had to try the Hi-Point for myself. No regrets, you just cant beat an accurate .45 for this price. Thanks Impact Guns. It's a keeper!

  • Excellent Weapon

    Posted by Lee on Aug 10th 2014

    I am former military, I haven't really shot in almost a decade. A friend of mine told me about this Hi-Point Model JHP .45 ACP. I was intriqued.
    I went through the process and bought the gun. It was different, it is big and heavy. I got the chance to shoot it about a week later. The handgun performed flawlessly. The Ammunition used was Winchester .45ACP 230Gr. FMJ Target rounds. After sighting it in, the weapon was accurate at around 40 ft. Just remember to bring your ear protection along 230Gr Rounds are quite loud.

  • Haven't fired yet

    Posted by Jen on May 28th 2014

    Just bought one at local gun show, was going to buy here but got that, I want it now bug. Got home and stripped it down, YouTube video was very helpful, not the easiest gun to dis and re assemble, but overall yeah, it's heavy, bulky and ugly, I love it! Can't wait to shoot it this weekend.

  • Worth every Penny

    Posted by K2 on Jan 15th 2014

    Based on price and how it shots, it's worth it. Big and bulky? Yes. Your not going to conceal this puppy. This gun is heavy so it helps with recoil. I have a 12 year old boy and he shot a entire box. No problems and he was very accurate (thanks X-Box) don't hesitate buying this gun.

  • 45 Auto - Good Work Guys - One Happy Camper

    Posted by Chuck Taylor on Sep 17th 2013

    Nothings perfect, but for less than $200 with a box of shells you can't beat them with a stick.
    Took the HP 45 to the range for the first time & shot a group the size of a coke can top till there was no paper left to hit.
    Problem with the trigger pull, it's just different. One of the range officers stopped by and mentioned he had a problem getting used to it on his .380 HP as well.
    Used both brass and steel casings, no problem.
    Thanks Hi Point, great work, much appreciated.

  • Dont listen to anyone

    Posted by Robert Buck Buchanan on Jul 13th 2013

    I've heard so many bad reviews on this weapon dont listen to them. I have shot this gun and it performs flawlessly. I am a ex bodygaurd and part time gun smith and I was very impressed with this handgun. on top of that I broke the gun down and cleaned it as well it may be a bit heavy and seem simple inside but I give it a five star rate. Way to go hi point

  • Great Pistol

    Posted by Colorado John on Jun 22nd 2013

    I own 2 C9's and a 45 JHP, love them all. I qm a former Marine and have been around firearms for over 40 years. These weapons do exactly what they are designed to do. Fire a projectile accurately towards the point of aim. People say the 45 is ugly...I disagree, this weapon looks great. It is a weapon, not a fashion statement. Anyone unfortunate enough to look at this weapon from the receiving end is going to realize that they are not looking at a toy. People who say it is to heavy should probably not be shooting a 45 anyway. This is a quality made American firearm that will show up and be ready for use every time...and for the price you can not beat it...period. If you are looking for a quality firearm at a ridiculously low price...Hi Point is the way to go.

  • Worth the cost

    Posted by Tracy B. on May 27th 2013

    I bought mine a month ago. Ugly, Heavy, Shoots great. No jambs with a 500+ rounds. I shoot all types of ammo, Russian to full metal jacket. Keep it in my truck, take it in the range with great results at 10-20 yards. I call it my cannon. I paid $189. it's only $174 now. Get one. Extra mags are only $16-17 bucks.

  • A Cannon

    Posted by Tracy B. on Apr 15th 2013

    This is my third gun from Impact Guns. They make it easy. I was looking for a gun to keep in the truck that I didn't worry about damaging etc. $200.00 can't be beat for a cannon like this. Shot 100 rounds of Russian ammo with no problems. 45 ACP is a little more than the 9mm I always buy but the difference in power is amazing. I still need to bulk up the arms a little to hold it steady. Get one and let the fun begin.

  • Great value

    Posted by jduke on Nov 26th 2012

    This .45 reminds me of "Andre the Giant". Huge, heavy, ugly, impossible to conceal, and shows up every time. Make sure you have the far right shooting lane and be prepared for ricocheting brass, as this thing ejects with real authority. The size and weight reduce recoil, and the accuracy is very acceptable. Clean it well before initial firing. American made, lifetime warranty, $160, how can you beat it? The only complaint I have after 200 rounds is the gap between the bottom of trigger in trigger guard. Tends to pinch the finger on reset. I'd never carry this all day, but it's perfectly acceptable as a home defense weapon, and if it's confiscated after defending yourself, it's no huge financial loss.

  • Reliable.. accurate.. but...

    Posted by Eric on Nov 22nd 2012

    I originally got this pistol for my brothers 50th b-day but it wound up back in my hands recently. I know its dead on accurate and reliable but I hide it out of sight in my gun cabinet. I took it out a while ago to kind of compare it to the HP 45 carbine im thinking of buying. The carbine on the website has a picture without the magazine in it so I was trying to picture it with the mag in it by comparing it to the 45 pistol (mag inserted) . As I was doing this, I remembered a review given of the 45 pistol one time and the person said it looked like "a loaf of bread with a handle on it" and I broke out in such a fit of uncontrollable laughter that hurt so much I thought I was having a heart attack!! I thought maybe better to just let the bad guy shoot me instead of having in my hands such a god awful ugly gun that looks like some absurd creation from a spongebob squarepants episode. Better yet, I would just run and go get my Taurus .44 magnum instead of dying from the bad guy or laughing myself death over the pistol. I know its an unfair review, if you can get over the butt ugly looks of the thing, it is dead on reliable and accurate. but when aiming it, it looks like your looking over the trunk of an old late model buick le-sabre but hey, the its the same .45 ACP bullet wether its coming from a HP or a top of the line 1911. Why the .45 carbine? its no beauty queen either but I dont feel like waiting until 2025 for Kel-Tec to fill an order for an SU-16 223 that probably leaves much to be desired also. Besides the Hi Point is cheaper and shoots a big chunky bullet that has dropped many a bad guy for over a century now.

  • sweet price, awesome pistol

    Posted by trout bum on Oct 28th 2012

    I bought the 45 as a back up/ stash gun for the the tool box but after taking out and putting a few hundred rounds through it i fell in love with it.The extra weight helps with recoil, (espesially during rapid fire)its just as acurate as any other 45ACP ive shot, and it has yet to jam or mis-feed. if your thinking about getting one, stop thinking and pick one up,or 2. cant beat it for the price

  • FABULOUS weapon

    Posted by Desertactical on Oct 20th 2012

    I bought two. One for me and one for my 23 year- old daughter. We stripped, cleaned and lubed the pistols and took them to the range, then cleaned them again, all with great success. I will be ordering two more to stash in our vehicles. Being prepared on a budget is my goal and Hi Point firearms are helping me achieve it. I hope Blackhawk will soon offer a serpa holster for these guns. I recommend that you consider these fine pistols. You will not regret it!

  • Hi-Point vs SW

    Posted by barheartMT on Oct 4th 2012

    I have both a Hi-point and a Smith and Wesson 40. I like the Hi-point better. The trigger pull is better, the weight is better and it just keeps on shooting accurately. at 100 feet I can considtently place in a 6 inch group with little or not effort. save the money for better ammo not a more expensive hand gun

  • Buy This Gun!

    Posted by David on Sep 13th 2012

    I own the 45 ACP. Bought it after a Boise cop with 22 years on the force recommended it to me. He said he put 600 rounds thru it in an afternoon. He finally had to drop it in a bucket of water to cool it down. Now I've had mine for a little over a year. The cop was right. This gun is an animal. BTW, Glocks cost approximately $75 bucks to make, so anyone who thinks they are getting a better gun by paying more is as stupid as they sound. That said, I've got a Ruger, Mossberg, etc, etc. ad infinitum. The Hi-Point 45 ACP is my "go to" gun if someone gets past my rottweilers. I also own 4 of the carbines and they are absolutely amazing! Now these guns are never gonna win a beauty pageant but they will blast a hole thru someone without jamming. Hi-Point makes the ONLY 45 that doesn't jam. Period. If you want to spend more, by all means, go ahead. However, if you want a quality American Made hand cannon, the Hi-Point 45 ACP is your gun.

  • about a High point gun

    Posted by mem on Aug 3rd 2012

    Ive got a 45 High point and i love it. it will do the trick any other gun will do.....

  • The Beast,Great Gun

    Posted by Steve on Mar 11th 2012

    Just purchased the Hi Point 45.Like the other reviews its heavy and ugly.But its a great gun for a person on a budget.Go ahead and get one you won't be disapointed!!I call mine the "Beast".

  • Hi-Point .45acp pistol

    Posted by MoDoc on Nov 10th 2011

    I have owned a Hi-Point carbine since the late '90's, and bought a .45 pistol in ugly o.d. green a few years ago on an impulse. I got the new pistol, a holster, and an extra magazine for less than $200. I have been very pleased with the Hi-Point after more than 600 rnds. It has had only one FTF, and that was with some 165 gr. HP ammo. Stick with 230 gr. ball ammo, keep the gun clean around the feed ramp, and keep it lubed, and it will shoot. I have not taken it apart for cleaning - just swabbed out the feed ramp & put a bore snake through the barrel. Pros: the gun is accurate, reliable, and affordable. Cons: it is heavy, ugly, and hard to dis-assemble.
    Also, last year I bought a .45 carbine from Hi-Point, and it uses the same magazine as the pistol. Very nice!

  • great gun!!!!

    Posted by jd on Sep 29th 2011

    on my 2nd hipoint 45,my 1st one was the old haskell design,bolt didint lock back after the last round was fired,fixed sites,had to push a button on the bottom of the magazine to release it,and that pistol shot flawlessly.Just purchased a brand new 45,just as happy with it as i was my old one,great firearm for the money!!

  • Good weapon for the money

    Posted by jd on Sep 6th 2011

    This is my second hipoint 45,i had 1 years ago when the bolt didin't lock back after the last round was fired and it only held 7 rounds,I never had a ftf or fte fom that pistol the whole time i had it,And i only fired reloads thru it.I know alot of people don't like them,But i've never had any issues with mine.My son is about to purchase the hipoint 9mm

  • Have 2 , 40 cal & 380

    Posted by Don on Aug 21st 2011

    Got the 40 cal first couldn't believe, have put 300 plus rounds thru it. Talked myself into a .380 just for fun...it shoots just as good. great teaching gun.

  • Just my opinion.

    Posted by danba on Jul 10th 2011

    I wondered how a Hi-Point .45 would shoot, sho I purchased one a couple of years ago and was surprised. I've shot about 400-500 rounds through my .45 and found out a couple of things. The fist is that its far more accurate to shoot than expected - it seems to be dead on. It feels like I'm holding a small cannon due to the weight, however its managable. Each time I've taken it to practice I've used different ammo and found that it did stove pipe a couple of times in the first hundred rounds while using the cheap (and dirty) Wolf and Bear brands of ammo. However, once changing to some decent ammo I have not had any issues with one exception - the magazine which came with the pistol. Though I would not do a full stove pipe with good ammo, it would occasionally jam, so I purchased a new magazine and shot a hundred or so rounds through it and no longer have any jams. The spring for the initial magazine was quite week and the new one had a lot more push and its this push which seems to be making the difference. See, competitive shooters will number their magaizines and will retire or work on ones which they note as having issues. I'm going to look for spring replacements for my problem magzine so that the ammo will feed properly. Dispite the inexpensive build, I don't see why Hi-Points won't shoot for many thousands of rounds. I also think that the weak-spring issue and people buying cheap (and dirty) ammo are some of the causes of problems with Hi-Points. I've run into the same issue with cheap ammo on much more expensive ammo.

  • Natasha

    Posted by natasha on Jul 2nd 2011

    What type of bullets does this gun take? Does it come w/ bullets already? Thanx!

  • For the price , ugly, but good

    Posted by Happy Owner on May 10th 2011

    For those who knock it, if I paid $1000 + for a hand gun, I would never be able to say anthing good about a hand gun that can be purchased for less than $200, it would make me look like a FOOL !!
    you should not even make a review unless you have actually owned one

  • Better than expected...

    Posted by DG on Apr 30th 2011

    When I got this gun the break on the trigger was totally off. Sent it back to the factory and they reworked it-very nice now. Shoots good groups out to 25 yds but is finicky about what it eats. I've tried a half-dozen different FMJ loads with no major problems, only a couple of jams in about 300 rounds, but it has problems with white box JHP loads. SAO and very heavy so not a good carry gun, but the weight is what makes it a pretty accurate blowback semi-auto. Felt recoil is not what you'd expect for this caliber at all, more like a 9mm. The grip is pretty thick (could have been double-stack?) so those with small hands may not feel comfortable with it. I really like the gun, but best used for cheap home defense. It seems like Hi-Points are engineered pretty tight, and they really start to loosen up and shoot well after 100+ rounds. I say for the price get one and try it out. Once you find ammo it likes and shoot it a while you'll appreciate the value. Accessory rail is a nice feature, as is the manual safety. You'll need some tools and patience to take it down for thorough cleaning-no field stripping on this thing.

    For the price I expected cheap junk, but it certainly isn't. Folks at the factory service department were very helpful, and you can't beat the lifetime warranty. I own a number of handguns and while it's not a Kimber or Beretta, I always toss it in my range bag when I go, just to get people's reaction after they try out this "cheap" gun. I never get tired of the surprise...

  • A users gun, not an experts piece

    Posted by the Dragon on Dec 27th 2010

    For those yelling how bad this piece is, crawl back under your rock. It is essentally a heavier version of a blowback RIFLE action. It is NOT designed for finess it is designed for mass production and reliable function... something the chinese and soviet hand guns have been designed around for close to six decades. It's not a 1911 or a browning highpower but is just as reliable,and comes with a better guarantee- lifetime transferable to whoever owns it- the manufacturer put their money where their mouth is. While I don't carry Hi-Points, I do put my life on the line on my firearms every single day of my life. And I DO own Hi-Points, and keep them in camping and survival gear where it is just plain foolish to keep high maintenance firearms, that might just be solid rust when you will need them the most. After all a two thousand dollar 1911 does you no good at home when you are stranded out in the woods with a cougar coming at you, and I do not mean your best friends mother!

  • Hi-Point

    Posted by JM on Dec 25th 2010

    Hi-Points are very good for the price and are a great way to have one or more backup weapons. Great as a starter weapon to get someone started as a shooter.

  • ugly but good

    Posted by cheryl on Nov 30th 2010

    This gun is one of a kind.It's heavy but good to shoot good ranges and low recoil

  • ugly but good

    Posted by cheryl on Nov 30th 2010

    This gun is one of a kind.It's heavy but good to shoot good ranges and low recoil.

  • Good for the money

    Posted by Shawn on Nov 24th 2010

    I have one and have never had a problem with it, shoots pretty straight and it's a 45.

  • Better than I ever would have thought

    Posted by David on Nov 16th 2010

    I bought this pistol on a whim because, let's face it, it's easily 1/5 the price of the more well known brands. I took it to the range and was VERY pleasantly surprised. First, I don't care for the single stack. This hog is big enough that they could have widened it, at an extra cost I'm sure. That said, the .45 feels great in the hand. The extra weight in the slide dramatically reduces recoil to nearly nothing. Now, you can't limp wrist this beast, but I fired nearly 200 rounds of both JHP and FMJ straight out of the box and had absolutely no FTF or FTE. I installed the ghost ring that came with it and had groupings from seven, ten, and fifteen yards of no more than 3.5 to 4 inches. All in all, this pistol is more than worth the paltry selling price. The lifetime, any owner, any problem guarantee also can't be beat. I plan on buying one of their carbines to play around with soon.

  • Hi-Point Pistol 45ACP Black

    Posted by Bill L on Nov 16th 2010

    Good straight forward price and shooting. Was able to get my daughter shooting without breaking the bank. Good starter gun to figure out likes/dislikes of your next purchase.

  • Can't beat it at twice the price

    Posted by brockkl on Nov 14th 2010

    Simple, accurate, and deadly. Straight shooter.
    Buy one in every size!

  • Can't beat it at twice the price

    Posted by brockkl on Nov 14th 2010

    Simple, accurate, and deadly. Straight shooter.
    Buy one in every size!

  • I was Shocked

    Posted by Larry G. on Nov 14th 2010

    Great shooting gun, accurate, I have yet to see this gun jam, it is just as good a gun as my S&W .40 cal Sigma without a doubt I was surprised


    Posted by DAVE on Nov 10th 2010


  • hi-point pistol 45acp

    Posted by bill c on Sep 4th 2010

    this gun is the best 150 you will ever spend. right out of the box it is dead on. two of my friends and i have it. lots of fun to shoo

  • hi-point pistol 45acp

    Posted by bill c on Sep 4th 2010

    this gun is the best 150 you will ever spend. right out of the box it is dead on. two of my friends and i have it. lots of fun to shoo

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