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ITEM #: 9780984505807
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The single most important bookever written for gun owners (or anyone else who might ever use a weapon to defend him or herself)!



Attorney Mitch Vilos, author of "Utah Gun Law" has done the nation a tremendous service by researching and writing a guide to the state-by-state laws that control the use of force in defending innocent human life. Working with his son Evan, they assembled a team of researchers and queried experts and officials for over two years to compile and write this book. The text is done in black and red, with extensive use of underlining, bold and italics to separate the various types of data for easier reading (statute, commentary, general principles, etc.) Plus, Mitch's alter ego Pancho Vilos has inserted some humorous remarks that if nothing else will make you think. 


Complete table of contents:

From Neighborhood Watch to Life in Prison

Understanding the Crucial Terms and Concepts of Self-Defense Law

Self-Defense Laws of All 50 States

State Deadly Force Chart

Duty to Retreat Map

Thumbs-Down Factors

Justifiable Acts of Self-Defense

Conflict Avoidance

Step Up in Force

Perception and Reaction Time and the Non-Firearm Deadly Threat

The “SUPERDELL” Schanze Brandishing Case

Domestic Violence and Battered Woman’s Syndrome

Statements Made After a Defensive Incident

Risk of Being Sued for Defending Yourself

TASER: A Less-Lethal Alternative

Self-Defense from Animals

Additional Resources

About Future Editions

Conclusion: The Mother of All Self-Defense Laws

Editorial Reviews

The right to defend our lives and the lives of our loved ones is one of the "inalienable" rights our Founding Father deemed most precious. Some states have protected that right while others have neglected it. Knowing where states draw the line between your rights and the rights of those who seek to harm you, your family or your property could be the most important knowledge of your lifetime. Stepping over the line could mean personal and financial disaster. Finally, a clear, concise book that provides quick and easy access to the statutes, cases and jury instructions that define the law of self-defense in each of the fifty states and Washington D.C. There is no longer any reason to rely on rumors or speculation. This book reveals harmful hidden legal traps and bust perilous misconceptions and myths. Cut through the thicket of legal mumbo-jumbo with the help of "Plain-talk" summaries written by a practicing attorney and skilled legal researchers. Every chapter contains interesting and entertaining true-life examples. Included is an easy-to-understand outline of critical self-defense issues for each state. Gain immediate knowledge of negative factors that increase the chances of arrest, prosecution and conviction. Discover and memorize the presumptions an lower legal thresholds that could give you a split-second tactical advantage during a violent attack. This book is not just for those who have concealed firearm permits, it's for anyone who may ever need to defend him or herself, loved ones or property.
If you violate a firearm possession law, you might be charged with a low-level felony that could ultimately be pled to a misdemeanor. But if you kill or attempt to kill someone without legal justification, your life as you now know it will be over!
You could lose everything and end up doing life in prison like the hapless neighborhood watchman whose plight is described in shocking detail in Chapter II of the book.
For as little as the cost of a box of bullets, you must learn how to keep this from happening to you.
If you keep a gun for self defense, you'd better know the rules well enough to apply them in a split second; if you don't the legal consequences could be disastrous.

Arm yourself with the knowledge Mitch Vilos has gained during years of representing gun owners throughout the country. Because of Mitch's courtroom experience and his extensive efforts in the area of self defense laws in every state; some consider Mitch to be one of the nation's leading authorities on the Law of Self Defense.
From Neighborhood Watch to Life in Prison.

What do YOU need to know about what went wrong?
What are the myths about what to do in a defensive incident that could get you convicted of murder for defending your own home? 

When natural disaster strikes my neighborhood, can I stand on my porch and "rack one in" my 12 gauge to warn gangs of looters to stay off my property?

What are some of the things gun owners do that almost always result in arrest, prosecution or conviction and how can I avoid them? 

How a person can rely on the language of his state's self-defense statute and end up spending life in prison. 

Did you know there is a Supreme Court case that could change what you learned from your concealed weapon instructor about defending yourself and your family in your home? 
Not just for people with concealed weapon permits; this book is for anyone who MIGHT consider using ANY weapon in self defense.
You also get a State-by-State "Deadly Force" Comparison Chart for Quick and Easy Access while traveling. 
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