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Schmidt Bender 10X42 PMII, P3 MilDot Reticle

Schmidt Bender 10X42 PMII, P3 MilDot Reticle

Schmidt Bender 10X42 PMII, P3 MilDot Reticle

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Schmidt & Bender 10 X 42 PM II, P3 MilDot Reticle, 30mm Tube


Utter simplicity, ruggedness and reliability. It is streamlined and efficient, its 42mm objective lens providing some of the highest light transmission levels ever achieved, yet presenting a low profile. It is built upon the smaller 30mm tube, allowing a wider choice of rings and mounting options. The fixed 10x magnification is designed for precise shooting at long ranges, yet still offers a wide field of view (4m at 100m). The P3 Mil-dot reticle is standard.



The P-3 Mil-dot Reticle was developed by the U.S. Marine Corps in the late 1970s as an aid for the Marine sniper in estimating distances. It has since become the military standard for range estimating within all branches of the service.

The name “mil-dot” comes from the term “millradian,” and the dot that is spaced in 1 mil increments on the crosshairs. By using the mil formula, a table can be generated based upon the size of the object being range-estimated. This table is included with the scope. The object viewed is bracketed between the dots, and by consulting the table the distance can be estimated.

"I don't think I would have had a shot without a Schmidt & Bender."

This is the type of comment we hear time and time again from military and law enforcement professionals, faced with high-stress situations under the most difficult circumstances. Our Police Marksman II riflescopes are in use around the world, from crowded urban environments to the most brutal desert, by highly trained shooters who know that a life–perhaps even their own–can depend upon the quality of their optics.

All PM II variable power scopes are built upon 30 or 34mm tubes to provide the maximum possible windage and elevation adjustments along with finer click stops.

This Item Is No Longer Available.
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