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Schmidt & Bender 1-8X24 ZENITH FLASHDOT #7, Mil Spec

Schmidt & Bender 1-8X24 ZENITH FLASHDOT #7, Mil Spec

Schmidt & Bender 1-8X24 ZENITH FLASHDOT #7, Mil Spec

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ITEM #: SB-1824ZFD7
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Schmidt and Bender Zenith 1-8x24mm Riflescope, #7 Flashdot Reticle


Actual Military Issue. 

This is an extremely hard to get scope, we do not accept backorders and only offer them for sale when we have them on hand.

This Schmidt and Bender scope has a second plane reticle that remains unchanged whenimage switching magnifications. The Schmidt Bender 1-8x Magnification Zenith Hunting Scope is perfect for tracking game thanks to it's large 36m / 100m field of view. This Schmidt and Bender Rifle scope has an illuminated flash dot reticle that is perfect in low light situations.

The Schmidt & Bender 24mm Objective Zenith Weapon Scope allows you 90 mm of eye relief, ensuring that the time you would otherwise spend lining your eye up to the sight will be reduced.

 #7 FlashDot

Our FlashDot technology lets you activate a bright red dot, precisely at the center of the reticle, when conditions dictate; or turn off the dot completely when conditions change.

In the field, the FlashDot acts much like the front bead on a shotgun, bringing your eye immediately to the target. This is invaluable for quick reaction shots on running game or even charging dangerous game. It is well suited to bright and harsh lighting conditions, with the bright red dot providing a precise, easily seen aim point against the dark body of a moving animal. When the dot is switched off, the regular fine crosshairs remain in view. 

While the FlashDot was first conceived for daylight use, our beam splitter now allows a single scope to function as a non-illuminated riflescope under normal conditions; as a FlashDot scope in bright light; and as a fully adjustable illuminated reticle at twilight. This feature, included in some of our Zenith models, results in a single scope that is applicable to any lighting situation the hunter will ever encounter.

A digital chip automatically switches off the power after six hours of non-use. Just in case, an extra battery can be stored under the cover of the windage adjustment turret.

11 fully adjustable brightness settings in a third turret allow you to adjust the reticle precisely to the ambient light. The power supply is switched off between the 11 click stops on the adjustment turret, allowing you to accurately preset the appropriate brightness, then turn it off with a slight turn of the dial. Not only does this conserve your battery, but it allows you to instantly restore your chosen setting while avoiding the risk of glare that can occur when brightness is turned up from the zero position. When a shot presents itself, the slightest turn from this standby position to the next click immediately illuminates the dot to the appropriate intensity.

Zenith Scopes:

So distinctive is the design of Schmidt & Bender's Zenith riflescopes, that upon their introduction they earned the prestigious international IF Design Award, and were selected by Field & Stream magazine as the "Best of the Best." Their streamlined elegance results in compact, efficient scopes that complement, not dominate, your rifles.

The full magnification range can be covered in just one 180 degree rotation—a mere half turn—of the adjustment dial. Eye relief is a safe and comfortable 90 mm (3 1/2 inches). Our POSICON system provides a graphic indication of the reticle's position and remaining travel within the scope, facilitating mounting, sighting in, and insuring that you retain as much elevation and windage adjustment as possible.

This Item Is No Longer Available.
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