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Schmidt Bender 2.5-10x40 Summit 1" Tube, #7 Reticle

Schmidt Bender 2.5-10x40 Summit 1" Tube, #7 Reticle

Schmidt Bender 2.5-10x40 Summit 1" Tube, #7 Reticle

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ITEM #: SB-2510X40SUM7
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Schmidt & Bender of Germany has announced the Summit, an all-new riflescope design, their first to be built upon a one-inch tube. “While Schmidt & Bender's hunting scope line for many years has utilized only 30mm tubes, we recognize that there are thousands of hunters out there with one-inch rings on their rifles,” said Mark Cromwell of Schmidt & Bender USA. “We speak with hunters every day who would like to enjoy Schmidt & Bender's legendary brilliance, quality and superior light transmission in the field, but who wish to use existing rings and bases. Now most will have that opportunity.”

The Summit’s 40mm objective lens allows for a compact, low-profile scope while still providing some of the highest light transmission values of any riflescope on the market. Eye relief is 100mm (almost a full four inches), making the Summit particularly appropriate for mounting on magnum and large-caliber rifles. Schmidt & Bender are among the few scopes able to handle the pounding dished out by heavy calibers.

The Summit 2.5-10 x 40 is also one of the first Schmidt & Bender hunting models to feature a reticle in the second focal plane. While placing the reticle in the first focal plane has distinct advantages, many hunters are more accustomed to the second focal plane location and prefer it for that reason. With second focal plane construction, the viewed reticle size remains the same across the entire magnification range, as opposed to its appearing to increase in size at higher magnifications, as is the case with first focal plane location.

The Summit is also one of the lightest-weight hunting scopes Schmidt & Bender has ever produced (16.8 oz.), making it particularly appropriate for use on mountain and other lightweight rifles. Field of view is excellent, from 40.4 to 10.8 feet at 100 yards (2.5 to 10 power). The wide magnification range is extremely versatile, allowing close shots in thick timber at its lowest setting, along with precise shot placement at 10x.

#7 Reticle

1" Tube

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