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Scout Recon Chassis for Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Scout Recon Chassis for Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Scout Recon Chassis for Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

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Reviewed by 6 customer  
Awesome chassis, July 19, 2016
I love it. Looks great and shoots better than the stock chassis. The builder is a class act and very helpful.
By scott from California
Awesome buy, December 15, 2015
Love this stock its comfortable and stable for the novice or the expert shooter. Only down side i'm seeing so far is finding parts for it. The "optional" parts might fix this once there released ended up drilling a hole in the stock to mount a bi-pod now looking for a way to mount a mono-pod to the stock
By Bseymour from Houston, Texas
MK 2 TACTICAL CHASSIS, January 20, 2015
I ordered my chassis directly from MK 2. Brian was very helpful, he answered all of my questions promptly and even sent me some pictures. I was able to get a customized color and butt stock for my chassis. The chassis is very well built and seemingly well thought out. There are so many adjustments that it may take some time to get properly set up. But once it is I'm sure that it will be worth the time. The chassis is also much smaller and lighter than it appears. There are 3 drawbacks: 1. the t-rail system is Armalite style so accessories are much harder to come by then say freeland or Anschultz style t-rails. 2. the area directly above the pistol grip has sharp corners on it. So someone with big hands like myself may experience some discomfort after handling the rifle for extended periods of time. I actually took a grinder to mine. 3. Sling mounts. I went to midway and ordered some threaded flush-mount QD cups, they are about $8 a pair. I drilled and tapped some holes and threaded them in. I actually installed three of them, one at the front and rear of the chassis and one above the pistol grip for a single point sling attachment. I only gave this chassis 4 stars because of the drawbacks mentioned above and the price. It seems that something with a price tag that steep should leave nothing overlooked. But after some modifications I would not hesitate to buy another or recommend MK 2 to my friends.
By 338LM Shooter from Texas Hill Country
great chassis!, May 13, 2014
just received the Chassisand installed my rifle action. LOVE IT!!! Strengths: stock adjustment/cheep piece are solid and it feels great. My rifle finally fits me!!! Shortcomings: Hogue pistol grip leaves the trigger finger at a weird angle. I'm changing the grip to a Fatty target grip with a finger shelf. That should be an easy fix. There is a great channel for a bipod mount, but no hand stop or sling swivel mounts. I wish it had QD swivel holes. Most concerning is the Magazine well. It is way too tight. I'll have to use emory cloth on my magazines to make them fit or have my gunsmith mill it out a few thousandths of an inch on each side. I have to wiggle them (Ruger Plastic 10 round magazines) in and out and seat them with the heel of my hand to get the catch to engage. My Accuracy International magazines which worked in my stock rifle stock don't work. It feels great, but needs a way to carry it (sling swivels) and a bipod mount. The holes for rails are nice but what do I really need to add to this rifle besides a sling and bipod?
By Doc Shotgun from Louisiana
Finally, October 16, 2013
I ordered this stock with some skepticism not knowing who Mark 2 Tactical was and it seamed expensive. After receiving this stock and installing it on my rifle I must say I am very impressed. The fit and function are excellent. The adjustments are extensive, being much more than I expected. It is as advertised and I am happy to see someone finally start developing something for the Ruger that is worth owning. I would recommend this stock to anyone.
By Jason from Denver, Co
Just installed- really like this stock, June 19, 2013
Finally found this Ruger chassis stock for my scout rifle. just finished the install- everything was right on. taking to the range today. it looks great, too.
By Mr Ruger from Montana
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